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No-Show Wedding Photographer Sued for $14,000

No-Show Wedding Photographer Sued for $14,000

Wedding photography is not for the faint of heart.

Not only is it a high-pressure gig, but that stress is also compounded by a ton of other factors that are often outside of a photographer’s control.

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But actually showing up to the wedding is typically under a photographer’s control (barring some kind of tragic event).

That’s because it’s a pretty critical role in the modern wedding.

If you are the bride or the groom and your scheduled photographer doesn’t show, you can imagine that most people would be beyond angry.

Few of them actually sue the photographer, though, let alone for $USD 14,000.

But this couple did and they’re not the only people that have had an issue with this particular wedding photographer.

According to SLR Lounge, Heather Timm says that she, too, is a victim of Scott Sockett, a Wisconsin-based photographer and owner of Say I Do Wedding Services. Everything seemed legit, but apparently, it was anything but that.

Heather Timm is one of three people in the suit against Sockett which alleges, among other things, that he didn’t show up after taking a $USD 1,000 deposit for wedding photography services and even sending out a wedding video that featured a different couple.

Michelle Heck described her ordeal: “About an hour before our ceremony was starting, I was getting my makeup done and kind of texting him. Saying I was getting nervous having a feeling that he wasn’t going to come. That’s when I realized this is all a lie. He is not going to be coming.”

SLR Lounge also reports that Sockett’s Better Business Bureau review page contains some pretty interesting customer reviews, this among them: “At a minimum of 17 times over the past almost 2 years, we have been promised that the video was being sent only to not receive and be given one story after the other as to this problem or that.”

In response to these allegations, Sockett has said that the negative reviews left against him were not from actual clients, or, in his words, “For any of the women who actually had us booked, take into consideration that we have seen online that say that we didn’t show up or stuff like that. Were never actually customers or clients of ours.”

SLR Lounge also says that he has since changed the name of his company.

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Anyone can be a Nobel Prize nominee. Here’s why a 16-year-old climate activist deserves to win.

Anyone can be a Nobel Prize nominee. Here’s why a 16-year-old climate activist deserves to win.

Like many members of her generation, Greta Thunberg is best known for a viral video. But most of those internet exploits don’t net a Nobel Prize nomination. While her peers rise up the YouTube algorithm with short comedy skits or make it big on Instagram with makeup tutorials, the 16-year-old Thunberg became famous for a speech in which she condemned world leaders for their unwillingness to act on climate change—right to their faces.

The shareable moment came from a January speech Thunberg gave at Davos, the annual World Economic Forum held in the Swiss town of the same name. Standing in front of Jane Goodall, Bono, and Christiana Figueres of the UN, the Swedish teen told the room: “Some people have said we have all created the climate crisis, but that is not true. Because if anyone is guilty, then no one is to blame. And someone is to blame. Some people, some companies, some decision-makers in particular have known exactly what priceless values they have been sacrificing to continue making unimaginable amounts of money, and I think many of you here today belong to that group of people.”

It’s this kind of radical candor that prompted a qualified party to nominate her for the Nobel Peace Prize. If she wins, beating out 304 other individuals and organizations currently under consideration, she’ll be the youngest laureate in the award’s history. (The current record-holder is 17-year-old education rights activist Malala Yousafzai.) Here’s everything you need to know about the new nominee:

What does this nomination mean?

The Nobel Prize doesn’t work like the Oscars; it’s certainly an honor just to be nominated, but it doesn’t mean the prize committee has fingered you as one of their top contenders. Nominations come from political leaders, academics, former laureates, and other folks who meet the committee’s qualifications, which you can find here. Announcements of a person’s nomination can’t come from the Nobel Prize Committee. In this case, it’s likely the nominator let Thunberg know (or told the press directly) to help boost awareness of an organized global strike happening Friday (more on that below).

Is this a PR stunt? Yes. But it’s one that shows Thunberg’s actions have garnered the attention of some powerful people.

A student movement

In 2018, Thunberg stopped going to school and instead spent her days outside the parliament building in Swedish capital of Stockholm. At first, her only company were her signs announcing her intentions, but eventually the movement grew to include young people around the world. Though spread across Europe and the globe, the students are united as the #FridaysForFuture movement. On March 15, they will hold their first organized global strike.

The movement has sparked controversy, especially because it involves minors leaving school. But some see it not just as ethical, but perfectly logical given the dire situation they face. As philosopher Rupert Read wrote in The Conversation, when it comes to climate change, “we adults ought to humbly realize that it is no longer for us to tell our children what to do.”

“The ultimate reason why we should support these school strikes,” Read added, “is that, through our inaction that has led the world they will inherit to this pretty pass, we adults have forfeited the moral right to do anything else.”

Freddy Andre Ovstegard, one of the Norwegian politicians who nominated Thunberg for the award back in January, seems to agree. Ovestegaard told the French news agency AFP, “Greta Thunberg has launched a mass movement which I see as a major contribution to peace.”

What happens next

Typically, the names of Nobel Prize nominees are kept under lock and seal for 50 years. No one but Thunberg has been named, but we know there are hundreds of others under consideration. The winner will be announced in October and awarded in a ceremony in Oslo, Norway on Dec. 10.

Whatever happens, it’s clear Thunberg will continue her crusade. In a brief tweet she said she was “honored and grateful for this nomination.” But the rest of her social media feed is focused on tomorrow’s strike.

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Jordyn Woods Reportedly Moves Out Of Kylie Jenner’s Home Amid Tristan Thompson Scandal

Jordyn Woods Reportedly Moves Out Of Kylie Jenner’s Home Amid Tristan Thompson Scandal

Multiple sources have confirmed that Jordyn Woods has officially moved out of Kylie Jenner‘s house on Thursday afternoon, just a day after the news of the cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson first broke.

Kylie’s (former?) BFF, 21, has reportedly left the makeup mogul’s Los Angeles-area home for the last time, with all of her possessions in tow, per Us Weekly.

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As the report notes, it’s unclear what this means for Kylie and Jordyn’s notably close friendship — but one can imagine things may never be the same, especially knowing how close Kylie is to big sis Khloe Kardashian.

An insider revealed that the rest of the KarJenners still don’t know whether this is really the end for Jordyn, who had previously been Kylie’s makeup muse in addition to working for Khloe’s Good American line.

The source revealed to Us Weekly (below):

“At this point, the Kardashians aren’t 100 percent sure if Jordyn is going to be cut out of Kylie’s life, but they’re all looking at it as if she better be. It will be very hard for Kylie to lose Jordyn because she’s her best friend. She doesn’t have a lot of friends, and honestly can’t because of her lifestyle, so she has latched onto Jordyn.”

Tough stuff — really feeling that!

Another source shed more light on the move, too, revealing to People that Woods will be moving back home with mom (below):

“[She is] moving back to her mom’s house. It’s been a difficult time and she’s broken up about it. She’s heading home to be with her mom.”


At least one KarJenner friend — Larsa Pippen — is more than ready for Woods’ move, as it seems like the family is circling the wagons around each other during this tough time.

Larsa didn’t hold back her words when speaking to TMZ about Woods being booted; watch that video HERE.

It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it, Perezcious readers?!

What do U think about all this??? Sound OFF in the comments (below)…

[Image via WENN.]

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Hope you guys are loving videos- as you can tell I am really tapping into the YouTube situation. It’s a fun way to show you EXACTLY what is happening. Audio is EVERYTHING & writing is my first love, however video is always needed. There’s something just right about you guys being able to SEE what I am doing.

Huge Tim Ferriss fan. Love his podcast. And his latest book, Tribe Of Mentors. So this post is a very Tim-ish post. Basically I wanted to break down my best-case scenario night-time routine for you. Like Tim, I believe a reliable nighttime routine is VERY MUCH important.

The better the sleep, the less stress. Always.

So here’s five steps that HAVE TO HAPPEN during my nighttime routine:

















I HOPE THAT HELPS! That’s a very specific way of how I like to unwind. So get off your phone, grab a set of delicious pajamas, turn on the white noise, read a book, & spray some essential oils…all while laying on your acupressure pillow, of course.

How do you wind down? Come on, tell me what else I have to add to my list?

G2G because it IS getting past my bedtime. Just have to stay on track guys. ZZZzzzz.

X lauryn

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Melissa McCarthy Opts for Cool Comfort as She Switches into Tracksuit for Oscars 2019 Afterparty

Melissa McCarthy Opts for Cool Comfort as She Switches into Tracksuit for Oscars 2019 Afterparty

And the award for most variety in fashion choices at the 2019 Oscars goes to … Melissa McCarthy!

After wearing several head-turning ensembles during Sunday’s ceremony in Los Angeles, McCarthy — who was up for the Best Actress award for her dramatic turn in Can You Ever Forgive Me? — dressed down in a relatable way, opting for a simple Adidas tracksuit.

Smiling as she posed for photos at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, California, the actress sported matching sneakers to complete the casual look.

McCarthy still kept a bit of glam going though, as her hair and makeup looked glam after the evening’s events. Her sparkling rings, bracelets, earrings and necklace also remained.

Her husband Ben Falcone also changed into a matching tracksuit.

Melissa McCarthy

Dia Dipasupil/Getty

Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry

Kevin Winter/Getty

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The casual quick-change came after McCarthy, 48, went all out while presenting the award for Best Costume Design alongside fellow nominee Brian Tyree Henry, keeping a straight face the entire time as she walked out on stage in an outfit that — in a nod to nominated film The Favourite — any animal-loving queen would envy.

Topped off with a wide-brim white hat, McCarthy wore an over-the-top multicolored dress with pants underneath and white boots, boasting a frilly royal-style collar around her neck.

The crowning details? Dozens of plush bunnies (which feature prominently in The Favourite) covered her entire look, from the front of her ensemble all the way down her long fur train. She even used one of the stuffed animals as a puppet, making it “talk” as she discussed the importance of recognizing costume designers and their “subtlest” work.

Henry, 36, gave McCarthy a run for her money in his own courtly attire, wearing a tablecloth-like skirt, blue cape, pearls and a polka-dot bow tie and gloves as they presented the Oscar to Ruth E. Carter for her work on Black Panther — a historical moment that saw Carter become the first black woman to win the award.

Be sure to check out PEOPLE’s full Oscars coverage to get the latest news on film’s biggest night.

Melissa McCarthy

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

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Earlier in the evening, McCarthy wowed on the red carpet alongside husband Falcone, rocking a chic black-and-white pantsuit.

The 91st Academy Awards were broadcast live from Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 24, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on ABC.

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