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When brands become creators: How beauty brands can use YouTube to look their best

When brands become creators: How beauty brands can use YouTube to look their best

What can brands learn from beauty video creators? A lot, argues YouTube’s Head of Fashion and Beauty Derek Blasberg, who came to Google after hosting CNN Style on CNN International and working as a contributing editor at Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vanity Fair.

Few trends move as quickly as beauty in the style space. With every fashion show or red carpet, a new lipstick color or hair style instantly becomes a look of the moment. While traditional print publications and word of mouth chartered beauty trends in past generations, today trends are established and discovered with a few flips on a keyboard. According to a recent survey we at Google did in collaboration with Kantar, U.S. beauty consumers say YouTube is their number one digital source for beauty content, followed closely by Google Search.1

Platforms like YouTube are chock-full of inspiration from people across the industry — designers, makeup artists, brands, and publishers — as well as a new generation of beauty influencers. Here’s the really interesting part for marketers: that same survey found that U.S. beauty consumers turn to videos produced by brands and publishers nearly as much as product review videos from other users.2 That means there’s a massive pre-established community that wants to hear from you and is ready to engage.

So how do you connect with them? It’s simple: think like a creator.

Make what the creators make

Seek inspiration from the variety of content that beauty creators are producing. My team recently analyzed all of last year’s beauty content on YouTube, and we found that 95% of it fell into one of three buckets: inspiration, education, and access.3 If you’re wondering what kind of videos to make for your channel, these are good places to start.

95% of last year’s beauty content on YouTube fell into three buckets:

Illustration of a lightbulb: 1. Inspiration. Illustration of an open book. 2. Education. Illustration of a VIP badge: 3. in the life video that brings viewers inside the inspiring world of Dior.

2. Educational content

Educational videos are an opportunity for viewers to learn tips, hear reviews, and receive advice. Beauty fans are hungry for these videos, and will proactively search for them on YouTube, which is something you’ll want to consider when giving them a title.

A favorite example of mine is Jen Atkin’s wedding hairstyles and makeup tutorial with Negin Mirsalehi and Mary Phillips. The concept is simple but effective: Jen and Mary provide fans with a step-by-step guide to how they can get fashion influencer Negin Mirsalehi’s bridal hair and makeup look. It’s casual, helpful, and a perfect use of the medium.

3. Access content

This type of content takes the audience somewhere they wouldn’t be able to go on their own or introduces them to someone they wouldn’t otherwise be able to meet.

There are lots of formats at your disposal, including behind-the-scenes videos, live streams of big events, Q&As with celebs, and making-of videos. Intimacy goes a long way here, so don’t worry if your videos aren’t shiny and polished or the lighting isn’t perfect. Victoria Beckham’s new series “On the Road” is a great example of access content. In the first episode, Victoria gives her audience an intimate look into her trip to New York to launch her collaboration with Reebok.

Do what the creators do

If you pay close attention to your favorite YouTube channels and creators, you’ll notice they all do a few of the same things.

First they establish a regular cadence for uploads, because in our digital world, absence does not make the heart grow fonder. Top creators upload regularly — several times a week for some. Developing a consistent schedule is critical for building your channel and establishing an engaged audience. While you may not be able to upload weekly, remember that consistency is key.

YouTube channel creators all do a few of the same things:

Calendar icon: 1. Upload content regularly. Illustration of beauty video in progress: 2. Cater content to audience interest. Illustration of a smartly dressed black woman hosting a video: 3. Encourage viewers to share and subscribe.Google Trends, YouTube Analytics data for your channel, and social media listening tools to figure out what your audience is curious about and what they need help with. In fact, the interactive nature of YouTube means you can even directly ask questions of your audience, which creators are great at doing. Invite viewers to submit their own tips and ideas, and respond when they post questions.

Once you’re clued in to what your audience wants and what they’re searching for, include those key words and phrases in your video metadata. Titles, keywords, thumbnails, and descriptions all matter. Ensure you’re making it easy for viewers to find what they’re looking for.

Lastly, most creators are persistent in asking their viewers to subscribe and to share their content, featuring prominent calls to action in their videos. You should be too.

Brands as creators

Beauty and fashion brands have a leg up when it comes to tapping into established communities of fans. But all kinds of brands and industries can learn from the creators in their space.

Look to the fans for signals — the most passionate communities all have creators, brands, and celebrities that they coalesce around. If you want to create content that resonates, follow their lead.

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Amazon Launches an Exclusive Line of Beauty Products

Amazon Launches an Exclusive Line of Beauty Products

Plus, Rent the Runway is breaking into the home decor space, and a startup called Doorport is going to make your apartment smarter.

2 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Amazon launched an exclusive line of beauty products called Fast Beauty Company, sold through its marketplace. The line includes face masks and makeup removing wipes. This is the first beauty brand launched from Amazon’s brand accelerator program.

Rent the Runway is breaking into the home decor space by announcing its partnership with West Elm. This will allow subscribers to rent home decor like quilts, blankets and decorative pillows. The hope is to introduce Rent the Runway’s customers to West Elm’s and expand its commitment to environmental sustainability.

A startup called Doorport is going to make your apartment smarter! Doorport created a device that is wired into an existing buzzer system at an apartment. This will allow you to use your smartphone to unlock your building’s door for yourself and your guests with a quick tap instead of dealing with that tricky call box. 

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Ariana Grande skipped the Grammys, but she gave fans a fabulous look at the princess-like ball gown she would’ve worn

Ariana Grande skipped the Grammys, but she gave fans a fabulous look at the princess-like ball gown she would’ve worn

  • Ariana Grande skipped the 2019 Grammys on Sunday, but shared a series of photos on Instagram of the princess-like gown she would have worn to the event.
  • The singer showed off images of her wearing a custom-made, pale blue Zac Posen dress and laying on a floor.
  • She also had her hair in her signature high pony and accessorized with a sparkling necklace.

Ariana Grande wasn’t present at the 2019 Grammys on Sunday, but she still showed off photos in her custom-made, strapless dress.

The 25-year-old singer took to her Instagram during the award show and shared multiple photos of herself in a princess-like pale blue gown designed by Zac Posen.

“when @zacposen makes u a custom gown it doesn’t matter if you’re singing or not,” she captioned one photo. “thank u.”

Grande wore her hair in a signature high ponytail, done by hairstylist John Liu. Her makeup was done by Rokael Lizama, who has worked with the singer in the past for her music video looks. The “Thank U, Next” singer also accessorized with a sparkling necklace and earrings.

In two additional photos, Grande looked like a literal sleeping beauty as she posed on the ground. Look at the images below.

Here’s a look at the outfit from head-to-toe.

And here’s a closer look at her jewelry.

Grande was supposed to perform at the Grammys, which were held at Los Angeles’ Staples Center and hosted by Alicia Keys, but she pulled out at the last minute. After Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich told the AP that Grande “felt it was too late for her to pull something together,” Grande hit back on Twitter.

Read more:Ariana Grande slams the Grammys for ‘lying’ about why she won’t perform and says the show ‘stifled’ her ‘creativity and self expression’

In a series of tweets, the “7 Rings” singer accused the producer of “lying” about her reason for dropping out.

“i’ve kept my mouth shut but now you’re lying about me,” she tweeted. “i can pull together a performance over night and you know that, Ken. it was when my creativity & self expression was stifled by you, that i decided not to attend. i hope the show is exactly what you want it to be and more.”

Variety previously reported that Grande felt “insulted” by producers when they refused to allow her to perform her new song “7 Rings.” According to Variety’s sources, the producers said that they would allow Grande to perform single as part of a medley, but insisted that they choose the second song she would play.

In another tweet, Grande said that she “offered three different songs” to perform.

“it’s about collaboration. it’s about feeling supported. it’s about art and honesty. not politics,” she said. “not doing favors or playing games. it’s just a game y’all.. and i’m sorry but that’s not what music is to me.”

Despite being a no-show at the Grammys, Grande took home the award for best pop vocal album for “Sweetener,” which was released in August 2018. It was also her first Grammy win ever. She reacted to her win with several tweets.

“F—,” she wrote. “I know I’m not there tonight (trust, I tried and still truly wished it had worked out tbh) and I know I said I try not to put too much weight into these things … but f— … this is wild and beautiful. Thank you so much.”

“But mostly thank y’all for being my main source of joy and inspiration always,” Grande added.

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Dancing On Ice’s Vanessa Bauer makes subtle dig at Megan Barton Hanson

Dancing On Ice’s Vanessa Bauer makes subtle dig at Megan Barton Hanson

Dancing On Ice‘s Vanessa Bauer made a thinly veiled dig at Megan Barton Hanson on Tuesday, as she suggested she would take the high road and not respond to things that have been said about her.

The professional ice skater, 22, seemed to suggest she is taking the high road and avoiding reacting to the Love Island star, 24, on social media.

Sharing an inspirational quote from martial arts legend Bruce Lee that was posted by her agent, it said: ‘You will continue to suffer if you have an emotion reaction to everything is said to you. 

Thinly veiled: Dancing On Ice’s Vanessa Bauer made a subtle dig at Megan Barton Hanson on Tuesday as she suggested she won’t react to the Love Island star on social media

‘True power is sitting back and observing everything with logic. If words control you that mean everyone else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass.’

Prior to sharing the quote, Vanessa had also gushed to her fans about how grateful she has been for their support.

She wrote in a message on her Instagram story: ‘Hey beautiful people. I’m so sorry but I can’t find the time to respond to all the DMs.

‘I read through them and they mean the world to me. I appreciate all the love so much and will over time do my best to respond! Some of your stories bring tears to my eyes and all your support is crazy and amazing.’ 

Earlier on: Her Instagram posts comes after Megan had her ample cleavage on display, at the same time that Vanessa was showing off her abs in a social media showdown

Subtle: Sharing an inspirational quote from martial arts legend Bruce Lee that was posted by her agent, seemed to suggest she is taking the high road and avoiding reacting to Megan

Her Instagram posts comes after Megan had her ample cleavage on display, at the same time that Vanessa was showing off her washboard abs in a social media showdown.

The Love Island star had her beautiful bust on full display as she filmed a now-deleted makeup tutorial for her fans, after she slammed Dancing On Ice bosses for pairing ex-boyfriend Wes with the ‘youngest and hottest’ skating pro.

Meanwhile Vanessa documented her latest workout with fans as she showed off her incredible abs in a white crop top, after weeks of claims that the pair are at war in a nasty feud.

In her sultry video, Megan showed off her amazing cleavage in the plunging black lace top whilst promoting a highlighter in a makeup tutorial.

Thankful: Prior to sharing the quote, Vanessa had also gushed to her fans about how grateful she has been for their support

However the star later deleted the video, after Vanessa took to social media herself to post a video of her revealing gym wear, as she told her followers where she could find the clips of her latest workouts.

The pair have been embroiled in a so-called feud since Megan accused Vanessa of tactically splitting from her boyfriend to gain publicity.

And two weeks ago Megan also announced that she had split from boyfriend Wes after six months together, shocking many fans.

The Essex beauty spoke about their breakup in an interview with OK! this week, where she also accused Dancing On Ice bosses of ‘stirring things up’ by pairing Wes with Vanessa.

At odds: Megan had her beautiful bust on full display as she filmed a now-deleted makeup tutorial for her fans, while Vanessa spoke about her ab workout

Incredible: Meanwhile Vanessa had her washboard abs on full display in a white crop top as she posted a workout video

She said: ‘The fact that the producers deliberately stirred things up by partnering Wes with the youngest, hottest girl annoyed me.’

In particular, she noted her ‘frustration’ with DOI judge Jason Gardiner who branded the skating duo a ‘lovely couple.’  

Megan didn’t hold back on the topic, reasserting her belief that Vanessa’s break-up with her own boyfriend Louis Nathaniel was ‘completely tactical.’

Meanwhile, Vanessa’s parents recently hit back at such accusations, as they insisted the skater is ‘rising above’ the drama generated by her nemesis.

In an interview with The Sun On Sunday, Vanessa’s dad Marco said: ‘Vanessa is trying to rise above the situation, ignore the jibes and carry on skating. She would never dump a boyfriend to get attention. That’s not the kind of girl she is. 

‘The truth is she separated from Louis in December. We were sad about it because we liked him a lot. Vanessa is not seeing her ice skating partner. Her only focus is on being at her best and trying to win this competition.’

Her mother Yayun told the newspaper that the German beauty and her boyfriend of three years went their separate ways after he landed a job on a cruise ship, which would have resulted in the lovebirds not seeing each other for six months.

She said: ‘They agreed it was best to separate. But they are still friends. All of these allegations flying round are completely ridiculous.’ 

In happier times: The couple only announced their split last weekend, shocking their fans, after a seemingly loved-up seven month long romance 

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CNBC Exclusive: CNBC Transcript: Miller Value Partners CIO and Chairman Bill Miller Speaks with CNBC’s Brian Sullivan Today

CNBC Exclusive: CNBC Transcript: Miller Value Partners CIO and Chairman Bill Miller Speaks with CNBC’s Brian Sullivan Today

WHEN: Today, Thursday, January 31, 2019

WHERE: CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street“— live from the TIGER 21 Conference in Boca Raton, FL

The following is the unofficial transcript of a CNBC EXCLUSIVE interview with Miller Value Partners CIO and Chairman Bill Miller and CNBC’s Brian Sullivan on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” (M-F 9AM – 11AM) today, Thursday, January 31st. The following is a link to video of the interview on

All references must be sourced to CNBC.

CARL QUINTANILLA: Let’s get over to our Brian Sullivan live at the TIGER 21 Conference in Florida sitting down with a big, big legend. Hey, Brian.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: Hey, Carl listen. It’s 65 degrees here in Boca Raton but somebody’s got to do it. So, you know, I was happy to suffer through this assignment. Bill Miller, great to see you in person. Thanks for joining us.

BILL MILLER: Great to be here.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: You have got to be — you’re smiling because, A) it is warm, but, B) you’re a big Facebook owner. Facebook is soaring. What do you think of the quarter, and are you adding to your Facebook position?

BILL MILLER: No, we’re not adding right now. We added in the 140s twice actually. Once, a year ago when Mark Zuckerberg was getting raked over the coals in front of Congress. And then again recently when the stock was again — suffering from a gloomy consensus, let’s call it, and trading around 14 to 15 times earnings. This is the worst quarter that Facebook has had in terms of revenue growth, up 30%. And, you know, 2.2 billion users. It’s hard to find fault with the economics of the business.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: Except that how much bigger can it get?


BRIAN SULLIVAN: How much growth is there?

BILL MILLER: Well, there’s not a lot of growth per say, and certainly in users, I think there’s still monetization of the users and monetization of Instagram and things like that. So, again, the company with that kind of global scope has an enormous moat around it and I think that’s – it’s going to be very tough – and with the new money being spent on security, it is going to be very tough for anybody to push them aside.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: You know, going into the commercial break, David Faber showed a chart of the best stocks this month. Xerox up 43% this month. GE up 38% this money. Okay, after the worst December since 1928, what do you make of these insane market and stock swings? Collapsing and then — is that a healthy market?

BILL MILLER: It’s a market that can be exploited. I think you can monetize the volatility in the market, which is what we try and do. There have been 23 corrections of 5% or more in the last ten years, so two per year. And corrections go deep enough to scare everybody out and also then the market — I guess market structure has been changed, in my opinion, by the combination of money in ETFs, — quant funds and risk parity products. And so they all tend to move together.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: Are they harmful?

BILL MILLER: They potentially are harmful. The late Jack Bogle, who — a friend of mine – you know, said that the ETF thing and the passive money is a potential threat. I don’t think it is now, but it could be down the road.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: We talk a lot with you about Amazon and Facebook. I want to ask you about a totally different name because we’re so concerned that housing is — I don’t want to say it’s collapsing, but it’s slowing down. One of your biggest positions is RH, Restoration Hardware. $4,000 sofas, Bill. What makes it attractive?

BILL MILLER: Well, part of why it’s attractive now is that they have kind of taken over the high end of that market with their 40,000 square foot stores. And so it’s — it’s a company that we started buying in the ’20s when Gary Friedman, the CEO, started buying a lot of stock. They bought back 50% of their shares last year and probably in an average cost of around $40 to $45. So it’s not as attractive at 130 as it was at 30 but it’s still a dominant company. The average furniture store in America is about 7,000 square feet.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: I’ll wrap it up with this. What’s the last, most exciting new stock that you’ve added?





BILL MILLER: Avon was at a 70-year low.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: AVP? We’re talking about the makeup company?

BILL MILLER: $1.59, or something like that, yes. Brand-new management, all up and down, a couple hundred million of free cash flow. The proper strategy now for the first time in years, if not decades. And we really think it’s a company that could be a ten-bagger in the next three five years.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: Avon is a ten-bagger?

BILL MILLER: Could be. Could be.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: A company that –

BILL MILLER: Coty offered 10 billion for the company I think in 2014 or ’15. It’s got an 800 million market cap right now.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: This is a company, you know, Bill — I don’t think it’s a, you know, TV, fake news to say there’s people who are worried about Avon’s long-term sustainability as a company.

BILL MILLER: Well, that’s pretty well reflected in the price of under $2 I think. But we think it’s a very interesting risk reward on Avon. And I think that — I won’t say worst case, but I’d say it’s going to be tough for you to lose money in the stock over the next few years given how much, you know, it’s down in the past couple of years alone.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: And you’re — Avon is moving right now. The stock is up 14% on your comments. Is this a long-term hold? You’re — listen, you’re a value guy, you’re a long-term guy, but even you would say ‘If I go from “x” to “y” and it’s this kind of a percentage move, I’ve got to rethink my position,’ no? How long would you hold at Avon?

BILL MILLER: We’d hold it as long as we think we can earn an excess rate of return by holding it.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: And still right now.

BILL MILLER: Oh, yeah. It was $2.50 I think about three or four months ago. So it’s kind of making a home here between the $1.75 and 2.25 level. If it breaks out around the $3 level it tells us the strategies are working. I think we’ll know by the end of the year.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: David Faber, I mean I know you’ve talked a lot about Avon, what do you think of this move? The bankers have got to be happy, or unhappy, but I don’t know.

DAVID FABER: By the way, we should tell Bill the stock is up 19% on, I think, in part on Mr. Miller’s comments right there. Of course I can remember when they were turning down a bid from Coty that they absolutely positively should have taken without a doubt. But Bill, I wanted to come back with you for a moment here on Amazon. I think we’re going to be hearing after the close. Obviously I remember you positive on the stock throughout, in the good and bad and particularly in some tough times where your opinion ended up, of course, being the correct one. What are you looking for after the bell? What should we be focused on overall in terms of both the earnings and on the conference call?

BILL MILLER: You know, it’s an interesting situation. I tend to focus on the advertising business and on AWS and then the mixed shift where the third-party sellers are now more than 50% of retail. So you’re not seeing the sales growth in retail that you use to see, but you’re seeing good margins. And I think also, you know, international is still losing money. And I think that’s — in the next couple of years, that will turn. But you know, Amazon is doing so many different things and it’s so dominant and it’s about 20% below its high. So I think it’s very attractive in here.

DAVID FABER: Why is it very attractive in here?

BILL MILLER: Because I think that the business itself on the top line is probably going to grow around 20% to 25% a year for the next at least three years. And so — and the margins should continue to expand. So if the valuation doesn’t change, and I don’t think the valuation should change, then in terms of enterprise value to EBITDA, price to sales, that kind of thing, then the stock will double in three years. And the market is not going to double in three years.

SARA EISEN: Hey, Bill. It’s Sara. I wanted to ask about Apple. I don’t think you own it in the fund but I’ve heard you talk about it in the past and view it favorably. We just came off an Apple quarter, which was well received by Wall Street but also showed that iPhone sales are declining. Is that a good bet after the big selloff that we saw from the last quarter?

BILL MILLER: Well, we sold — we had both bought and sold Apple well — I own Apple personally and have owned it for a long time. You know, it’s a– if you want a company with a fortress balance sheet that’s dominant, that is I would say safe, that generates 50 billion free cash flow, then Apple looks okay in here.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: Bill, and guys –I want to jump back in, because we had talked about Avon and you reference it, David referenced it as well that Coty, the consumer products cosmetics company, had made an $10 million bid. Just off-camera before we sat down, you told me that you started adding your — to Coty. Is that a new position for you, or are you adding to an existing position?

BILL MILLER: That’s a personal position of mine.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: Personal position of yours.

BILL MILLER: Yep. I started buying it around $8.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: Because that’s a stock down 50% in a 12-month period. Is that a similar story to Avon?

BILL MILLER: Coty is pretty highly leveraged. JAB, the– you know, the private equity firm–

BRIAN SULLIVAN: That’s buying everything.

BILL MILLER: — controls it. But they bought every share that was available in blocks around $8.50. The new CEO who just came in, he bought about $15 million worth of stock at 8.5, 7% yield on it. So I think most of the damage has been done.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: On Coty. Yeah, so you think most of the damage done has been done on Coty. But again, personal position for you, not in the funds at Miller Value Partners.


BRIAN SULLIVAN: Alright, so we’ve got, Apple tonight, Amazon, Facebook, you’re a happy guy, Avon, stocks moving. Bill Miller, real pleasure to see you at the TIGER – we’ve got to stop meeting like this or maybe we don’t have to stop meeting like this. Bill, thank you very much.

BILL MILLER: Thanks very much.

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