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A newscaster dropped her ‘TV Lady Uniform’ in favor of expressing her true style: ‘I’m just getting dressed the way I feel comfortable’

A newscaster dropped her ‘TV Lady Uniform’ in favor of expressing her true style: ‘I’m just getting dressed the way I feel comfortable’

  • In January 2016, Jana Shortal, a news anchor who works in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was about to start hosting a new show.
  • In an interview with INSIDER, she said that she was dreading getting back to her “TV lady uniform” of straightened hair, lots of makeup, and out of character clothes. Shortal naturally has short, curly hair and prefers to wear T-shirts.
  • So she made the “terrifying” choice to dress in the way that made her feel comfortable.
  • Yes, there have been trolls, but she said it’s worth it to use her platform to create LGBTQ visibility.
  • Shortal said she wasn’t trying to make a statement or change broadcast TV — she just wanted to feel good about herself.
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Jana Shortal knew it was time for a change.

In January 2016, the news anchor who works for KARE-11 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was about to start hosting a new show. After weeks of rehearsing in her everyday clothes, she found herself dreading getting back to wearing her full news anchor “uniform,” as we first read on “Today.

Shortal has brown, curly hair and prefers to wear T-shirts and suit jackets. But build a career in broadcast TV, she felt he had to dress or look a certain way. Her TV “uniform” as she called it, involved straightening her hair, wearing a full face of makeup, and dressing in clothes she would never wear on a day off.

“I struggled trying to look what I would call ‘normal’ in the TV lady uniform,” she told INSIDER. “I didn’t do my hair very well. My makeup was pretty bad. I didn’t know how to do it — it wasn’t intuitive to me”

The journalist told INSIDER she was dreading having to look that way again.

Shortal remembers one of her coworkers finally asking her: “‘Why would you [dress like] that if this is how you really look?” The two had a “candid conversation about how people were supposed to present in this workplace.” After that, the news anchor decided to dress the way she wanted to — not the way she felt she was expected to.

Shortal said her first broadcast for “Breaking the News” was “terrifying.”

“I was really scared,” Shortal said. “While they may be just clothes when people hear about it now or read that story, to me they were far more significant. You express yourself in how you dress. It’s really a lot easier to assimilate than it is to stand out.”

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Shortal told “Today” that she came out as a lesbian shortly after accepting her first broadcast TV job in the early 2000s. Her experiences in the last two decades have informed the last three years of her career, she told INSIDER. The journalist said she has received pushback from “trolls” throughout her career, but she was especially nervous about this change.

After that first show, though, she realized it would be OK — no matter what she wore on camera.

“The world didn’t end,” she said.”I didn’t go off the air that night or have a bunch of people in the parking lot waiting to beat me up. Nobody cared.”

Shortal said that many of her fears were lessened by her co-workers, namely her co-host Rena Sarigianopoulos. She said it can be crucial to have a strong support system — whether it’s during the coming out process or just the day-to-day existence as a marginalized person.

“You always hear one teacher, one mentor, one adult who loves somebody in their life can make a difference — and that’s really true for people who struggle with how they look, their gender presentation, their sexual orientation, any number of things that society deems as ‘other,'” she said. “If somebody says I see you and I believe in you, that matters.”

The journalist told INSIDER that she’s glad to provide representation since she works in a job with such a high degree of visibility. But she wants to be clear: When she wore a suit on camera in January 2016 she wasn’t trying to make a statement or change broadcast TV — she just wanted to feel good about herself.

“It’s awkward for me, it’s nerve-wracking, it’s emotionally exhausting because I don’t wanna disappoint anybody,” Shortal said. “At its the very basic message, I’m just getting dressed the way I feel comfortable. And if that makes someone uncomfortable, I’m not sorry anymore.”


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Jordyn Woods: Blacklisted and Shunned After Boning Tristan Thompson

Jordyn Woods: Blacklisted and Shunned After Boning Tristan Thompson

Despite Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson’s attempt to hide their affair, they got caught.

Khloe dumped Tristan, and Kylie exiled Jordyn from her home. In fact, almost no one will talk to Jordyn.

To make matters worse, this personal scandal is hurting her career, because the Kardashians have excised Jordyn from their businesses.

Us Weekly reports that Jordyn is all alone in a city of millions.

“Jordyn has remained isolated,” and insider reveals.

Everyone knows about the cheating scandal.

“Most of her friends have not spoken to her,” the source says.

Notably, she shares many friends with Kylie Jenner. Those friends clearly know where their bread is buttered.

“And,” the insider notes. “She’s not responding to almost all of them.”

“Jordyn was insecure and always known as [Kylie Jenner’s] BFF,” a previous source had shared.

“Ao once she started getting attention on her own as her own person from Tristan,” the insider explained. “She didn’t know how to handle it.”

“Jordyn was on a little bit of a high,” the source admits. “But now is at her lowest point.”

“It’s really sad for Kylie,” the insider notes. “Because Jordyn was Kylie’s only real friend and she feels lost.”

This whole situation is heartbreaking.

There are still things that we don’t know — or can’t confirm — about this cheating scandal.

But it seems that, just like last time, we’ll get to watch the aftermath on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“The cameras have been rolling through all of this,” the source shared.

“And so much of the Kardashians’ stuff is planned and set up,” the insider admits. “But this Jordyn stuff is real.”

“When Khloé confronted Jordyn, at first she denied it,” the source notes.

The insider continues: “But then she admitted it.”

And Jordyn isn’t just cut off from the social world.

TMZ reports that Jordyn has been cut off from any future business ventures with the Kardashians.

Jordyn wasn’t just Kylie’s BFF — she was a business partner.

She had a makeup line with Kylie Cosmetics.

She also had an entire page of Khloe’s Good American where she was modeling.

Khloe has already removed that page from her site.

As we previously reported, Kylie booted Jordyn from her home.

Jordyn’s security clearance has even been revoked from Kylie’s gated neighborhood. That’s just … mean.

However, TMZ notes that there might be hope on the horizon.

Apparently a number of the Kardashians have suggested that they suspect that Kylie may one day forgive Jordyn.

Kylie and Khloe have always had a special bond among the sisters, but Jordyn is Kylie’s BFF.

However, even if Kylie and Jordyn rekindle their friendship, the Kardashians suspect that Kylie won’t go back into business with her.

And they say that they, for sure, will never sully their brands with her involvement.

There are a lot of people right now who are saying that Khloe brought her heartbreak on herself.

It’s not that she deserves to be humiliated again, but that she should have shown Tristan the door back in April of 2018.

But Jordyn and Kylie’s situation is heartbreaking.

Did Jordyn screw up? Absolutely.

But to see a best friendship — one that’s been around since before Khloe and Tristan ever met — fall apart like this is … tragic.

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Watch Your Favorite Stars Dance the Night Away at the 2019 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party

Watch Your Favorite Stars Dance the Night Away at the 2019 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party

The daring wardrobe choices, adventurous makeup, and celeb cameos that filled the Teen Vogue 2019 Young Hollywood Party might already be behind us, but we’re still dreaming of dancing the night away with our very talented 2019 class. Now that we’ve gotten a chance to check out the night’s red carpet photos — and attempted to recreate Dove Cameron‘s negative space eye makeup — we’re totally mesmerized by some of the best dancing and posing captured at the glamorous event.

In a night that already included a musical performance from KJ Apa‘s band The Good Time Boys, Teen Vogue took the party, which was thrown in collaboration with Snapchat, one step further. We turned the historical halls and stairwells of the Los Angeles Theatre into our every own video booth. The celebs in attendance certainly sparkled on the red carpet, but as these video shows, there’s something extra special about watching stars such as Alyson Stoner, Yalitza Aparicio, Caleb McLaughlin, and more turn the venue’s very gorgeous backdrop into their own dance party.

There’s no telling what memorable list of performers will join our Young Hollywood Class of 2020, but thanks to these videos, we will be able to pick up a few new moves for next year’s bash. From Joey King‘s impromptu grooving to Maddie Ziegler’s epic ponytail twirl, you’re invited to jive along with the videos below.

Alyson Stoner

Danielle Macdonald

Jaboukie Young-White

Dove Cameron

Marsai Martin

Joey King

Yalitza Aparicio

Maddie Ziegler

Director: Carissa Gallo

DP: Patrick Eggert

Assistant: Alex Nolan

Gaffer: Thomas Pena

AC: Kevin Anderson

— Music —

“You Belong” by @josh.alexander.white

“Let the Dream Cool” by @josh.alexander.white

“Handsome” by Barbara Pittman

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