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Makeup Brands Are Selling Mystery Bags Because Everyone Is a YouTuber Now

Makeup Brands Are Selling Mystery Bags Because Everyone Is a YouTuber Now

An article in Business of Fashion, published Friday, interrogates a new trend in the beauty community: mystery bags. Stylized after the Japanese tradition of fukubukuro, in which citizens line up for “lucky bags” filled with unknown treats to start the new year off with good fortune, brands like Colourpop, Charlotte Tilbury, Fenty and Sephora have all released mystery items to the delight of some fans. If you’re thinking, “Makeup is far too expensive to spend willy-nilly on a surprise—something all but guaranteed to look horrible on my skin tone. What are people thinking?” consider this alternative: it makes for an incredible YouTube video, and everyone is a YouTuber now.

There are few benefits to ordering mystery makeup packages that go beyond filming yourself: these “lucky bags” are always listed at a lower price than the total value of the products inside of the packaging (BoF uses Colourpop as an example: their $25 mystery bag includes items guaranteed to be worth more than $55) but they’re also, more often than not, used by brands to get rid of unsold overstock from past collections. In the case of Jeffree Starr cosmetics, this has led to criticisms from customers who’ve allegedly received expired items. Not only that, but there are always limitations to what can be sold: it’s impossible to know the skin tone of the person buying the box (these are never individualized for the purchaser in the same way, say, an online styling service like Stitch Fix sends mystery boxes geared toward the costumer’s preferences) so you’re guaranteed a bunch of eyeshadows and lipstick stuff, things that are considered universal.

But once again for the people in the back: you may get stuck with bullshit, so its truly only meant for those who love surprises… or budding YouTubers.

Even if you purchase a mystery makeup box and aren’t thrilled with your items, you could always film yourself opening the bag, giving an honest opinion on the crap inside and monetize the video on YouTube. You could make money by surprising yourself without ever having to swatch an expired matte liquid lip in a witchy green shade. Think of the social media clout! It’s a win-win.

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ONTD Original: 4 Old-School YouTubers Who’ve Been Making a Comeback

ONTD Original: 4 Old-School YouTubers Who’ve Been Making a Comeback


Are you confused by the modern YouTube world of the Logan Pauls, the Ace Families, the James Charleseses? It’s because you’re old. Never fear though, a few of your favorite (or…less than favorite) old-school YouTubers are making comebacks and you might not even be aware of it! Back when even the top-tier YouTubers still had to have day jobs, these people were hustling to get 100,000 views if they were lucky. Here are a few who have been coming back on the scene.

1. JPMetz (KickingGeese)Then

I’m starting with my favorite because this is my list. Back in the old days, JPMetz was a parody Youtuber making fun of the beauty guru scene. This character was crabby, cynical and wonderful. She was also friends with several other popular Youtubers including Meghan Tonjes, SoundlyAwake and his hot boyfriend, and Petrilude (who has NOT made a comeback and I miss him).


These days JPMetz is gone, but Justine is still around! She lost a ton of weight, had to stop working due to her MS, and moved in with her sister. She never fully left Youtube but definitely lost interest and only made a handful of videos over the course of several years. For a while on JPMetz she was doing some tarot videos, and occasionally vlogging on the channel KickingGeese. In the past several months though she’s turned her vlog channel into her main channel and started making Amberlynn Reid reaction videos. Shockingly, the girl who was once known for being “mean” in the beauty community basically has the nicest and most positive Amberlynn reaction channel.

2. Michael BuckleyThen

Michael Buckley ran a popular Youtube channel called “What the Buck”, a celebrity gossip and comedy channel that for a while was one of the top 10 most subscribed channels on Youtube. While funny at the time, a lot of the comedy is VERY problematic looking back, and uncomfortable to watch (seriously, I embedded the video here but I don’t recommend watching it lol). Still, Buckley was one of the first Youtubers to turn his hobby of making videos into a full blown career. He got to work at a lot of red carpet events and even co-hosted an episode of “Live with Kelly” after Regis retired.


Buckley says he faced a personal crisis when he started getting tired of the “What the Buck” character. He lost interest in making videos and the pace of his content slowed down. In addition, he went through a divorce and started drinking heavily. These days he’s sober, gotten a lot of really bad tattoos and is now working as a life coach. A couple of years ago he sold everything and moved into his twin sister’s house in Denver. His videos these days consist of advice, positivity, vlogs and he does livestreams on YouNow regularly.

3. panacea81Then

This 👏 girl 👏 was 👏 everything. Lauren Luke, aka panacea81, is basically one of the founding mothers of the Youtube beauty community. A single mom from England, she posted simple videos showing how she achieved various makeup looks and they took the site by storm. Was she the best makeup artist? No. Was she trained in any respect? No. However, she used products anyone could get their hands on and showed you how to recreate celebrity makeup looks in a straightforward, easy to follow way. This led to her own makeup line sold in Sephora, a beauty column and worldwide fame.


Lauren made her return to Youtube in mid 2018. She announced she’s no longer working in makeup and has a normal job. She says she’s not sure where her channel will be going, but so far she seems to be continuing to do makeup while also chatting about health, weight loss and life topics. Also, girl has lost a lot of weight and looks FANTASTIC.

4. Elle FowlerThen

Ok, I know the least about her out of all these people because I never really watched her videos, but damn, the gossip about this girl back in the day was CRAZY. People either loved Elle or hated her. Rumors went around about her nose job, her dad spending tens of thousands of dollars to get her and her sister’s channels to grow, all the drama with other Youtubers. While this is all kind of standard issue stuff today, 10 years ago it was scandalous.


Elle’s channel seemed to peter out as a result of both her losing interest in her content and her viewers losing interest in the lack of content. A couple of years ago when she got engaged she came back onto Youtube for a wedding planning series, then left again. Then she got pregnant and did a pregnancy series, and the videos stopped again once the baby was born. Just a couple of days ago she came back saying she’s rebranding her channel into a lifestyle channel. I guess only time will tell if she comes back for good this time.

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Which old YouTuber would you like to see make a comeback? Who were you subscribed to 10 years ago?

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Kylie Jenner Shares Adorable New Photos of Daughter Stormi While Reflecting on 2018

Kylie Jenner Shares Adorable New Photos of Daughter Stormi While Reflecting on 2018

There are many moments that made 2018 unforgettable for Kylie Jenner, and most of them revolve around her daughter Stormi.

With just two days left before the start of 2019, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 21, found herself in a reflective mood on Sunday, as she shared some adorable photos from the past 12 months, almost all of which included her 10-month-old daughter.

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In addition to including a sweet image of herself and sister Khloé Kardashian showing off their twinning baby bumps before welcoming their daughters, Jenner started off her trip down memory lane with a photo taken on the day she and boyfriend Travis Scott, 26, welcomed their bundle of joy.

In the image, dated Feb. 1, the new parents held hands while in the hospital.

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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Jenner went on to share a collection of photos that have been shown before — like the adorable shot she posted in honor of her daughter’s one-month birthday — as well as images she was showing her fans for the first time.

In one image, dated June 3, the new mother cradled her daughter in her arms while posing in a green bikini with her feet in the water.

In another, taken just one day later, Jenner carried her daughter on her chest in a baby carrier, gazing down at her baby girl while pulling her hair back.

The reality star also uploaded a sweet photo from Stormi’s first Christmas. In the adorable photo, dated Dec. 20, her daughter crawled around on the floor in front of Jenner’s gold-themed Christmas tree, which was already surrounded by a few presents.

Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Stormi Webster

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Jenner highlighted some of the magical moments she shared with Scott, including their August cover of GQ, debut appearance at the Met Gala and sweet family trip to a pumpkin patch.

During the outing, which Jenner extensively documented online, the rapper shared a sweet moment with his baby girl, letting Stormi take a ride on his shoulders.

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Although Stormi’s first birthday is still more than a month away, over the weekend, Jenner reflected on how fast her baby girl is growing up.

“My baby is turning 1 soon,” the proud mother wrote on Saturday alongside two new mother-daughter portraits.

In the images, Jenner wore a billowy dress with an almost completely open back, while she cradled her baby girl in her arms.

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Earlier this month, the makeup mogul opened up on Instagram about how much it meant to her to be able to share her life with her daughter this year.

“Just thinking about how much I love each and every one of you,” Jenner wrote to her followers, alongside a photo of herself holding her daughter. “Thank you for all the love and support this year. 2018 has been unforgettable thanks to you.”

Jenner added, “Having Stormi of course has made it the best. I can’t wait for 2019.”

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Getaway host Catriona Rowntree, 47, flaunts her age-defying beauty

Getaway host Catriona Rowntree, 47, flaunts her age-defying beauty

The magic of Botox? Getaway host Catriona Rowntree, 47, flaunts her age-defying complexion during an interview on the Today show


Daily Mail Australia Reporter

22:14 EST, 21 January 2019

02:16 EST, 22 January 2019

She’s rumoured to have invested in ‘subtle’ cosmetic procedures over the years in a bid to maintain her age-defying appearance.

And Getaway host Catriona Rowntree, 47, looked remarkably youthful on Tuesday, during an interview on Channel Nine’s Today show.

Speaking from Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena, the glamorous TV presenter showcased her radiant complexion and wrinkle-free skin. 

Scroll down for video 

The magic of Botox? Getaway host Catriona Rowntree, 47, (centre) flaunted her age-defying complexion on Tuesday during an interview on Channel Nine’s Today show. Pictured with Georgie Gardner (left) and Deborah Knight (right)

Catriona, who has been nicknamed ‘Australia’s most-travelled woman’, appeared on the Today show to promote her new book, The Best of World Cruising.

The book is billed as the ultimate bible for people considering cruise ship vacations. 

During her interview, Catriona perfectly complemented her luminous skin with a light makeup palette and styled her blonde hair into loose waves.   

Perennially pretty in pink! Speaking from Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena, the glamorous TV presenter showcased her radiant complexion and wrinkle-free skin

It comes after Catriona’s age-defying beauty was called into question last year by a celebrity plastic surgeon.   

In August 2018, Beverly Hills-based Dr. Randal Haworth offered his expert opinion on how Catriona has maintained her youthful complexion over the years.

‘It is only on close inspection that clues arise as to what she may have done to keep her appearance polished,’ he observed.

‘She hasn’t aged one iota since the 90s’: It comes after Catriona’s age-defying beauty was called into question last year by a celebrity surgeon. Pictured left in 1998, and right in 2018

Catriona, who looks like she has hardly aged since starting her TV career in her twenties, has never confirmed or denied having Botox or fillers.

But according to Dr. Haworth, who has not treated Catriona himself, there are tell-tale signs that suggest she has had ‘subtle’ procedures to her face.

‘Over the years, Catriona is, what I call, a perennial beauty. Starting off as a radiantly attractive woman, any aesthetic procedures she receives must be subtle and “under the radar”, so to speak,’ he explained.

‘Any aesthetic procedures she receives must be subtle and “under the radar”‘: According to Dr. Randal Haworth, there are tell-tale signs Catriona has had ‘subtle’ procedures to her face. Pictured left in 2000, and right in 2018

Please explain! Catriona, who looks like she has hardly aged since starting her TV career in her twenties, has never confirmed or denied having Botox or fillers. Pictured in the 1990s 

‘It seems that she hasn’t aged one iota since the 1990s,’ Dr. Haworth added.

‘Certain natural wrinkles, such as the crows feet and the horizontal lines of the forehead, are noticeably diminished while wrinkles are present in the immediately adjacent areas.

‘To me, this indicates that Catriona has had Botox.’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Catriona Rowntree for comment.

‘Certain natural wrinkles, such as the crows feet and the horizontal lines of the forehead, are noticeably diminished’: Dr. Haworth claimed Catriona’s youthful facial features may have been  assisted by Botox. Pictured left in 2000, right in 2018

Dr. Haworth’s claims come after Catriona revealed her strong thoughts on Botox and fillers in an interview with Who magazine in July last year.

‘Whatever floats your boat, but don’t distort your facial features with plastic surgery and try telling me that beauty comes from within,’ she said at the time. 

She also criticised people who refuse to admit they have had cosmetic work done, adding: ‘I won’t stand for it!’ 

‘Don’t distort your facial features with plastic surgery and try telling me that beauty comes from within’: Speaking to WHO magazine in July last year, Catriona revealed her strong thoughts on Botox and fillers. Pictured on November 4, 2006 in Melbourne


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How K-pop Turned Bohemian Rhapsody Into A Viral Phenomenon In Korea

How K-pop Turned Bohemian Rhapsody Into A Viral Phenomenon In Korea

Alex Bailey/20th Century Fox

By T.K. Park and Youngdae Kim

South Korea may seem like an unlikely answer for the question, “Which country’s people have been the most enthusiastic viewers of Bohemian Rhapsody?” Yet Korea is a place that surprises: Recent industry data reveals the film sold more than 9.4 million tickets with a total box office haul of $72 million, making the country the top non-U.S. market for the Queen biopic that just won two Golden Globes. (Yes, that means the movie about Queen was more popular in South Korea than it was in the United Kingdom, where the band is from.) The popularity is even more staggering when considered on a per capita basis: U.S. revenue for Bohemian Rhapsody was slightly less than three times that of South Korea’s, but the U.S. has a population more than six times greater than Korea.

Yet the numbers alone do not do justice to how popular the movie is in Korea. Multiplex theaters in Korea offer “sing along” screenings, in which the audience can sing, clap, and stomp their feet to the band’s seminal hits “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions.” Across the country, it was not uncommon to see year-end parties in which attendants dressed up (or down, actually) in Freddie Mercury’s iconic white sleeveless shirts, with the whole party singing “Bohemian Rhapsody.” International fans of Korean pop culture became perplexed as their favorite singers suddenly started covering Queen’s discography on music programs and variety shows.

How did a biopic about Queen come to be so popular in an East Asian country? As it is the case with all viral hits, the reason for the movie’s popularity in Korea is not reducible to a single factor. It helps that, on a per capita basis, South Korea is the world’s highest-attending film territory, and also a country that runs 24 hours a day, where it is common for filmgoers to return to the theater three, four, or five times to re-watch the movie they liked. (At Megabox COEX, a multiplex located in Seoul, the first screening typically begins at 8 a.m., and the last screening begins at 2 a.m. the next day.) In other words, when a movie goes viral in South Korea, it really goes viral. Also, music-themed movies tend to punch above their weight in Korea, a country with a highly-developed taste for pop music and karaoke. Further, it is obviously a factor that Queen was quite popular in South Korea during the band’s heyday — just as much as ABBA’s lingering popularity in South Korea propelled the 2008 Mamma Mia! movie into a viral hit, launching the trend for sing-along screenings.

But these explanations all fall short of answering the core questions: Why Queen, and why Bohemian Rhapsody? For it is not the case that every music-themed movie succeeds in Korea. The N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton, is the second-most successful music biopic ever (trailing Bohemian Rhapsody), and earned far more critical praise in the U.S., depicting a group that is no less iconic than Queen. Yet it did merely fine in Korea, never reaching the same level of virality, despite being released just three years earlier than Bohemian Rhapsody. And while Queen was indeed popular in Korea in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it does not explain the movie’s appeal to the young Koreans who were too young or too not-yet-born to see the band in action.

20th Century Fox

From left to right: Gwilym Lee (Brian May), Rami Malek (Freddie Mercury), and Joe Mazzello (John Deacon) star as Queen in Bohemian Rhapsody

Ultimately, the answer is simple: the movie is popular in Korea because Queen’s music and performance resonate with the major themes in Korean pop music. For a comparable example, consider PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” Although PSY was a complete cipher to the U.S. audience in 2012, “Gangnam Style” took America by storm. Of course, PSY’s humorous looks, his signature horsey dance, and absurdist music video are all a part of the reasons why “Gangnam Style” became a viral hit. But “Gangnam Style” also presented something familiar: an EDM tune reminiscent of LMFAO, the mainstream U.S. sound at the time. Americans liked “Gangnam Style” because it was a twist on something familiar. The same is true with Koreans and the Queen biopic: Koreans like Bohemian Rhapsody because it presents something familiar, because there is something about Queen that reminds them of Korean pop music.

And Queen presents something familiar to Koreans because a significant part of Korean pop music was shaped after Queen’s music and frontman Freddie Mercury’s stage presence.

The foundation of today’s K-pop was laid in the late 1980s, which opened an era that came to be known as the “golden age” of Korean pop music. In many ways, this era serves as the wellspring of inspiration for today’s K-pop idol groups as this era’s tunes are the ones in which they grew up, and the ones their producers had been making. South Korea’s democratization in 1987, followed by the Seoul Olympics in 1988, opened the field for all types of pop music to flourish. A hugely diverse array of genres, ranging from pop, ballad (soft rock), hip-hop, trot, and adult contemporary, all had a meaningful presence in the mainstream. For the Korean pop musicians of the late 1980s and 90s who considered themselves rockers, the contemporary U.K. progressive rock musicians such as Pink Floyd and Queen were the gold standard to emulate. Deulgukhwa, for example, is considered one of the most iconic rock bands in Korean pop music history, and it is impossible to listen to their “Oh You are a Beautiful Woman” [“오 그대는 아름다운 여인”] without being reminded of Queen’s “Love of My Life.”

Queen’s music found popularity in Korea as it collected an eclectic genre of music and presented through the format of pop-rock. This methodology behind Queen’s music is the same as the one behind modern K-pop’s inclination toward genre-bending music. Queen’s influence was particularly pronounced in Shin Hae-chul, one of the most important figures in Korean pop music history. Having debuted in 1988 as a member of a college band, Shin led an illustrious 26-year career as musician and producer, primarily in rock music. Shin’s emulation of Queen goes beyond his band N.EX.T’s album jacket art or one of the albums being titled “Space Rock Opera.” Shin’s innovative use of synthesizers is directly traceable to Queen, and in turn influenced the K-pop artists and producers who followed his path.

But arguably, Queen’s stage performance exerted an even greater influence on K-pop’s development. The glam rock trend led by David Bowie, in which music is presented not only through sound but also through stage design, choreography, costume, hair, etc., has significantly influenced Korean pop music, leading to the modern K-pop trend that focuses on the visual presentation as much as the aural. Freddie Mercury’s charismatic stage presence — an apotheosis of the glam rock trend — left a deep impression on Korean pop musicians in the early 1990s, as they were beginning to put on arena shows of their own. Shin constantly sought to emulate Queen’s stage for his own concerts. PSY has said Freddie Mercury was his inspiration.

This trend has traveled down in the development of Korean pop music, and can be seen today in modern K-pop as well. Unlike their counterparts in, say, Japanese pop music, the idol groups in K-pop tend to focus on daring visual presentation. In particular, K-pop idol groups from SM Entertainment such as EXO and SHINee have been the faithful followers of the glam rock tradition — with gender-bending makeup and costumes, all while emanating charisma throughout a large arena. The same is true with BTS, who also make effective use of the baroque and mythical visuals that Mercury often favored. In fact, these idol groups’ lush visual presentation has been a major factor in modern K-pop’s international success.

Not frequently appreciated, however, is how the K-pop idols are finding success as heirs of Freddie Mercury.

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