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Kim Kardashian Covers Up Her Psoriasis Using Her New KKW Beauty Body Makeup

Kim Kardashian Covers Up Her Psoriasis Using Her New KKW Beauty Body Makeup

Kim Kardashian West may not have found a cure for her psoriasis, but she has figured out a way to mask it.

The reality star and cosmetics mogul, 38, created her own KKW Beauty Body Makeup, launching on June 21, which she uses to conceal any red marks or patches that appear during a psoriasis flare-up. Kardashian West demonstrated exactly how she applies the liquid formula on her legs in a video on Instagram and shared a candid before-and-after shot to truly show fans how effective it can be on skin conditions.

“This one shown above is the body Make Up. This is what I use most often. I don’t always like my legs to have shimmer on them. I use this when I want to enhance my skin tone or cover my psoriasis. I bruise easily and have veins and this has been my secret for over a decade,” Kardashian West wrote in an Instagram post.

Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

While psoriasis has been a challenge for the star, it’s something she has grown to accept.

“I’ve learned to live with and not be insecure of my psoriasis, but for days when I want to just cover it up I use this Body Makeup,” Kardashian West said. “My formula is so creamy and buildable and has a smooth satin finish. It builds easily for a more full coverage if needed.”

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On the upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (airing Sunday), the reality star takes a meeting with medium Anthony William, who has 1.9 million followers on Instagram, in the hopes that he can provide some guidance with her psoriasis, which she was first diagnosed with in 2011.

She’s been open on social media about struggling with the skin condition which causes red, scaly patches usually on the legs, elbows and lower back and are caused by genetics. This past year, Kardashian West revealed the psoriasis has since begun creeping up to her face.

“Psoriasis is the shits! 😂,” the star said in the caption of a selfie she shared while using an herbal ointment on the irritated lesions.

Though she isn’t bothered too much by it anymore, she does want a solution to be found.

“Scientists are constantly researching and developing new medications to help treat it, but for now, I use a topical cortisone ointment every night before bed,” Kardashian West said. “I’m always hoping for a cure, of course, but in the meantime, I’m learning to just accept it as part of who I am.”

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Film Review: ‘Pahokee’

Film Review: ‘Pahokee’

South Florida docmakers Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan mostly deliver on the promise of their award-winning shorts in this textured community study.

Steeped in the smell of tacos and burning sugar cane, the sights and sounds of Pahokee, Florida, are portrayed with humid specificity in Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan’s documentary — yet its story will be entirely familiar to anyone who is, or was, a small-town teenager yearning for a bigger pond. Taking the form of a cinematic yearbook, documenting the trials of four senior-year students as they seek the most secure path to graduation and beyond, “Pahokee” alternates between Wiseman-style community observation and less detached, more affectionate character portraiture, notably via the subjects’ cellphone video diaries. The result is uneven as a social study, skipping abruptly past certain key local events, but lively and rousing as a generational snapshot, buoyed by the lovable, resilient kids at its heart.

Prior to “Pahokee,” South Florida-based duo Lucas and Bresnan had already make a strong impression on the international festival circuit with a series of distinctive documentary shorts — several of them Pahokee-set —including last year’s “Skip Day,” which won top honors in Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes. Their first feature-length effort, “Pahokee” is a direct extension of “Skip Day,” which introduced some of the high schoolers whose stories are expanded here; existing fans of the directors’ work are unlikely to be disappointed by the new film’s infectious blend of social realism and gentle sentimentality. Following a premiere in competition at Sundance, the film has since booked SXSW and taken the prize for best homegrown feature at the Miami Film Festival. Distribution prospects, particularly in the streaming realm, look perky.

The filmmakers have an existing relationship with their chosen turf is felt in the warm, unforced authenticity with which Pahokee’s modest geography and human makeup are laid out on screen — even if certain aspects of the region could stand a little more scrutiny within a roomy two-hour runtime. Those who haven’t seen their 2017 short “The Rabbit Hunt,” centred on the local harvesting and burning of sugar crops, might be left curious about Pahokee’s primary agricultural industry, which serves only as atmospheric background in the feature; rather than a consolidation of Lucas and Bresnan’s previous work, “Pahokee” is better viewed as part of a growing rural mosaic.

In any event, Pahokee High School, with its busy fall-to-spring calendar of sporting and social gatherings, forms the film’s nexus, binding the otherwise diverging paths of cheerleader and aspiring nurse Na’Kerria Nelson, Mexican immigrant honor student Jocabed Martinez, football captain and scholarship hopeful BJ Crawford and marching band drum major Junior Walker, who must precariously balance his education with single fatherhood. All except Junior — whose narrative, in many ways the most poignant of the four, is perhaps the least clearly defined — are pursuing college options far from their poverty-stricken hometown. That’s not to say they’re ashamed of their roots. Communal pride and school spirit are practically the lifeblood of Pahokee, particularly as the school’s scrappy but talented football team progresses ever further through the state championships: a simultaneously ecstatic and heartrending arc, culminating in a tough twist, that could fill a documentary on its own.

The football matches are the film’s centerpieces, kinetically filmed as brash explosions of movement both on and off the pitch. (The fast, feverish routines performed by Na’Kerria’s cheer squad look no less exhilarating and exhausting than the game itself.) Acting as their own agile cameramen, the filmmakers capture the pulse of a community in such sequences. In stark contrast, the quieter domestic footage that dominates Jocabed’s story — patiently chronicling the ins and outs of daily life at her parents’ roadside taqueria — position her as something of an outlier in her community. She’s less preoccupied with doing Pahokee proud than she is with honoring her parents, who abandoned all they knew in Mexico to secure a better life for their children; the film’s championing of immigrant rights amid President Trump’s hostile environment is tacit, but clear as day.

When Lucas and Bresnan drift from their central quartet, however, the focus of this pleasingly unnarrated film blurs a little. In particular, an anxious depiction of a daytime shooting in a local park is presented with little context, and little subsequent sense of its impact on the community at large, or “Pahokee’s” selected representatives thereof. It’s a jarring lapse in an otherwise cohesively edited portrait — though it does point to the multitude of narratives lurking in this seemingly tiny Everglades backwater. Perhaps the filmmakers still have more to tell.

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How Jan Gonzales Shot These On-Location Conceptual Portraits

How Jan Gonzales Shot These On-Location Conceptual Portraits

Commercial and fine art photographer Jan Gonzales was commissioned by Fujifilm Global to create a series of images using the GF 250mm f/4 telephoto lens for the Fujifilm GFX system.

He was really excited when he got the email from a Fujifilm to do a special project for a new lens. Who wouldn’t be, right? What an amazing opportunity to work with a company like Fujifilm, and not only that, but to trial some of the greatest in photography tech! Awesome! As if that wasn’t enough, the best thing in having this kind of project is having full creative freedom to play around. Jealous yet? I am!

Gonzales has always admired other photographers who constantly shoot at epic locations but never really realized until this project how enormous the obligation is to make sure everything goes smoothly. Failure is just not an option, especially when it’s for a company like Fujifilm. He knew he had to give it his best. With the comic book craze flowing through Hollywood films at the moment, would it be too corny to use this opportunity to say that with “great power comes great responsibility”? Please don’t judge me.

Due to the freedom of the project, he had many concept options to choose from. However, he was only given a timeline of two weeks to finish it, which obviously added quite a bit of pressure to the project given how many variables were involved.  One thing was clear, though: considering that the focal length of the lens Gonzales needed to work with was 250mm, it would be ideal to do the shoot on location.

Gonzales then remembered a cave that he saw on his friend’s social media post that was a two-hour drive away from his town and immediately scheduled a trip to scout the location before he made his final decision on location and concept. That sentence almost sounds made up. Who are these lucky people who have caves to shoot in within two hours of their house? Gonzales, that’s who!  

Together with his friend and production designer, they went to the location that same week. When they first got there, they learned that they had to hire a guide to even go into the cave, as it would involve a 45-minute trek. Awesome shoot location, awesome shoot opportunity, and exercise! Win-win-win! It also didn’t help that there was no clear and established path along the way and they could easily get lost. So, they hired the guide and started their exploration. What they learned was that it was a steep uphill trek and was definitely not an easy climb. However, when they finally got to the main cave aptly named “The Cathedral,” the view that was in front of them was so magical that the long, arduous journey to get there was immediately forgotten. He knew that that was it; he had found his location.

There were definitely some challenges, but Gonzales was willing to take the risk. First, he had to deal with crew and equipment logistics. A trek going into the location with no gear was already a challenge. Bringing in triple risers/c-stands and a portable generator to charge batteries would be a major effort as well as majorly impressive!

Gonzales knew he needed the heavy triple riser stands, as he wanted the model to be on a rock formation and he needed his light to be level with or higher than the model. The ground surface was really rough and unstable, so having the light where he wanted them was tricky. Another major challenge was the weather, as it was still the rainy season. If it rained, going up would be harder and going down wouldbe practically impossible.

The cave was a little dark inside, but the openings at the top brought in amazing light. Gonzales hoped to have a sunny day on the day of the shoot so he could have the gorgeous light rays peeking through the ceiling of the cave. This sounds magical.

Gonzales assembled a crew of 36 people including himself. They had an art department, which was in charge of creating smoke and other creative things, makeup artists, two models, wardrobe stylists, food, and even a set nurse. The total crew number of 36 was already reduced from the original 50 people, as there was just so much to handle. They had to assign most with dual duties just to cut down on manpower, as the smaller the crew, the easier it’ll be to manage.

On the shoot day, call time was at 4 am, and they started to move out at 5 am for the two-hour drive to location. Right at the start, there was the drama of one of the models not turning up. Good thing the model agency was able to quickly rectify the situation and find a replacement immediately.

The shoot was scheduled to start at 9 am, but one of the makeup artists started to feel unwell and had palpitations due to the steep trek to the location. Thankfully, Gonzales had planned for a nurse to be on set, and it was all taken care of.

Lighting Setup

Gonzales chose to use the Profoto B1 and D2 1000 as his lighting equipment for consistency and durability.The lighting scenario was very contrasty and a bit tricky to balance. Thankfully, Gonzales found the Fujifilm GFX system second to none, and it had performed just as he had expected along with the GF 250mm f/4 lens which held up 5 stops of image stabilization.

His lighting setup for this shoot was very simple. He had his main light on camera left, covered by the rock formation, giving her light on the face. He also lowered his shutter speed so as to use the available light as environment fill. He had one Profoto D2 1000 on a White XL Deep Umbrella for subject fill powered just enough to match ambient fill of the environment while filling the shadows of his subject. Lastly, he had another Profoto D2 1000 bare shooting at the back part of the cave just enough to show some details on the darkest areas where the ambient fill did not reach.

Equipment List:

Other Shots from the project:

BTS Video:


This was one for the books and an example for all of us to emulate, an example of how Gonzales risked and everything turned out well. He was just glad the odds favored them that day; otherwise, he would not have a story to tell.

Needless to say, he would like to thank Fujifilm Global for the trust and Fujifilm Philippines/USA for the support.

Images used with permission of Jan Gonzales.

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Meghan Markle lands back in Britain on a £200,000 private jet after New York baby shower

Meghan Markle lands back in Britain on a £200,000 private jet after New York baby shower

Meghan Markle arrived back in Britain early this morning after her extravagant half a million dollar trip to New York City where she partied for five nights with her celebrity friends, MailOnline can reveal today.

The Duchess of Sussex landed in her private jet at Farnborough Airport in Hampshire after a $250,000 (£200,000) round trip to America following a baby shower thrown by Amal Clooney, Serena Williams, her Suits co-stars and other VIPs.

Meghan, who is seven months pregnant, was whisked away from the UK’s most exclusive airport in two blacked-out Land Rover Discovery vehicles containing her security team, luggage and gifts.

The eye-watering cost and extraordinarily lavish nature of Meghan’s trip to New York has caused some disquiet in Britain despite Kensington Palace insisting it was ‘privately funded’ with Amal and Serena said to be stumping up the cash for parts of the trip.

Today it also emerged that Kate Middleton missed Meghan’s baby shower after opting instead for a secret family skiing trip – in a move that will do nothing to dampen speculation of a royal rift between the pair.

Last night Meghan boarded a luxury private jet bound for the UK, just hours after she was thrown the party by her closest friends in a $75,000-a-night (£57,000) penthouse – reputedly the most expensive hotel room in America.   

Meghan Markle is back in Britain after her extravagant half a million dollar five-night trip to New York City and was travelling in the front Land Rover Discovery as it left Farnborough Airport this morning after an overnight flight, MailOnline can reveal today

Mile-high Meghan: The Duchess of Sussex, circled, was pictured boarding a private jet on Wednesday evening bound for the UK, after spending five nights in New York. A one-way trip on the plane is believed to cost a staggering £100,000 ($125,000)

 Away she goes: Meghan was seen boarding the jet from the front door, walking up the steps of the aircraft wearing a tan coat and a black cap after climbing out of a blacked-out SUV

She’s off! The pregnant duchess left the swanky Upper East Side hotel where her baby shower took place on Wednesday evening after the lavish soiree, cradling her bump as she made her way to a waiting SUV, and wearing the same tan coat

Ready to go home? The 37-year-old made her first public appearance of the day when she emerged from her hotel in order to head to the airport to board the private jet that flew her home to the UK 

Meghan needed two luxury 4x4s to carry her, her luggage and team away from Farnborough Airport and back to London

The height of luxury: Meghan flew home on a Gulfstream G450 (pictured), a twin-jet craft that is one of the most popular picks for Hollywood elite with busy transatlantic schedules

The Duchess, who will give birth in April, was pictured boarding the private plane on Wednesday evening less than an hour after she was seen leaving her swanky Upper East Side hotel – which served as the venue for her star-studded party. 

Meghan’s extremely luxurious mode of transportation back to the UK – a Gulfstream G450 twin jet plane – is thought to have cost a staggering $125,000 (£96,000) for the six-hour journey back to the UK from the Big Apple. 

The 37-year-old royal is also thought to have arrived in New York via private jet, meaning that a phenomenal $250,000 (£200,000) was spent on her round-trip travel for the personal girls’ trip.

The cost of Meghan’s New York baby shower 

Return private jet from the UK to New York – $250,000 (£200,000) 

The Mark Hotel Grand Penthouse Suite – $150,000 (£114,000) 

Five nights in a one-bedroom suite at The Mark Hotel – $9,982.05 (£7,600) 

Dinner for five at The Polo Bar – approx. $420 (£321) with drinks

Lunch at The Surrey – Cafe Bolud – approx. $78 (£59)

Afternoon tea for two at Laduree – approx. $45 (£29)

Two Royal Protection officers – $14,213 (£10,800)

Harp player Erin Hill – $625 (£480)

17 Away carry-on suitcases – $3,825 (£2,980)

Gifts: Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib – $379 (£290)

10ft mandarin tree – approx. $140 (£110) 

Lady Fleur NYC roses – approx. $399.95 (£305) 

Trek bicycle – approx. $609.99 (£470) 

 Carnival King cotton candy machine – $199.99 (£155)

TOTAL: $430,896.98 (£330,000) 

After the whirlwind five-night trip, which appears to have cost up to $100,000 (£75,000) per day in hotels, events, food, drink and gifts, Meghan has just two nights to recover at her London home before flying to Morocco with Prince Harry on Saturday for a three-day trip to the north African country.  

On Monday, Kensington Palace said that Meghan’s travel for the six-day trip had been ‘privately funded’ because it was a personal getaway – but the spokesman would not comment on any other details of her visit to New York, and declined to give any official information about her security detail, or her plans while she was staying in the city and if there was any cost to the taxpayer. 

Exclusive video and images obtained by confirmed that the royal did travel on a private jet in order to return home to the UK, with several sources claiming that she used the same form of transportation in order to travel to New York at the end of last week. 

Meghan is one of many high-profile figures to fly in a $43million (£33million) Gulfstream G450, with the aircraft known for being one of the most popular plane picks among Hollywood A-listers thanks to its lavish interiors and ability to make both domestic and transatlantic flights.

The Gulfstream G450 has a 16-passenger capacity and operates with two Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8C engines, each capable of producing 13,850lb of thrust.   

According to Haute Living, the G450 is also is also considered to have the most advanced flight deck in business aviation, with 14-inch liquid crystal display screens arranged in a landscape format and an Enhanced Vision System to present pilots with a clear picture of runway markings, taxiways and the surrounding landscape at night or in deteriorating weather conditions – like the snow and ice in New York on Wednesday. 

The plane also offers the Synthetic Vision – Primary Flight Display as an option to increase the level of safety, making it an incredibly secure option for anyone looking to indulge in a private jet flight. 

It also boasts a shower, a three-person divan, which would serve as the perfect place for Meghan to rest after a jam-packed trip, and a full galley with a convection oven should any of the passengers require an in-flight meal.  

The plane also had plenty of room for the many gifts that were seen being delivered to Meghan’s hotel ahead of the shower; in the 24-hour lead-up to the big event, a wide variety of items were seen being brought int the hotel, including a $140 (£95) mandarin tree, a $379 (£289) travel crib, a children’s bicycle believed to be worth around $610 (£460), and a batch of 17 $225 (£170) Away carry-on suitcases that were gifted to the royal and her guests by the trendy travel brand. 

Needless to say the majority of those items would likely not have fit in the hold of an average commercial plane, particularly when paired with Meghan’s luggage, and that of her two royal protection officers, who are thought to have traveled with her on the private jet both to and from New York City. 

It is not known whether Meghan and Prince Harry paid for the flight themselves, or whether they were loaned the plane by one of their many A-list pals. 

The royals certainly have their fair share of high-profile pals who may have been able to secure her access to a private plane; TV mogul Oprah, who was in attendance at the royal wedding, and is said to have formed a close bond with Meghan’s mother Doria, owns a private jet, and once said of the plane that it was incredibly useful for making the exact trip that the Duchess of Sussex made on Wednesday evening.

‘I would say having your own airplane is the greatest luxury,’ Oprah told British Vogue editor Edward Enninful during a 2018 interview, before adding: ‘Because it means one minute you’re in New York, and then the next minute you say, “You know Edward, I think I’ll fly to London.”‘

Her fellow royal wedding guests David and Victoria Beckham regularly travel via private jet with their family, as does actor George Clooney, whose wife Amal attended Meghan’s baby shower, which took place just hours before she boarded the private plane. 

And Prince Harry certainly doesn’t seem to have any qualms about flying privately; the father-to-be actually chartered himself a jet to the tune of $26,100 (£20,000) in order to return home from Norway on February 14 so that he could spend his first Valentine’s Day as a married man with his pregnant wife.

The duke made his round trip in a double-engine Cessna Citation Excel for the three-hour visit to the Bardufoss air station, 200 miles (322km) within the Arctic Circle. The state-of-the-art 18ft plane flies in and out of smaller airports while offering ‘the comfort and amenities of a midsize cabin jet’ according to Cessna. 

Onwards: The royal looked as though she was dressed comfortably for a flight, wearing a pair of black leggings, believed to be from Lululemon, a black zip-up sports top, a black cap, and a chic tan overcoat, as well as a pair of Adidas sneakers

Low-key: Meghan modeled a black baseball cap with the word ‘Rectify’ written across it, which she borrowed from her friend, actress Abigail Spencer, who once starred in a show by that name, and was seen wearing the same hat earlier in the day

Getting closer! Meghan’s large baby bump was clearly visible in the tight top as she left the hotel, having worn baggier outfit options for the much of her $500,000 trip to New York 

Quick as a flash: When the duchess boarded the plane (seen center), she did not appear to have any luggage with her, and she made a swift ascent up the stairs and onto the aircraft. It is thought her bags had already been loaded by staff

Style: There are a number of different design options available in the Gulfstream G450, however each plane boasts several convertible sleeping areas, like the one seen left, where passengers can lie flat and get some rest

Meghan’s high-flying ride: A detailed look at the Gulfstream G450

Meghan Markle got the ultimate royal treatment when she flew home to the UK from New York City in a private Gulfstream G450 twin-engine jet that was paid for by George and Amal Clooney, who are believed to have picked up the cost of the $125,000 (£100,000) one-way trip as a baby shower gift for the duchess. 

The jet used by Meghan, 37, and her two royal protection officers, as well as 41-year-old Amal and her twin children, to fly into Farnborough from the exclusive Teterboro private airport in New Jersey is owned by a US company with the same name as one registered to the same Los Angeles address as two of George Clooney’s film companies, and all three appear to have the same agent.

However it is not clear whether the Clooneys actually own the jet, or whether they have regular use of it. 

The jet that Meghan and Amal flew on is understood to be a 2009 model, however to buy an updated version of the aircraft would cost a staggering $43 million (£33 million). 

For anyone willing and able to shell out and buy one of the planes, or for those wealthy enough to pay for a flight on the aircraft, the Gulfstream G450 offers passengers an incredibly luxurious mode of transportation.  It is also renowned for being one of the speediest and safest jets of its size.

The Gulfstream G450 has a 16-passenger capacity and operates with two Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8C engines, each capable of producing 13,850lb of thrust.

According to Haute Living, the G450 is also is also considered to have the most advanced flight deck in business aviation, with 14-inch liquid crystal display screens arranged in a landscape format and an Enhanced Vision System to present pilots with a clear picture of runway markings, taxiways and the surrounding landscape at night or in deteriorating weather conditions – like the snow and ice in New York on Wednesday.

The plane also offers the Synthetic Vision – Primary Flight Display as an option to increase the level of safety, making it an incredibly secure option for anyone looking to indulge in a private jet flight.

It also boasts a shower, a three-person divan, which would serve as the perfect place for Meghan to rest after a jam-packed trip, and a full galley with a convection oven should any of the passengers require an in-flight meal.

A direct chartered flight on the Citation Excel – based on a seven-hour round trip from Farnborough to Bardufoss, where Harry was traveling to and from, for seven people – would cost between $23,000 (£18,200) and $28,000 (£21,450) according to Luxaviation.

Last October, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were caught up in a mid-air scare when their private jet was hit by lightning. The couple was travelling to an opening party in Amsterdam when their luxury Dassault Falcon 7X was reportedly struck.

Meghan faces £70 tax bill to cover extravagant gifts she brought back to UK on her private jet 

Step aside! As well as the flowers, staff at the hotel were also seen wheeling in a large box housing a £300 ($379) travel crib, which may well have been a gift for the Duchess

Meghan Markle’s New York baby shower cost a fortune but the Duchess of Sussex also faces a significant tax bill to cover the extravagant gifts she carried back to Britain on her private jet.

VIP guests arrived at the exclusive The Mark Hotel in on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, overlooking Central Park, laden with bag after bag of expensive gifts.

In total these are likely to be worth thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds – and Meghan would have to pay UK import duty on almost every one. 

For example the Trek bicycle given to her as a baby shower gift is worth at least $609 [£470] could be subject to duty of around £50 because of a 14 per cent tax rate on bicycles from outside the EU.

Meghan must also pay 2.5% duty on the £300 crib, around £7.50.  She would need to pay £2.70 duty on her £110 mandarin tree, £4.25 on her £170 Away suitcase and £5 on her £155 candy floss machine.

Only a handful of the gifts she received have been revealed and those alone will probably cost her hundreds of pounds to import.

Any item worth more £620 [$820] is subject to higher rates of import duty in the UK.

For example high value jewellery including items containing diamonds are taxed at 20 per cent of its total value. 

A bolt of lightning struck the nose cone, narrowly avoiding the navigation equipment. Around 30 million volts surged through the plane’s fuselage.

After the dramatic scare, the plane – which would have set the Duke and Duchess back around $26,100 (£20,000) for a return flight to Amsterdam – managed to land safely at Schiphol Airport.

However the extraordinary price of Meghan’s round-trip on the private jet is a stark contrast from the amount she is believed to have spent when she reportedly visited her friend Jessica Mulroney in Toronto back in September; while only five months have passed since her three-trip, it seems much has changed as far as Meghan’s travel priorities.

At the time, the duchess, who had not yet announced that she was pregnant, chose commercial airline Air Canada for her trip, with sources telling Royal Central that ‘lovely’ Meghan, who was accompanied by two royal protection officers, ‘had one glass of champagne before settling down to watch the Book Club’, a movie starring Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, Jane Fonda, and Mary Steenburgen.

‘She seemed very relaxed and sipped on peppermint tea during the journey,’ the source added. 

Even if Meghan and her two protection officers had chosen to fly in Business Class, which is the most expensive option offered by Air Canada, and which boasts ‘lie-flat beds’ for passengers, the round-trip tickets for all three of them would have cost a maximum of around $21,000 (£16,000) – which is less than a tenth of the cost of her private jet journey.

The duchess’s departure from New York comes at the end of a busy five-night, six-day trip that saw her catching up with friends, enjoying several meals at some of the city’s best restaurants, and, of course, being the guest of honor at her baby shower on Wednesday before flying home. 

Despite her seemingly hectic schedule over the last few days – which saw her spending time with friends at hotspots like The Surrey hotel, The Polo Bar, and the Met Breuer – Meghan looked fresh-faced and glowing as she was pictured leaving The Mark a few hours after her baby shower ended. 

Meghan appeared to be ready to settle down in the comfort of her private plane, and was far more dressed down than we have seen her recently, eschewing her heeled boots and chic nude pumps in favor of figure-hugging black leggings, believed to be from Lululemon, and a matching sports top that accentuated her large bump. 

She also wore a black cap with the word ‘Rectify’ written across it, which appears to have been a gift from her friend and former Suits co-star Abigail Spencer, who actually arrived at the hotel for the baby shower earlier in the day wearing the exact same design. Rectify was the name of a SundanceTV series that Abigail starred in between 2013 and 2016. 

The duchess finished off her dressed-down look with a pair of black Adidas sneakers, and she was seen carrying a large $395 (£300) Cuyana Le Sud Leather Weekender tote; the brand is known to be one of the royal’s favorites, and the label has even partnered with Meghan’s makeup artist Daniel Martin in the past.

As she has been for the entirety of the trip, Meghan was flanked by two plain clothes royal protection officers, as well as at least three armed officers from the State Department. 

When approached earlier this week, Kensington Palace would not comment on the details surrounding the royal’s security during the trip, and it is not known whether the protection officers were being paid for privately, or whether the bill was being footed by taxpayers. 

Earlier this year it was announced that Meghan’s armed Scotland Yard bodyguard, who accompanied the expectant mother on her royal tour of Australia with Prince Harry last year, was quitting her post after less than a year in the role. 

The inspector’s appointment as head of protection made her the first woman to hold such a key post for the royals, and she was regularly pictured guarding Meghan on overseas trips. 

Special delivery: This silver SUV left Meghan’s hotel shortly before the duchess departed in her own blacked-out vehicle, and it is thought that this car was carrying most of her luggage, belongings and gifts that were then loaded onto the plane

Swag? Several packages that appeared to be suitcases wrapped in black garbage bags were seen being loaded into the same SUV outside The Mark hotel, where Meghan stayed, and where her baby shower was hosted on Wednesday

Loading it up: The silver SUV carrying the luggage (seen left) was pictured parked near the private plane, before Meghan’s personal SUV arrived at the airport 

Getting ready to fly: Several NYPD and state department vehicles were seen waiting next to the jet before it took off

Waiting: Two black SUVs pulled up alongside the plane, with several men dressed in all black emerging from the vehicles before Meghan made her way out of the second car, seen to the right with a door open

Preparation: Before Meghan boarded the plane, several men were seen climbing up the steps of the craft, no doubt checking to make sure it was ready for its departure

In January, it was revealed that protection officers tasked with guarding the Queen and other members of the royal family earned six-figure salaries in 2016/17, bringing in around $130,000 (£100,000) each, after winning a pay dispute with Scotland Yard over their ‘special escort’ allowance. 

The latest accounts for the Metropolitan Police show 47 officers from the Royalty and Specialist Protection (RaSP) unit earned six-figures in 2016/2017. This is in addition to the large one-off payments given to officers after the dispute over the scrapping of escort allowance in 2012. 

The Met has not disclosed the exact payments, but at least $6.5 million (£5million) was paid out among the 47 officers, which works out at as an average of $137,512 (£106,000) each.  

Taking into account the average annual salary of a royal protection officer, and the cost of their room and board throughout the trip it is estimated that the cost of the two men would have been close to $15,000 (£11,000) for the five nights. 

Meghan was joined at her baby shower by a host of high-profile guests, including Gayle King, and Jessica Mulroney, who were all seen making their way home on Wednesday evening after enjoying the intimate five-hour celebration. 

And it seems as though the no-expenses-spared event went off without a hitch – at least if Amal’s beaming smile as she left the party was anything to go by. 

The 41-year-old human rights lawyer was pictured grinning from ear-to-ear as she made her way out of The Mark hotel on New York’s Upper East Side, after spending several hours celebrating Meghan’s unborn baby alongside the likes of TV anchor Gayle, stylist Jessica, and designer Misha Nonoo.  

Amal lead the charge of departures, which began around five hours after Meghan’s high-profile guests were seen arriving at the hotel for the event, which is believed to have been the main reason for the duchess’s surprise five-night trip to the Big Apple – her first since she wed Prince Harry in May 2018. 

The glamorous fashion star brought some bold color to a snowy and gray New York day by wearing a scarlet Sergio Hudson jumpsuit, which she paired with trendy $745 (£570) PVC and gold heels from Gianvito Rossi, before slinging a vintage Chanel jacket around her shoulders in a style favored by fashion editors the world over.  

Amal finished off the ensemble with a pair of doorknocker-style earrings, glamorous makeup, and loose waves in her long brunette locks, which she had tucked over one shoulder as she made her way out of the venue, before heading to The Carlyle, another luxury five-star hotel located less than a block away from The Mark.

Taking it easy: Meghan made sure to keep a protective hand on her baby bump as she made her way out of The Mark hotel at around 7pm, around two hours after her baby shower ended

Stylish: The Duchess of Sussex was carrying a $395 leather tote bag from Cuyana, a brand that she is known to favor, and one which her makeup artist Daniel Martin has also partnered with in the past 

Watchful eye: Meghan was escorted out of the hotel by several officers from the US State Department (seen far right), who have been helping to guard her throughout her trip to New York 

And she was not the only one who pulled out all the stops style-wise; the lucky guests invited to attend the event turned the city sidewalk into a fascinating spectator sport, when they began both arriving at and departing from the swanky venue where the event was being held – battling through snow and sleet in the process. 

Human rights lawyer Amal, who is married to actor George, was joined at the venue by a host of Meghan’s nearest and dearest, including designer TV anchor Gayle King, designer Misha Nonoo, stylist Jessica Mulroney, Suits star Abigail Spencer, and makeup artist Daniel Martin. Co-host Serena, 37, was already at The Mark, having chosen to stay at the hotel with Meghan the night before.

Interestingly, Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland, 62, who is arguably her closest and most beloved family member, was not present, and was actually pictured at home in Los Angeles at the same time the shower was taking place in New York City. 

There were however plenty of other guests on hand to ensure that Meghan had a wonderful afternoon, with many of them strutting their stuff for the cameras on their way into The Mark, which has turned into something of a tourist hotspot in the days since Meghan’s arrival in Manhattan. 

Meghan and Amal are thought to have been friends for several years now, having been brought together by their respective husbands, actor George and Prince Harry, who have been close pals for many years. 

The foursome are said to have spent a lot of time together, thanks in large part to the fact that they are all based in the UK, with George, 57, and Amal residing in a stunning property in Oxfordshire, which Meghan and Harry are believed to have visited on a number of occasions. 

Earlier this month, George actually spoke out to defend Meghan, insisting she has been ‘pursued and vilified’ in the same way that Prince Harry’s late mother Diana was. 

There were also reports that the Hollywood star would be asked by Prince Harry and Meghan to serve as the godfather to their firstborn child, although he was quick to shut down those rumors, explaining that has his hands full with his own twins.

Off she goes! Amal Clooney was pictured with a wide smile on her face as she left Meghan’s baby shower, which was hosted by Serena Williams and Jessica Mulroney in a $75,000-a-night penthouse suite at The Mark hotel in New York City 

Lady in red: After leaving The Mark (left), Amal made her way back to The Carlyle (right), an equally luxury hotel that is located less than a block away from the venue of Meghan’s shower

Getting in there: Co-host Serena, 37, stayed at The Mark with Meghan on Tuesday night and did not emerge on Wednesday afternoon, however she took to Instagram on in the morning to promote the own-brand outfit she was wearing

But Amal clearly still wanted to play a key role in the celebration of Meghan’s unborn child, and by all accounts was one of the driving forces behind the shower, along with tennis pro Serena. 

Amal was one of the earlier arrivals at the baby shower venue, turning up at around the same time as Meghan’s close friend and unofficial stylist Jessica Mulroney, who was also stylishly dressed in a long black $750 Mackage overcoat, black pants and a $58 (£40) orange turtleneck from Aritzia. 

Despite the snow, the mother-of-three followed in Amal’s footsteps and wore a pair of chic high heels, opting for a dusty pink-orange shoe that complemented her figure-hugging shirt. 

Many of the guests seemed to ignore the heavy snowfall, perhaps opting for style over comfort and practicality in light of the special occasion and the hoards of photographers stationed outside waiting to snap their picture.  

CBS co-anchor Gayle King, 64, arrived at the shower in a very bright outfit, wearing a bright purple coat and a pink and purple furry scarf over a bright pink dress. She added a pair of matching pointed-toe heels to the look, and also added a brightly-colored rainbow snakeskin-print clutch bag, which actually perfectly matched the large rainbow gift bag she also had in her hand.  

Gayle was perhaps most the surprising guest at the shower; her friendship with Meghan is not something she has commented on previously, although her best friend Oprah is known to have formed a close bond with the duchess and her mother, and actually attended the royal wedding back in May. 

Her friend Gayle meanwhile was tasked with covering the event for CBS, a job she took on with great enthusiasm and energy, even revealing at the time that she was something of a royal fan, particularly when it came to Prince Harry’s late mother Princess Diana.

‘I’ve loved the royals for a long time,’ she said of her trip to London to cover the wedding. ‘I was the girl who got up to watch Princess Diana get married, because I thought she was so cool. There was just something about her that was so different, so I followed everything about her… from the courtship to the marriage and then, unfortunately, to the funeral.

‘To see the video of William and Harry walking behind the casket, I remember thinking, “I hope her boys are going to be OK,” Now, to see them all grown up, it’s all very exciting to me.’

Strutting her stuff: Meghan’s unofficial stylist Jessica Mulroney attended the shower, and was pictured arriving at the venue on Wednesday wearing a chic ensemble, including a long black $750 Mackage coat, black pants and a $58 Aritzia turtleneck 

A double celebration: Newly-engaged designer Misha Nonoo – who is credited with introducing Meghan and Prince Harry – was seen carrying a large white bag from high-end interiors company Rani Arabella into the hotel

The party starter: Meghan’s former Suits co-star Abigail Spencer was one of the first guests to arrive at the venue, with the actress making a very low-key entrance wearing the very same black cap that Meghan was pictured leaving the hotel in 

She did actually get the chance to meet and spend time with Prince Harry in the summer of 2017 however, revealing that she and the royal ended up at the same retreat together, and ended up having dinner along with British TV host James Corden. 

‘I’m not saying that Harry and I are great pals, but it was fun to spend even a little bit of time with him,’ Gayle said of the exciting encounter.

Meghan’s former Suits co-star Abigail Spencer was the first guest to arrive at the hotel, and she was followed closely by the duchess’s makeup artist Daniel Martin, the man behind the royal’s stunning bridal beauty look for her wedding to Prince Harry last May. 

Daniel, who is a brand ambassador for Dior Beauty, was quite literally wearing his heart on his chest when he arrived at the hotel in an all-black ensemble that included a hoodie with the message, ‘Thank you for being a friend’ written across it in white lettering. 

The hoodie, which is from trendy brand Ami, is by no means you’re average sports store sweatshirt however, with the stylish item costing an impressive $290 (£220). That price pales in comparison to the makeup artist’s Off-White x Nike sneakers, however, which retailed for a staggering $749 (£600) per pair.   

37-year-old Abigail meanwhile, was wearing a long flowing skirt and a black sweater, but concealed her face somewhat in a dark baseball cap and large sunglasses. 

No show: Interestingly, Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland, 62, was not in attendance at the shower, and was photographed at home in Los Angeles at the same time that the event was taking place in New York

She was also laden with bags when she turned up at the hotel, arriving just a few minutes before Daniel with a silver Away carry-on, a large brown paper bag – likely filled with a gift for Meghan – and two other, smaller purses, one over each shoulder. 

Interestingly, her metallic suitcase was by the same brand that donated $225 (£170) carry-on bags to each of the guests at the shower; two women were seen stacking up the luggage outside of the hotel earlier on in the day before wheeling it into the venue for the event.

The Suits star was quickly relieved of the items however, with a helpful staff member rushing to her aid in order to bring the larger bags into the hotel for her, allowing her to better showcase her boho-inspired look.  

It had been previously reported that Meghan’s shower, which is said to be the main reason for the seven-months-pregnant royal’s secret trip to the Big Apple, had taken place on Tuesday, however a source later revealed that it was actually scheduled for Wednesday, shortly before Meghan is set to return to London. 

Speaking to Tatler, the insider revealed that the baby shower would be held in the Grand Penthouse Suite at The Mark hotel on New York’s Upper East Side, where Meghan and her friend Serena, 37, stayed on Tuesday evening, after enjoying dinner together at a swanky Manhattan restaurant. 

Although it is not known whether Meghan has been staying in the penthouse for her entire trip – which began on Friday when she flew in from London after spending Valentine’s Day with her husband Prince Harry – the location was picked as the perfect place to host the duchess and several of her closest pals while they celebrated the upcoming arrival of Meghan and Harry’s first child.  

Described by the hotel as ‘A Castle in the Sky’, the 10,000sq ft suite boasts every luxury, including a 2,500sq ft rooftop terrace overlooking Central Park, five bedrooms, four fireplaces, six bathrooms, two powder rooms, two wet bars, a dining room, a conservatory, and a living room that can be ‘transformed into a full-size Grand Ballroom’ if desired by guests. 

The two-story penthouse, which is located on the 16th floor of the hotel, is described on The Mark’s website as being ‘lavishly-adorned’ and ‘unprecedentedly spacious’, and features ‘majestic’ interior decor designed by legendary French interior designer Jacques Grange.

According to Tatler’s source, the location was chosen by Serena, who is a long-time fan of The Mark’s in-house restaurant, The Mark by Jean-Georges, a renowned chef whose flagship restaurant on Central Park West boasts two Michelin stars, however she is not thought to have stayed at the hotel before Tuesday night, after she and Meghan enjoyed dinner with two of the royal’s closest friends Jessica Mulroney and Markus Anderson.

Mother-of-one Serena is also said to be footing the bill for the use of the pricey hotel room, who has been a close friend of Meghan’s since they first met in 2010.  She is said to have chosen the location after ‘visiting several other properties in the area’, according to the source.  

The inside source also revealed that the shower was set to include a host of elegant activities, kicking off with a flower arranging lesson that will be accompanied by a variety of delicious desserts prepared especially by the hotel restaurant’s head chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Long-time pal: Soho House consultant Markus Anderson, who was not seen arriving at the event, made his way out of the hotel just in front of several $225 Away carry-on suitcases that were gifted were guests at the shower

Glam squad! The seven-months-pregnant duchess’s makeup artist Daniel Martin – the man behind her bridal beauty look for her wedding to Prince Harry – was also among the first to arrive, no doubt because he was helping her to get ready 

Fitness favorite! Trainer Taryn Toomey, creator of a workout called The Class that is loved by the likes of Naomi Watts and Jennifer Aniston, arrived at the event carrying two large white bags and a large sports bag

Party people: Many of the guests came baring gifts, with one woman carrying what appeared to be a cake (right), while fashion publicist Celine Khavarani (left) brought a white bag with her

Firm friend: One of Meghan’s oldest pals, Lindsay Roth, who she at Northwestern University, was one of the final guests to arrive, carrying with her a colorful gift bag with two elephants on the side

Feeling blue: One guest thought to be Meghan’s sorority sister Genevieve Hillis (left) made the brave decision to go bare-legged, despite the chilly weather, while a man seen carrying two gift bags (right), looked much cozier in his winterwear

Jean-Georges himself was believed to have be present at the start of the event in order to personally greet Meghan and her guests upon their arrival in the suite.  

Other guests pictured arriving at The Mark ahead of the baby shower included newly-engaged designer Misha Nonoo, who looked chic in a gray plaid coat, Lindsay Roth, Meghan’s closest pal from Northwester University, and fashion publicist Celine Khavarani.

Misha, who seems to have spent a lot of time with Meghan since the royal arrived in the US on Friday, looked every inch the fashion favorite as she made her way into the event, wearing a short black skirt and a simple gray sweater under her long button-up jacket. 

She finished the look off with a pair of heeled boots and a black and white purse with a gold chain handle; Misha, who got engaged to oil heir Michael ‘Mikey’ Hess during a Valentine’s Day getaway in Mexico, was also seen carrying a white shopping bag from high-end interiors store Rani Arabella. 

The company sells all manner of luxury home decor pieces,   

It was also reported that hairstylist Serge Normant – the man who styled Meghan’s locks for the royal wedding – was due to be in attendance – as was Soho House consultant Markus Anderson, who is believed to have had a hand in arranging Meghan and Harry’s first blind date, and was pictured heading to dinner with the royal at The Polo Bar on Tuesday night.    

NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group chairman Bonnie Hammer was also included in the names of potential guests, however none of them were photographed outside the venue on Wednesday. 

Interestingly, no other royals were in attendance at the event; Prince Harry’s cousin Princess Beatrice, who actually lives in New York City, where she works at software firm Afiniti as the vice president of partnerships, was not pictured at the hotel on Wednesday, nor is she thought to have made an undercover appearance at the event. 

Meghan’s sister-in-law Kate Middleton also failed to attend the event – as did Meghan’s mother Doria, who made for a rather surprising absence, given how close she and her daughter are known to be. 

It was initially claimed by one inside source that the event was being co-hosted by Serena and Amal, 41, who attended Meghan and Harry’s wedding along with her husband George, however attendee Gayle King later revealed that the event was actually organized by tennis pro Serena, stylist Jessica, and Meghan’s sorority sister Genevieve Hillis, one of her closest friends from her days at Northwestern University. 

Meghan’s close pal and fellow screen star Priyanka Chopra, who was a guest at the former Suits star’s wedding to Prince Harry, all but confirmed that she would not be attending the baby shower, when she posted a selfie on her Instagram account on Tuesday afternoon, and listed Beverly Hills, California, as the geographical location of the snap. 

It was thought that Priyanka – who, like Meghan spent Valentine’s Day in the UK – might have joined the royal on her trip over to the Big Apple in time for the shower, but it now appears that is not the case.   

Meanwhile, pilates instructor Heather Dorak, another close friend who attended the royal wedding, welcomed her second child, a baby boy named Cody Cohen, on Valentine’s Day, which presumably left her unable to attend the event.  

But before any of Meghan’s lucky guests were seen arriving, The Mark was abuzz with furious activity as staff prepared for the very high-profile event, with numerous deliveries seen being made throughout the morning, from catering boxes to a stack of Away carry-on suitcases to harpist Erin Hill, who brought her instrument and music stand with her.

The catering delivery included several boxes marked with the name ‘Jean-Georges’, suggesting they are supplies for the food he will be preparing for the mother-to-be and her guests, as well as a cotton candy machine, which may well be used to whip up some sweet treats for the party. 

And that’s not the only treat in-store for Meghan and her guests; shortly after the catering delivery, around 17 carry-on suitcases from trendy travel brand Away were seen being wheeled into the hotel on a luggage cart, each encased in its own white branded dust bag. 

The suitcases, which have been carried by a host of celebrities, including the likes of Elizabeth Olsen and Hailey Bieber, cost £170 ($225) each, and were – a source told – gifted to the pregnant royal by the brand. It is highly likely that the suitcases, which each come with their own removable battery, will be given to each guest at the shower, potentially in order to carry other gifts that they may receive. 

Something fun! It appears as though one of the guests brought a bike for Meghan’s unborn child, with a staff member from the hotel seen carrying the large Trek box into the venue. The brand’s kids’ bikes start at $169.99 and go up to $1,049.99

Something special? A large garment bag was one of many deliveries seen being made to the hotel ahead of the baby shower 

Stack ’em up! Not long before the shower was due to start, around 17 $225 carry-on suitcases from trendy travel brand Away were delivered to the hotel

The entertainment! Harpist Erin Hill was seen wheeling her large instrument into the venue, suggesting that she may providing music for the guests at the shower to enjoy 

Sweet treats! A team of caterers was also seen delivering several boxes, including a cotton candy machine, which may well be intended for Meghan’s shower

Shortly after the suitcases were wheeled into the hotel, renowned harpist Erin Hill arrived at the location, wheeling her large instrument into the venue, while a helper followed on with her music stand – sparking speculation that she will be providing at least some of the entertainment at the lavish bash.

On Tuesday evening, Meghan was pictured heading out to Ralph Lauren’s swanky restaurant The Polo Bar on Tuesday night alongside fellow mothers Serena and Jessica, perhaps finalizing plans for the lavish baby shower set to take place today. 

Despite a busy day spent catching up with friends, Meghan looked fresh-faced and full of energy as she arrived at the high-end eatery – which is also known to be a favorite of President Donald Trump’s, and is located just a few block’s from his tower on Fifth Avenue. 

The party spent three hours inside the restaurant before stepping back out into the chilly New York night. Meghan and Serena were then spotted arriving back at their lavish hotel, The Mark, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Jessica, a Canadian stylist who has been helping best friend Meghan with her outfit choices for years and has three children: twins Brian and John, aged eight, and daughter Isabel, aged five. Serena has a one daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr, aged one.

Mother-to-be Meghan looked every inch the glamorous royal as she made her way into the restaurant, escorted by the same group of burly officers from the State Department and royal protection officers. 

The pregnant duchess recycled the same $3,085 (£2,250) navy Victoria Beckham coat that she was seen wearing in images published exclusively by on Monday evening – the first photos taken of Meghan since she arrived in the Big Apple on Friday evening. 

She paired the chic double-breasted coat with a black scarf, a pair of black satin Tamara Mellon boots and a $1,140 (£915) black chain-handle handbag by vegan designer Stella McCartney. 

Meghan also modeled a much more glamorous makeup look than she had been seen wearing during the day, modeling a dark smokey eyeshadow, while emphasizing her natural pregnancy glow with some highlighter and bronzer. 

As the former actress climbed out of her SUV – which appeared to be the same State Department vehicle she has been using all day – she couldn’t help but flash a wide smile, no doubt at the prospect of spending an evening with some of her closest pals, many of whom live an ocean away from the royal’s home with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace. 

Lavish: The baby shower is taking place in the Penthouse Suite at The Mark, which is widely reported to be the most expensive per-night hotel room in the US

Plenty of room! The large suite, which has a stately dining room, is more than capable of accommodating Meghan and 15 of her closest friends, with many reports suggesting that is how many were invited to attend the intimate celebration

Queen of the castle: The 10,000sq ft penthouse, which is described by The Mark as ‘A Castle in the Sky’ boasts a 2,500sq ft roof terrace that overlooks Central Park 

Views: There is also a conservatory in the penthouse, meaning that Meghan and her guests will be able to enjoy the impressive views from the comfort of the suite, instead of facing the chilly weather

Relaxation: The penthouse features multiple common areas where Meghan and her guests can sit and relax, including a Library Lounge that has plenty of books stacked up for patrons to enjoy

Cozy: There are four fireplaces scattered throughout the enormous suite, including several of the general living areas (left), and there are also five bedrooms, although it is not thought that Meghan is using the suite to stay in 

Meghan’s husband may well have been in her mind however thanks to the choice of venue. 

Not only is The Polo Bar known to be a much-loved celebrity haunt, the restaurant is also themed entirely around the popular equestrian sport from which it takes its name, a sport that Prince Harry has been playing for decades. 

Meghan and Serena have actually watched one of Harry’s polo matches together, along with the tennis pro’s husband Alexis Ohanian, who joined the two women to cheer on the prince in the Audi Polo Challenge in Oxfordshire back in July, not long after Meghan and Harry tied the knot. 

And there would have been plenty of reminders of that fun summer day inside the restaurant.  

In the main dining room, which is located downstairs, diners are met with a myriad of equestrian-themed artworks that cover the walls, while riding helmets and polo mallets can be found hanging on hooks near the bathroom, just waiting for a few social media-savvy patrons to pose for a photo or two. 

Upstairs, the is an intimate bar area, where diners can enjoy one of the many cocktails on the extensive menu, which not only features classic cocktails like the Moscow Mule and the Old Fashioned, it also boasts a number of signature reserve cocktails, including the Jockey Club and the Improved Negroni. 

There is even a drink on the menu named after Meghan’s father-in-law, the Prince of Wales, a $22 drink that is made of High West Rendezvous Rye, Cherry Heering, honey, pineapple, and Champagne.

The restaurant also boasts an extensive wine list, featuring bottles from around the world, including a particularly pricey $18,000 1891 Brunello di Montalcino. 

As for the food, which was no doubt pregnant Meghan’s focus, as opposed to the alcohol offerings, The Polo Bar boasts a host of classic American dishes, from a house chopped salad that retails for $18 to a 16oz New York strip steak, which costs $55. 

The restaurant even has its own signature hot dog, the $20 RRL Hot Dog, which comes complete with sauerkraut, sweet relish and mustard, all served on a toasted brioche bun. 

Having opened in early 2015, The Polo Bar quickly became one of New York’s most popular eateries for high-profile diners, and has played host to everyone from Hillary Clinton to Gwyneth Paltrow. 

President Trump, Melania, and their son Barron also enjoyed dinner at the eatery back in June 2016, the night before Donald’s 70th birthday, and just a few months before he went on to win the presidential election against Clinton.  

Meghan’s evening outing came after a busy day of activities for the royal, which started early in the afternoon when she was seen leaving high-end New York hotel The Mark to enjoy an afternoon out. 

The seven-months pregnant royal was seen cradling her baby bump as she made her way to Met Breuer museum, which is located just a few blocks away from The Mark hotel – with her former Suits co-star Abigail Spencer joining her for the quick city jaunt.

Moments earlier, Meghan was pictured walking out of the five-star hotel at 1:05 pm, once again keeping a hand rested on her growing bump, surrounded by armed officers thought to be from the State Department, as well as several plain clothes royal protection officers, just moments after her close friend and former Suits co-star Abigail Spencer was pictured making her way into the venue.

On the town! On Tuesday evening, the 37-year-old royal was pictured in a chic pair of Tamara Mellon boots while heading to dinner at Ralph Lauren’s eatery The Polo Bar with Serena, Jessica Mulroney, and Soho House consultant Markus Anderson

Gal pals! The pregnant royal was joined by mother-of-one Serena, 37, who looked trendy in her low-key outfit of black jeans, a black sweater, and a long black jacket with fun pink plaid detailing on the sleeves and sides

The pair were all smiles as they walked out of the midtown Manhattan restaurant on a chilly night 

Here we go: Markus, who is thought to have had a hand in setting up Meghan and Prince Harry, linked arms with his royal pal to walk alongside her as they headed into the restaurant together

She looked up from her hand towards a waiting crowd of fans and photographers as she finished the short trip back to her hotel, a few blocks away from The Polo Bar

Taking advantage of what is a bright and sunny day in the Big Apple, Meghan wore a vintage gray Courrèges coat for her surprise outing, pairing the outerwear with some skinny black jeans, and some nude suede heels. 

She accessorized her ensemble with a pair of dark sunglasses, which hid much of her face from the cameras, and was seen carrying a dove-gray handbag in the crook of her right arm, while the other hand was planted firmly on her large bump. 

Meghan was accompanied on the trip by what appeared to be several members of hotel security, as well as a handful of plain clothes police officers, including the same man seen escorting the mother-to-be out of a Manhattan apartment on Monday evening. 

Other than her impressive security detail, the royal appeared to be along as she made her way past photographers and into a waiting SUV, which had Department of State license plates. 

From there, she traveled the two-block distance to the Met Breuer museum, arriving at 1:10 pm, and was pictured spending time in the restaurant after her arrival, however a source revealed that she also found time during her 30-minute visit to take in some of the museum’s artworks during a tour around one of the galleries, noting that the Duchess ‘looked beautiful’ during her visit. 

However a source at the museum told that Meghan was initially supposed to have lunch at the Met Breuer, but made a last-minute change of plans because the venue was felt to be ‘too public’ thanks to the large windows in the restaurant, which make it easily viewable from the street outside. 

Because of this, Meghan, Abigail, and their entourage of protection officers, chose a more secure, private location for the royal to enjoy more of an incognito lunch – The Surrey hotel.  

Meghan’s very brief trip to the Met Breuer was enough to provide a bit of excitement and intrigue for some however, with a few social media users sharing their shock at running into her in the art gallery – with one person revealing that they bumped into the duchess in the bathroom. 

‘I went to see Julio le Parc at the Met Breuer and also ran into Meghan Markle in the bathroom,’ Instagram user Ashley Toth wrote, while sharing an image of one of le Parc’s pieces. Ashley then saw the duchess again while ‘walking home’, sharing an image of Meghan and Abigail exiting The Surrey hotel. 

Actress Abigail, also 37, also joined the royal at the museum, before the pair left together to walk the short distance across the street to The Surrey hotel – another high-end establishment that has played host to a slew of high-profile clients, from JFK to Bette Davis. 

Meghan and Abigail were flanked by two of the same royal protection officers seen escorting Meghan out of The Mark, with Meghan walking just a few paces ahead of her friend, flashing her three-diamond engagement ring as she placed her hand on her baby bump while crossing the road. 

Suits star Abigail was wearing the same red patterned shirt dress that she was seen modeling when she arrived at the hotel earlier on, but she had abandoned the gray beanie that she sported with it; she also traded the thick fur-trim parka she had been sporting, in favor of a more lightweight black jacket, allowing her to show off more of her colorful dress. 

The duo spent just over an hour at The Surrey, perhaps taking the time to enjoy a light lunch. 

At approximately 3pm, the friends were seen leaving the hotel in order to make the very short journey back to The Mark, arriving around three minutes later – presumably just in time to start getting ready for the main event of the day, Meghan’s baby shower. 

Chic: The Polo Bar boasts a sprawling downstairs dining room that affords patrons plenty of privacy from the outside world, while allowing them the opportunity to enjoy numerous equestrian-themed works of art 

Memories! No doubt the theme of the restaurant brought back fond memories for Meghan, whose husband Prince Harry, seen in June, has been a keen polo player since he was a young boy, as are his father Prince Charles, and brother Prince William

Close bond: Meghan has seen her fair share of polo matches since starting her romance with Prince Harry, and always appears happy to lend her support at the side of the field, as she did back in July 

Shortly after their return, newly-engaged designer Misha Nonoo – the woman credited with introducing Prince Harry and Meghan – was seen arriving at The Mark, having spent much of the day at her studio in NoHo, before going to join her royal pal.  

It is a double celebration for Misha, 34, who got engaged to oil heir Michael ‘Mikey’ Hess, 32, during a Valentine’s vacation in Mexico, with the groom-to-be proudly sharing the happy news on social media, before the designer was seen wearing her dazzling new diamond ring while out and about in New York on Tuesday. 

That same ring was front and center as Misha made her way into The Mark, wearing the same chic, but low-key, outfit that she was pictured modeling earlier in the day, when she left her Manhattan apartment in the morning, and when she stepped out to grab a salad for lunch. 

The bride-to-be bundled up against the chilly New York weather in a dark blue overcoat, black tights, and a bright red scarf, finishing the look off with a pair of heeled black ankle boots. 

Misha was also seen carrying her iPhone, and a small personalized red purse that had her initials MN embossed on the bottom corner.

Although Meghan managed to spend a few hours away from the hotel, the venue was still alight with feverish activity even in her absence, with crowds gathering outside its main entrance in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the duchess, one of her close friends and guests – or at the very least one of the many fascinating deliveries arriving ahead of her shower on Wednesday. 

Abigail was the first of the royal’s nearest and dearest to be seen making their way into The Mark hotel on New York’s Upper East Side – trying to maintain a low profile by wearing a gray beanie hat and large, dark sunglasses as she made her way inside, flashing a wave at the waiting photographers on her way in.  

She spent just a few minutes in the hotel, taking the time to change up her outfit slightly, before heading out again to join Meghan at the Met Breuer.  

Time for some culture: Earlier in the day, Meghan spent time enjoying the sights and sounds of the Upper East Side, including a trip to the Met Breuer art museum

Swapping it up: The royal reportedly wanted to have lunch at the Met Breuer, however the museum’s restaurant was deemed ‘too public’ because of its vast windows that could be seen from the street, a source told 

Outing: After visiting the Met Breuer, Meghan and her former Suits co-star (pictured to the right) walked across the street from the museum to another hotel – this time The Surrey, another high-end venue located just a stone’s throw from The Mark

Gal pals: Meghan and Abigail are thought to have enjoyed a spot of lunch at The Surrey, before leaving the high-end hotel and making their way back to The Mark

Ready to party! Meghan arrived back at The Mark shortly after 3pm

Here come the guests! Just after the duo’s return, newly-engaged designer Misha Nonoo – the woman credited with introducing Prince Harry and Meghan – was seen making her way into The Mark

Abigail first sparked speculation that she had traveled to the Big Apple for the special occasion after sharing an airport selfie on her Instagram account on Monday – less than 24 hours before she was seen making her way into The Mark, shortly after bouquets of flowers, an orange tree, and a $380 travel crib were seen being delivered to the swanky venue. 

As well as her shades and hat, the actress was dressed in a thick black parka with a fur-lined hood upon her arrival, showing off just a hint of the more colorful, stylish pink dress seen poking out from underneath the thick winterwear.   

Meghan managed to make a very under-the-radar arrival in the city however, going almost entirely unseen by the public over the weekend, after reportedly arriving on Friday evening. 

On Monday night, the duchess attempted to go incognito as she covered up in a cap and long navy Victoria Beckham overcoat and a gray newsboy cap pulled down over her dark brown hair – and with her large diamond engagement ring clearly visible on her wedding finger. 

Meghan returned to the Big Apple over the weekend to spend time with her girlfriends before the arrival of her first child this spring, and was seen on Monday evening being escorted into an SUV by a royal protection officer. 

The palace declined to comment on Meghan’s security detail for the duration of the trip, or the plain clothes officer seen accompanying her. 

Meghan is understood to have flown into the city on Friday for a surprise five-day trip after spending a quiet Valentine’s Day evening with her husband, Prince Harry. A spokesperson for Kensington Palace would not divulge details of the Duchess’s flights, but confirmed that as this is a personal trip, her travel was ‘privately funded’.  

Caught up! Several people were seen making their way into the hotel either shortly before or after Meghan’s return, however it is thought that a number of them were guests arriving for a stay, rather than attendees of the royals’ baby shower

Lightweight! There were a few people seen arriving without suitcases in tow, suggesting that they were there for something less long-term than a hotel stay, and were perhaps lucky enough to be attending the shower 

Gifts for the baby? One woman was pictured arriving at The Mark with two large bags from Crate & Barrel, which may well have been filled with presents for expectant mother Meghan 

Honored guests: Meghan’s close friend and former co-star Abigail Spencer was arriving at The Mark hotel shortly before the royal was pictured leaving the venue

Special delivery! Her arrival comes shortly after a huge bucket of pink roses was seen being delivered to The Mark on Tuesday afternoon, ahead of Meghan’s lavish baby shower 

For luck: An orange tree was also seen being delivered to the hotel ahead of the baby shower; in Eastern tradition, mandarin oranges are believed to represent prosperity, happiness and luck, particularly in the New Year

‘The trip is a lovely chance to catch up with friends and spend time in a city she loves.’

This will be the last time a lot of them will see Meg until after the baby is born so it’s nice to share precious moments,’ a source told Harper’s Bazaar. 

Meghan kept her head down as she made her way to the SUV on Monday night, with her dark hair covering the side of her face. She carried a second wide-brimmed black hat – believed to be a £160 ($195) design from Rag & Bone – in her hand, along with a white bag. 

But while the Duchess of Sussex appeared to be making an attempt to go under the radar in her low-key ensemble, the large diamond engagement ring on her wedding finger was unmistakable. 

Her husband had the three-stone design made for her especially ahead of their engagement in 2017, using one diamond that he sourced in Botswana, where the couple holidayed together early on in their relationship.  

The dazzling design was clearly visible as Meghan made her way down the steps and into the car, carrying her spare hat and a simple white bag that may well have contained a gift. 

Her nails appeared to be painted with a subtle sheer pink shade – a much more low-key polish option than some of the darker, bolder colours she has been known to model, despite royal traditions suggesting that only the most subtle of nude shades should be worn. 

In her other arm, the expectant mother had a large gray leather handbag held in the crook of her elbow.  

Incognito: Meghan Markle was seen stepping out in New York City on Monday evening after flying into the city to attend a baby shower organized by her closest friends 

Catching up: This trip is thought to be the last one that Meghan (pictured left and right with her husband in London last week) will make to the US before the birth of her child in a few months 

The bodyguard who escorted her to her waiting vehicle also appeared to be carrying a few of her possessions, including a Lululemon tote bag that was covered with Meghan’s tan wool coat, suggesting the royal may have had more than one outfit option on-hand.   

The visit marks the first time the Duchess of Sussex has been in the Big Apple since she said ‘I do’ to Prince Harry in May 2018, and she wasted no time before visiting some of her favorite hot spots.  

‘The trip is a lovely chance to catch up with friends and spend time in a city she loves,’ a source told the outlet.

‘This will be the last time a lot of them will see Meg until after the baby is born so it’s nice to share precious moments.’

But while the trip may have come as a surprise to some, according to the unidentified friend of the royal’s, Meghan’s visit to the Big Apple was actually planned months ago.

‘It’s been a relaxing visit. Nothing beats face time with your friends,’ the person added. ‘Meg will be flying home refreshed and relaxed – and with a lot of new baby clothes.’  

Meghan joined Jessica at Ladurée in SoHo on Saturday to enjoy macarons and tea in one of the location’s private spaces, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Although Jessica is based in Canada, she arrived in New York late last week to film some style segments for Good Morning America, after being named the show’s newest fashion contributor in late 2018.  

Way back when: Meghan Markle once did a photo shoot for fashion brand Tod’s in the ornate French restaurant 

Big Apple fun: A source said the trip is a chance for Meghan to ‘catch up with friends and spend time in a city she loves.’ The former actress is pictured in New York City in 2016 

Royal return: The visit marks the first time Meghan has been in the Big Apple since she said ‘I do’ to Prince Harry in May 2018. The couple is expecting their first child this spring 

The decision to visit Ladurée may well have been Meghan’s however, as the known foodie once took part in a photo shoot for Tod’s in the ornately decorated French restaurant. 

In an image from the shoot, she is seen sitting in the New York tourist hotspot, wearing a patterned suit, a white shirt, and a pair of silver Tod’s loafers with fringing detail on the front. 

Her makeup for the shoot was rather more glamorous than the subtle, natural looks she seems to prefer now; in the photo, Meghan can be seen modeling a bright pink lip, and dark, smokey eyes, while staring right into the lens with a very serious expression on her face. 

But it seems the somewhat unimpressed look she was making in the shot does not reflect her feelings about the French eatery, which is famed for its colorful confections and wide variety of teas, as well as its elegant interior. 

The Duchess also praised the restaurant in an interview with writer Barry Samaha. 

‘I love Ladurée in SoHo,’ she said. ‘It’s like a little slice of Paris in the middle of New York City. 

‘It is absolutely beautiful, and the courtyard is awesome,’ she added. ‘Everyone should get the Coupe SoHo, which is this amazing salted caramel ice cream. It’s delicious!’ 

And it’s not just Ladurée that holds a special place in Meghan’s heart; the Duchess spoke on a number of occasions about her love for New York City and its many restaurants, bars, hotels, and shops, even giving the website Citiphile a full rundown of her favorite spots back while she was still starring as Rachel Zane in Suits. 

During the interview with the site, Meghan referenced several much-loved New York establishments, including the Marlton Hotel, Italian eatery Babbo, piano bar Marie’s Crisis, and West Village favorite Fedora – which she praised for its dirty martinis. 

But according to sources, when Meghan isn’t indulging in pastries from Ladurée, she will be spending much of her time enjoying the many amenities at the undisclosed five-star hotel where she is believed to be staying for the duration of her trip. 

The day before she flew to New York, Meghan enjoyed a quiet Valentine’s Day evening with Prince Harry, their first as a married couple.   

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Why Joe Harris winning three-point contest means everything to Brooklyn – NetsDaily

Why Joe Harris winning three-point contest means everything to Brooklyn – NetsDaily

Head coach Kenny Atkinson was hired in 2016 to develop players and coach a team filled with no-name players. One of the players was Joe Harris, a castoff looking for a second chance after a two-year stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers and their G League affiliate, the Canton Charge.

Three seasons in, Harris’ 47 percent from beyond the arc is the second-highest number in the NBA. After a process that took longer than expected, Harris was invited to participate in the three-point contest against some of the NBA’s premiere shooters.

“It gives [me] goosebumps, it gets you emotional,” Atkinson said recently.

The “underdog” Harris heard few cheers when he was announced on stage. His beard beaming, his eyes showing no sign of anxiousness. The stage, the glory… that wasn’t his time. His time came when it was just him, a rack of basketballs and a hoop to shoot on.

Harris went on to win the three-point contest, becoming the first Net to ever win the competition. He also set a record for most points scored (51) since the 34-point format was implemented in 2015. His 25 points in the first round was good enough to land him a spot against Steph Curry and Buddy Hield in the final round.

“Just fortunate to be here,” said Harris after the win. “We were talking about it coming in, obviously the field was stacked. You’ve got some of the best shooters of all time in Dirk and Steph. Great shooters in their own regard. Just honored to be here, honored to compete with everybody.”

Harris stunned the crowd, hitting 16 of his final 20 balls including five straight on his final money ball rack. His 26 points were too much for crowd-favorite Steph Curry to overcome after he finished just one money ball short of sending it to a tie breaker.

After the match, Harris grabbed Curry and respectfully said, “’I thought we were going to that tie-breaker, man” as Curry laughed and walked off, something that likely was forgotten in the matter of minutes for the former MVP and three-time Finals winner.

But it means something different in Brooklyn.

It means everything.

It represents everything they’ve accomplished since Sean Marks and Atkinson took over. Until recently, not many people watch the Nets or know their story — Shaquille O’Neal admitted after the contest that he had never even heard of Harris. Marks and Atkinson came in with a goal to develop high-character castoff players and build a respectable culture through them. Unknowns like Harris were welcomed.

“Some guys come in right away and are able to contribute,” Harris explains. “But you look at the makeup of our Brooklyn Nets team and it’s a lot of guys that were cast off & had a second opportunity. I personally was one of those guys.”

Last year, it was former G Leaguer turned star Spencer Dinwiddie in the Skills Competition. This year, it’s Joe Harris in the three-point contest. Marks’ squad spots them and Atkinson’s team develops them. The rest turns you into part of the family.

Emphasis on family. The Nets are a tight knit organization built on a high character culture. They’re proud of their own.

“Joe Harris… thinking of where he came from, the Cleveland thing, not being in the league basically. Now he’s starting for us, signed an excellent contract and now he’s in with the elite shooters in the league in the 3-point shooting contest,” Atkinson said.

Harris spent two years at the end of the bench playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He played 51 total games with the big-league club, while playing 21 with the G League affiliate in Canton. Then, he faced the worst-case scenario for a marginal NBA player.

It’s January 12, 2016. The day started with foot surgery, followed up by a phone call that he had been traded to the Orlando Magic. The Magic then waived Harris and suddenly he was unemployed… for six months.

That’s when Brooklyn’s Assistant Coach Bret Brelmaier, a former Assistant with Cleveland, mentioned Harris’ name when Marks and Atkinson were constructing the roster.

And so, the Nets brought in Harris – a no-name player with very little credibility in the league to put any high hopes on him. Atkinson told Harris the Nets wanted him to become their version of Kyle Korver. People, including Harris himself apparently, began scratching their heads. Not long after, the Nets hosted Media Day with each individual player at a table.

Nobody was talking to Joe.

He flew under the radar as the Nets struggled to win 20 games. Harris seized his opportunity and shot the three ball at a 39 percent clip in 22 minutes per game. The following summer, Harris’ table was filled with reporters.

He’s asked to give his individual goal for the upcoming season.

“40 percent from three,” Harris says.

He hit 42 percent from three.

Suddenly, Harris had become a bit of a household name and poster boy for the organization. He took a discount and signed a two-year, $16 million contract to stay with the Nets. He assumed leadership roles because, “The culture that we have here… you know what to expect, you know what the coaches and front office want out of you,” Harris said late September.

His 42 percent clip turned into a 47 percent clip 59 games into this season, while playing an integral role in Brooklyn’s playoff bid. You can argue that he’s one of the NBA’s most improved players, averaging career-highs in points, rebounds, assists, free throw percentage and three-point percentage.

Harris’ hidden ego is a good thing in Brooklyn, but can work against him. He almost wasn’t invited to the three-point event. The NBA took its time selecting Harris for the three-point contest, choosing the Curry brothers to compete in their hometown. Then, they rightfully invited Devin Booker back to defend his title. Next, they brought in Damian Lillard and for old-times sake Dirk Nowitzki was invited.

Nets players started a long campaign tweeting at the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver. The Brooklyn Nets social account produced a nifty video to show Joe’s craft to bucket-getting, anywhere and anytime.

Some fans threatened to take things into their own hands.

Good morning all.

If Joe Harris isn’t in the 3-point contest we riot

— Jac Manuell (@TheJManJBT) January 3, 2019

And finally, the announcement was made with less than two weeks to spare. The man who started with nothing had evolved into something. Then, in front of a national audience, he beat the Curry brothers, first Seth, then Steph. Shaq, who admitted he didn’t know Harris, added that during the competition, Harris did not change his expression. No smiling. Just focus. He came to win, Shaq argued.

But if you watch the Nets consistently, you were not the slightest bit surprised that Joe “Buckets” Harris is the 2019 three-point champ. Back in Brooklyn, he remains the poster boy for development. These things are appreciated for a specific reason. With their common goal, guys like Dinwiddie and Harris bettered the team, the culture … and their individual games in the process.

This is Brooklyn’s biggest pitch to free agents going forward, and that’s why Joe Harris is so important: He epitomizes everything the Brooklyn Nets are.

“It’s good when guys get individual accolades like that. It helps the program,” Atkinson said less than two weeks back. “I think other guys in the league look [at Joe Harris] and say, ‘hey come to Brooklyn and there’s opportunity there and you’ll develop.’”

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