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Up your camera game with these apps for Android

Up your camera game with these apps for Android

Shooting with your Android camera is usually great, but third-party apps can pack a punch in places you didn’t even know you needed! From manual controls to real-time filters, to creative extras and so much more, you can achieve a lot more than you think you can with your phone photography by shooting with a third-party camera app.

Best overall

Moment Pro Camera

Staff pick

Moment is best known for its cases and attachable lenses, but it also makes an excellent camera app. With Moment Pro, you get a bevvy of manual controls for both photos and video, including specialized video features like focus peaking and zebra stripes. If you have a Pixel, you even get HDR+ optimized for the Pixel Visual Core!

$4 at Google Play

Shoot the past

Camera MX

You won’t get as many manual controls with Camera MX, but in exchange, you get all kinds of creative options. Camera MX features live shots that you can turn into GIFs, along with live filters, fun effects, and a built-in photo editor. You can even grab photos from before you pressed the shutter button.

Free (with in-app purchases) at Google Play


Open Camera

Open Camera is an excellent app that gives you complete control over your cameras, with different photo modes, exposure compensation and lock, optional grids and stabilization, and more. You can toggle noise reduction and night mode, and shoot in RAW if you want extra-flexible photos.

Free at Google Play

For selfie lovers

Candy Camera

If you’re a selfie fanatic, Candy Camera is full of flattering filters that you can lay overtop your photos in real time. There are also quick and easy tools for adding makeup, with many of the beauty tools that come pre-loaded on some phones. There are also plenty of fun stickers you can lay over your shots.

Free at Google Play

Built-in intervalometer

ProCam X

ProCam X has a fantastic layout that switches from a clean simple auto mode to a manual mode that’s full of controls like focus modes and exposure compensation. You can shoot slow-mo and time lapse video, and there’s a built-in intervalometer for shooting stop motion and long exposures.

$5 at Google Play

Manual video settings

HedgeCam 2

HedgeCam 2 gives you plenty of manual video controls, right down to advanced features like adjustable frame rates and bitrates. The interface isn’t quite as refined as some of the other options listed, but the long list of features is well worth the slightly clumsy UI.

Free (with in-app purchases) at Google Play

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Popular makeup vlogger Jaclyn Hill returns to YouTube and announces she’s ‘working on new products’ following disastrous launch of her cosmetics line

Popular makeup vlogger Jaclyn Hill returns to YouTube and announces she’s ‘working on new products’ following disastrous launch of her cosmetics line

  • On Tuesday, Jaclyn Hill returned to YouTube with a video titled “ Where I’ve Been,” in which she addressed fans who said they purchased lipstick from her brand that caused swelling and bumps.
  • Hill began the video by saying she felt “very uncomfortable” and might be making “the biggest mistake” of her “entire career,” but wanted to thank her fans for supporting her in recent months.
  • She continued to describe the launch of her lipstick line, Jaclyn Cosmetics, as a “complete failure,” but said she’s “not going to address” any rumors about her brand.
  • While Hill did not say if she plans to reactivate her social media accounts, which she deleted in June, she added that she’s “working on new products” with “new labs.”
  • Now, many people on Twitter are criticizing the YouTuber for releasing a 20-minute-long video that provided “no answers.”
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After shockingly deleting her Instagram and Twitter accounts in late June, popular makeup vlogger Jaclyn Hill has returned to YouTube.

On Tuesday, the beauty mogul released a 20-minute-long video titled “ Where I’ve Been” to open up about her social media purge following the disastrous launch of her brand Jaclyn Cosmetics. Hill also said she has no plans to “address the rumors” about her company, but added that she is “working on new products.”

People on Twitter, however, are not impressed by Hill’s social media comeback, and are now criticizing the YouTuber for providing “no answers” in her video.

Jaclyn Hill returned to social media with a YouTube video on Tuesday

At the start of her new YouTube video, Hill said she felt “very uncomfortable” and might be making “the biggest mistake” of her “entire career” by addressing her followers.

“I don’t know how to do an intro today,” Hill said in her YouTube video. “I feel very uncomfortable right now, and don’t even want to be filming this because I don’t want to talk about my feelings, and what’s been going on, and all that. I’m just terrified.”

“I just want to start off by saying this video might be the biggest mistake of my entire career, but that’s okay,” she continued. “As Kurt Cobain said, ‘I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.’ It’s so silly, but I live by that quote. I think it’s very powerful.”

Hill continued to say she’s ‘had so many people’ tell her to ‘not talk about anything’

According to the YouTuber, many advised her to “let everything blow over” after the disastrous launch of her lipstick brand. Still, Hill said she’s “totally not listening to any of those people.”

“I just keep thinking, like, I built my entire career on my relationship with you guys, and that relationship is so important to me,” she continued.

Jaclyn Hill in her latest YouTube video.
Jaclyn Hill/YouTube

“The number one thing that I want to make sure that I say to you guys that has been on my mind every single day — the strongest, most important message — is just the biggest thank you to everybody who has reached out.”

The YouTuber continued to thank those who sent messages to her mom, sister, and boyfriend, as well as the influencers who spoke to her behind the scenes.

Hill said she wanted to be careful not to ‘pull the beauty YouTuber card’ in her latest video

During her video, Hill said she didn’t want to “sit on the floor with a hoodie and no makeup” while “crying,” as she did in her previous YouTube videos regarding her beauty brand.

“I’m just terrified of seeming like a victim,” Hill said in her recent video. “I’m terrified of saying the wrong things, of people just picking this video apart — because I know it’s what’s gonna happen, and I know that it comes with the territory, of course. Like I get all of that — but I’m just still really, really scared.”

According to Hill, she filmed her latest video so that she can ‘just get back’ to creating makeup tutorials

“The purpose of today’s video is just to get on here and try to get myself back into a mental headspace where I can just get back to doing what I love — which is makeup tutorials, like that’s that’s my real passion,” she said.

Hill then discussed her past job working for MAC Cosmetics, which she said inspired her to create her own brand.

“I’ve wanted to create and own my own cosmetic brand since I worked at Mac Cosmetics at Woodfield Mall in Chicago when I was 20 years old, which was nine years ago, and that’s always been my dream,” Hill said.

“That’s why this whole thing has been so hard for me, because I completely failed,” she continued. “I’m still just like choked on those words, like, ‘My launch was a failure. It failed.'”

A lipstick from Jaclyn Cosmetics.
Jaclyn Cosmetics

Though the YouTuber admitted she she ‘was almost cocky’ about the quality of her products, she said she won’t be addressing any rumors

Hill said she originally promised that her brand would be “the best thing that people have ever seen,” and that her lipsticks would be “the best” in the beauty industry.

“I was working with the best lab, with the best people, I had spent all this money, I was just like, ‘This is amazing,'” Hill said. “I was so confident to the point of cockiness.”

But despite her initial confidence, rumors circulated around Hill’s brand immediately after it launched. Many said they received broken lipsticks from Jaclyn Cosmetics, and others said the products caused swelling and bumps on their lips. Most recently, some said they believe Hill’s brand is connected to Morphe, a larger beauty brand.

In her recent video, however, Hill said she wouldn’t be addressing any rumors.

“There’s so many rumors out there, which honestly guys, I’m not going to address them,” Hill said. “Like I’m not here for that, because if I start to address the rumors, I would be making a video that’s two hours long. I’m not gonna do that. I know that so many people have speculations.”

Hill said she deleted her social media accounts because she wanted to focus on hiring a new ‘quality control’ team for her brand

In late June, Hill shocked her followers by deleting her Twitter and Instagram pages without any warning. At the time of this post, Hill’s Twitter account is still deactivated, though her Instagram page is back up.

“It’s not because I was embarrassed,” Hill said in regards to deleting her social media pages.

Instead, Hill said she deleted her accounts to help herself focus on building a new “quality control team,” which can help her launch new makeup in the future.

“People think that I left social media because I was running away and I was hiding, and I get it,” she said. “I completely understand. That’s exactly what it looks like — that’s what I would think too.”

“But the reason I had to get away from social media and just fully delete it is because at that point, I had refunded everybody every single penny they had spent. I was humiliated, I was embarrassed, and it was time for me to start picking things up, putting the pieces back together, and rebuild.”

Jaclyn Hill.
Desiree Navarro/Getty Images

At the end of her video, Hill apologized to her fans, confirmed her customers were refunded, and said she’s working on creating new beauty products

While apologizing to her fans and customers, Hill said she “trusted the wrong people” while launching her brand, and “did a lot of things” that she “should not have done.”

“It’s so important to me that you guys know how sorry I am, and how embarrassed I am,” Hill said. “This has just been shocking. I messed up in more than one way. I was way too overconfident in my launch, and I was not involved enough in quality control, and I overhyped it for you guys.”

Hill also said that seeing her fans’ posts online about the quality of her products inspired her to refund every single one of her customers.

“I just feel terrible for anybody who received a lipstick that wasn’t perfect,” Hill said. ‘That’s why I gave every single person a refund.”

“People were so sweet not wanting to accept the refund, and giving their refunds to charities, and just doing such kind things,” she continued. ‘It was it was so sweet, but I just honestly I could not sleep at night.”

Still, Hill has confidence in the future of her brand, and said she’s had “several meetings” with her team to create new beauty products at “new labs.”

“A launch that I have down the road is with a completely different lab than the one that I launched my lipsticks with,” Hill said. “So we have not had to cancel that.”

Many Twitter users are still seemingly unimpressed with Hill

After Hill released her YouTube video, many said they were frustrated with the YouTuber for failing to provide answers about her brand.

Others, however, defended the YouTuber, and argued that she’s learned from her mistakes.

As recently as last week, more than 85 Twitter users said in a poll that they had yet to receive a refund from Jaclyn Cosmetics

On July 14, a Twitter user named Brit Clarke asked her followers if they’d received a refund from Jaclyn Cosmetics. She also included a poll where people could vote either “Yes I have” or “NOPEEEE!”

“Just out of curiosity, has everyone received their refunds from Jaclyn Cosmetics’ initial launch?” Clarke wrote.

Read more: People say they still haven’t received refunds from Jaclyn Hill’s lipstick brand nearly one month after the YouTuber promised to give customers their money back

The following day, Clarke followed up on her poll, saying that out of 123 votes, 71% of people said they did not receive a refund.

Speaking to INSIDER, Clarke said the results of her poll were “insanely disappointing.”

“Out of 123 people that voted in my poll tweet, 71% have yet to receive their refunds,” Clarke told INSIDER. “And the brand and owner have since ghosted the internet after announcing that all of their customers will be refunded without question three weeks ago.”

“I can only imagine the percentage if thousands had replied,” she said. “I will never support this brand again after seeing such disregard for their consumers and poor customer service.”

Representatives for Jaclyn Cosmetics declined to comment.


Jaclyn Hill

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