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Teens are responding to the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama with ridiculous memes — of course

Teens are responding to the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama with ridiculous memes — of course

  • There is a war brewing in the beauty YouTube community.
  • It came to a head when Tati Westbrook uploaded a 43-minute long video detailing allegations against James Charles, including making sexual advances on straight men.
  • There has been tension between the two since Charles endorsed the vitamin brand Sugar Bear Hair, a direct competitor of Westbrook’s own vitamin brand.
  • The allegations are pretty serious, but on TikTok, people are joking about it. Naturally.
  • Keep reading for some funny and cringe-worthy video memes.
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The YouTube beauty community has been upended since Friday when vlogger Tati Westbrook uploaded a 43-minute long video detailing why she and James Charles are no longer friends.

In the video, Westbrook explained that a major reason that she and the 19-year-old guru and business mogul are no longer friends is because of the way he uses his position of power for gain. Specifically, Westbrook accused Charles of predatory behavior, including “manipulating someone’s sexuality” by repeatedly making advances on men who he knew were straight.

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Westbrook also said she was “completely blindsided” when Charles posted an ad for Sugar Bear Hair, a competitor to her own vitamin brand Halo Beauty.

Charles then responded with a tearful video of his own, entitled “tati.” Phew.

These allegations are serious, but followers of and members of the beauty community are responding as teens do best: In memes on TikTok.

The videos addressing and summarizing the drama are really something else.

People are recreating some of the more serious and troubling allegations. Westbrook has accused Charles of attempting to “manipulate someone’s sexuality.” She specifically referred to an incident at her birthday dinner.

Following Westbrook’s video, Charles’ follower count plummeted. According to SocialBlade, a platform that tracks real-time social media subscriber counts, Charles had around 13.6 million subscribers as of Monday evening. But before this scandal unraveled, he had over 16 million followers.

Of course, Tik Tok users poked fun at that, too.

People are openly showing their disdain for Charles. “I unsubscribed to you, bye sister,” one TiKTok user said in a video, with the audio flipped.

But others are taking it further than just unfollowing the makeup mogul. Some are destroying their Charles-branded palettes. For reference, The James Charles Palette currently retails for $39 on Ulta.

At least one person has taken to the app to defend Charles.

A few are offering ways to repurpose the palettes rather than destroy them outright.

As they say, the vlogger drama is only as good as the memes it produces.

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Hot Costco Dad is our new crush, thanks to this super wholesome video

Hot Costco Dad is our new crush, thanks to this super wholesome video

2018%252f04%252f02%252f74%252fheadshot.edeb7.jpg%252f90x90By Morgan Sung

We’d like to direct everyone’s attention to Hot Costco Dad, who made his first Costco haul ever last weekend and cannot be more excited over $8 sausages.

The internet is developing a collective crush on Tom Musto, a father who visited the wholesale chain for his weekly Sunday dinner groceries and was absolutely shocked at how cheap everything was. 

In a genuinely wholesome video posted by his son TJ, Musto marveled at the massive jars of marinara sauce and cheap cuts of meat he lugged home. 

“How much are those sausages?” another voice in the video asks. 

“These sausages I think were eight bucks,” Musto exclaimed, giddy with the satisfaction of a good deal. “Stephanie said she’s getting me a Costco’s card for my birthday.” 

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According to TJ, his dad’s friend Stephanie first brought him to the wholesale paradise. Musto throws big dinners to close the weekend, and usually buys ingredients at local supermarket chains. 

“He called me when he was there and said, ‘TJ, have you ever heard of Costco?'” TJ said through Twitter DMs. “I laughed and said ‘Yes Dad everyone’s heard of Costco.'”

Other Twitter users pointed out how heartwarming the whole video was. 

oh now this is what i like to call Wholesome Content.

— SYDNIE*** (@sydnieavery) March 25, 2019

Wait til he finds out about the hot dogs

— Horchata (@roy_the_reefer) March 25, 2019

But others on this unendingly horny hell site got an eyeful of Musto and tried to shoot their shot. 

Ootie tootie, I’m coming for dat booty 😛 heyyyy daddy!

— malicious. (@MaliyaFransi) March 26, 2019

i’m sorry but your dad is fine as hell

— stupid bitch 2.0 (@hellaturnthalee) March 26, 2019

Hopefully enough to quench all these chick’s thirst 😂

— Jess🃏 (@jessietorres123) March 26, 2019

TJ isn’t weirded out by the internet’s newfound thirst for his father, though. 

“He’s newly single so I’m always trying to up his confidence,” TJ said. “He loves it, even though he’s trying to downplay it all. He’s real humble.” 

He’s also grateful that Twitter showed so much love to his dad, since “the internet is quick to become a negative place.”

“I’m glad this video didn’t somehow find its way to that,” TJ said. 

Forget makeup haul videos. We’d absolutely watch Tom Musto gush about his latest Costco seafood hauls. 

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