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How games like Minecraft and No Man’s Sky help players connect to their worlds

How games like Minecraft and No Man’s Sky help players connect to their worlds

No Man’s Sky

JC Hysteria’s “Replicant Alley” in No Man’s Sky.

A new perspective on building games

Condensed into the first few minutes of one of the biggest games of all time is the entire essence of a genre. Minecraft presents you first with a lush, almost infinitely large world, and then it allows you to instantly set about transforming it.

You chop down trees and dig down through dirt and stone, each tapped block and mined resource disappearing forever. But you also add to the world, reconfiguring it to your needs and wants: a small shelter to see you through the first night; later, a mountaintop fortress just to make a statement. At the same time, you’re advancing technologically, like human evolution played in fast-forward. From stone to iron to something altogether new and fantastical.

Since the release of Minecraft, which has an estimated 112 million monthly players, building games have risen to unseen heights of popularity. Players build cramped shelters from little more than mud and sticks in grim survival games like The Forest and Green Hell. In the online multiplayer Rust and ARK, ragtag clans build huge communal forts and bases. Being able to build permanent habitats even helped No Man’s Sky move past a rocky launch period.

JC Hysteria is a No Man’s Sky builder who’s made the most of the game’s complex building tools. Many of his creations are cooperatively constructed, and like his Marine Observatory or Space Station, they often stretch what the game is capable of to its very limits. For JC, building is less about setting up a practical base of operations and more of an artistic vent. “It’s a creative outlet,” he says. “I have a wild imagination… and building allows me to express that.”

But Minecraft and No Man’s Sky aren’t just about the freedom and creativity that the building tools bring. Unlike Lego, there’s an entire world and ecosystem (rather than just a carpet) to ground our actions. Building can be a way of reconnecting and developing a closer relationship to the surrounding land and materials. A lot of us are already estranged from these things in our everyday lives — we might even feel as though there’s something missing — and so returning to the virtual earth can feel immensely rewarding.

These are places where we feel like part of the world, where we can work with our hands and see the tangible effects and even the progress of our labor. This new wave of building games brings players closer to this feeling, thanks to a shift in perspective.



For most of gaming history, to talk about building was to talk about strategy titles like Sim City, Age of Empires, or one of the Tycoon games. But where once we strictly built from a zoomed-out, god’s-eye perspective, planning and looking down upon our creations from the clouds, there now exists the option for more embodied first-person experiences. Cities and shelters are still being constructed, but there is now a keen need for building to feel a little more hands-on.

Coffee Stain Studio’s Satisfactory is one example that encapsulates the shift we’re seeing away from top-down strategy games. In Coffee Stain’s factory builder, construction is planetary in scale. Buildings are skyscraper-big, complexes look like metropolises, and the twisting production lines often make you feel as though you’re trapped in a labyrinth. It’s easy to imagine Satisfactory being played out from a more strategic perspective. (Construction would be tidier and more manageable for a start.) “The first person perspective was picked because we wanted a more personal experience. Playing from this perspective really puts an emphasis on it being you who does things, and not just an avatar,” game director Oscar Jilsén explains.

Jilsén also believes that playing in first-person “helps convey and strengthen the idea of verticality… You get to play with more than just two dimensions. Being down there in the thick of it allows you to experience scale in a whole different way. One of the best feelings in the game is walking down the walkways to get across to different production floors and then looking up and seeing the belts and other overpasses criss-cross the gaps.”

With the move from top-down urban planning to boots-on-the-ground construction comes a certain loss of control. Jilsén and his team appear to want you to feel lost at times, even insignificant when dwarfed by all of the surrounding machinery. But the closeness that first-person brings can be empowering in its own way. It’s about getting your digital hands dirty — procuring materials and erecting monuments in a more intimate and granular fashion.

In No Man’s Sky, one of JC Hysteria’s recent projects, Replicant Alley, which he built alongside players ER Burroughs and Action Pants Gaming, showcases a similar kind of scale and verticality. JC feels there’s “greater personal connection” with first-person games. “You can relate to your in-game character more and even begin asking whether or not you’d actually live in the place you’ve built.”

André Bengtsson, artist and CEO of Redbeet Interactive, was also willing to trade distance in favor of a closer perspective. For his survival adventure game Raft, Bengtsson says that whilst “a top-down view could very well be preferable for a building game focused heavily on management,” for him and his team, a more attached first- or third-person view was “essential” in helping the player become immersed in the world.

It’s not just about building, either. There’s a real desire to dwell and inhabit virtual worlds. In Subnautica, a survival game where you eke out an existence in the depths of an alien ocean, feeling at home — even if just temporarily — is important. Game director Charlie Cleveland tells me that it’s all about the “feeling of building a habitat. First-person is important to convey the emotion of what it’s like for you to build that new home.” This personal element is important. These aren’t just buildings you click and watch instantly materialize. There’s hard work and a process behind it. There’s also a far stronger connection to building when you can occupy them, even make them a home.

“The main loop in Satisfactory is to expand,” says Jilsén. “There’s this interaction with the world where you replace nature with constructs of your own — you convert the natural world into something appropriate to your goals.” Jilsén describes this transformative process as “converting the unknown into the (useful) known.” Many of these kinds of survival / building games drop you into dangerous and mysterious worlds, and it’s up to you to establish safe zones and habitats, places you can then go to launch larger expeditions. “As you do this you bring in the useful things you find to expand your home and its capabilities. Human beings are very creative and nurturing creatures, and we’re driven to try and make circumstances better for ourselves and each other.”

Leaving our mark on the world is this very anthropocentric urge, but the power to change what’s around us can also turn destructive. Subnautica’s Cleveland tells me that it was important for them to not allow players to “exert their power over the environment. You can survive for longer, slowly mitigating your fear, but you can never dominate your surroundings. This was a very conscious desire for us. We didn’t want to make a typical game that involved gaining power and taking things over. It’s one of the reasons we removed terraforming from the game.”

Compare this to Minecraft, where whole ecosystems can be carved up and exploited. Dan Olson, in his recent video “Minecraft, Sandboxes, and Colonialism,” lays out the idea that these virtual spaces can “harken back to the colonial frontier,” with new regions unfolding simply in order for the player to explore and conquer. “The player arrives in the world, like Robinson Crusoe, into a terra nullius,” a blank slate which they are then encouraged to improve and where the native inhabitants are often obstacles in the way of development.

With Raft, there’s much more of an emphasis on salvaging. Its oceans and islands are littered with resources, but many of these are scrap or flotsam. Your creations — be it useful tech to help you on your journey or the raft-habitat itself — are an elaborate form of cleaning up, or at least putting previous human waste to good use. With all of these games, it’s worth considering exactly what your relationship is to the world you’re inhabiting and the precise effects your actions are having on the land around you. For example, Eco is a game where your building can cause immense and lasting damage to the world. Even Satisfactory, which eventually allows you to power manufacturing with nuclear energy, ensures that waste builds up and becomes an issue that players cannot ignore.



In all urban societies, there’s a growing wish to escape, return to the land, work the earth, rewild, and get back to basics. On YouTube, among the gaming celebs and popular makeup artists, there are the surprise-hit wilderness vloggers, building and surviving with what’s directly at hand. This same impulse to reconnect to nature plays out within the new wave of building games.

While Satisfactory is very much about rapidly building large-scale, high-tech structures, Jilsén tells me that during playtesting, they found it was important to have players begin with very little and work manually. “You simply appreciate the automation of item production more if you know what it takes to make each thing by hand.”

“The idea of returning to nature definitely relates to what first intrigued us about Raft,” says Bengtsson. “There’s something enticing about the idea of living in the woods or out in the ocean. At times we looked at wilderness vloggers for inspiration. We often try to ground our game in reality.” Like many of these building games, there’s a tangible physicality to both Raft’s crafting and building. Even in Subnautica, where the sci-fi setting necessitates far fewer hammers and nails, there’s still a meticulous clarity to the act of phasing in vehicles and modular habitat pieces. Just as you feel part of the world, the building feels material.

“It sounds like [wilderness vloggers] are tapping into the same primal urges as Subnautica,” says Cleveland. “I think there’s a lot of people today who feel overwhelmed by [the abundance of] information and todo lists… so they love the simple tactile challenge of survival at any cost. I used to know a programmer who would go home every night and do nothing but make bird houses. I personally spend a lot of time cooking for the same reasons. It’s just me, the ingredients, and fire.”

Jilsén agrees that there’s a real “longing for non-abstract work,” which is something that survival fantasies and the concrete building projects that take place within their worlds try to address. JC Hysteria tells me that, for him, building is a form of medication, his “own personal release from the world.” It’s about escape. Simultaneously, it’s about connection: connecting to the world in closer and more intimate ways as well as to other people in the case of multiplayer games like No Man’s Sky.

“There’s a quote from another YouTuber, CobraTV, that has always stuck with me, and sums up the community aspect perfectly: ‘we are a constellation,’” he explains. “The feeling of connection fills a void for many of us.”

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Let’s Not Forget J. Lo’s Velour Suits and Other Classic Music Video Looks

Let’s Not Forget J. Lo’s Velour Suits and Other Classic Music Video Looks

Illustration for article titled Let's Not Forget J. Lo's Velour Suits and Other Classic Music Video Looks
Image: Getty

Jennifer Lopez basically invented Google Images because she wore a single dress and, according to the calculations of Jezebel staffers, she also invented hoop earrings, bomber jackets with fur collars, every Going Out top circa 1999 to 2008, and French manicures. Sorry, it’s true.

Because of these countless fashion innovations—and her general contributions to style—Lopez will be awarded with a Fashion Icon Award at the 2019 CFDA Awards, Vogue reports. “Jennifer Lopez uses clothes as a way to express confidence and power,” CFDA Chairwoman Diane von Furstenberg stated. “Both designers and fans look forward to her fashion statements.”

Lopez has great red carpet style, but the CFDA cannot sleep on her music video looks, which have undoubtedly inspired millions of women to go out and buy mini Juicy Couture tracksuits. To honor her CFDA award, the Jezebel staff has compiled our favorite looks from her music video catalogue. We luh ya, J. Lo.

The pink winter coat from “All I Have”

Hazel Cills: When I go out into the snow I’m usually bundled up like a black caterpillar, my eyes peeking out from a small, drawstring hole in my coat. I do not look cute. Who the hell looks cute in the snow, you may ask? Well, J. Lo does, in this baby-pink mini-coat and perfect pigtails. Snowflakes fall delicately on her and never dampen her look. It’s really hard to make a winter coat iconic, but J. Lo does it. Who cares if her legs are cold?

The perfect pink tracksuit from “I’m Real”

Clover Hope: Velour tracksuits and sets factor into everyone’s fondest memories of the 2000s, and J. Lo pretty much owned this lane. Because of her, I had my beige ready-to-wear Macy’s Couture tracksuit for any occasion. Exhibit A of J. Lo’s velour dominion is the video for the “I’m Real (Remix),” her Ja Rule “Are You Ellie” collaboration. Please note the degree of difficulty in matching a blush-pink velour shorts with a crop-top velour hoodie zipped halfway down in the summertime and making it look good. The video has other trendsetting looks: the one-shoulder Going Out top, the frill-shoulder Going Out top. But the pink velour short set is immaculate.

The white tank and jeans, featuring the perfect high half-pony, from “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”

Megan Reynolds: Everything Jennifer Lopez has ever put on her body is instantly legendary, but nothing resonates for me as much as the jeans, high pony, white halter top, and no bra ensemble she wears in “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”—a look that inspired my Going Out looks for years in college. Never mind that I lack the rack required to make a floaty white halter top look good—I tried! Jennifer Lopez gave me the strength to wear my hair in a half-up, half-down ponytail and made me realize that it’s possible to do this look and not look like a freshly-groomed shih tzu.

The high-heeled Timberlands from “Jenny from the Block”

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd: “Jenny From the Block” is woven into the cultural consciousness by now, so it can be easy to lose sight of the impact it had when it first dropped; specifically, J. Lo took the Bronx-standard Timberland boot and made it boughetto, via a stiletto version by Manolo Blahnik. Knockoffs abounded—thank you to the Rainbow for your service—and they became a symbol of grounded elegance in a come-up, aspirational for everyone who knows where they came from. Iconic trendsetting!

The cane in “Get Right”

Rich Juzwiak: I like the cane.

The giant metal barrettes from “Feelin’ So Good”

Maria Sherman: There’s no way to be sure, but I’m fairly confident my Tia Ruthie bought me giant metal hair barrettes solely because of Jennifer Lopez’s crucially underrated look in the “Feelin’ So Good” music video. That, partnered with her signature hoops, oversized puffer jacket and regular Timberlands (not heeled) is a quintessential winter-in-the-Bronx look. I still Stan.

The gloss, the glitter, the spaghetti strap silk dress from “No Me Ames”

Ecleen Caraballo: I know most of our minds have relegated all the other men in J. Lo’s past to a dark corner of our brains now that Arod is in the picture (eeee), and that there’s a generation that won’t even know about Marc and Lola’s love, but it’s a truth I personally can’t forget. In this Latin pop duet with said ex, she wears many outfits that teenage me definitely had or badly wanted at some point. This look in particular is one I still adore. The glitter, the gloss, the spaghetti strap silk dress, the spiky blonde updo, the cross chain! Never forget.

The cam-girl outfit from “If You Had My Love”

Ashley Reese: This is probably the first J. Lo music video I ever saw, so her outfit left a big impression on me. She just oozed this effortless cool in her silvery bikini top and and matching baggy pants, and her pin-straight hair and frosted makeup sealed the deal as a late-’90s staple.

The jumpsuit from “On The Floor”

Prachi Gupta: This silver, spiderweb jumpsuit from 2011 was ahead of its time, looking simultaneously chic, glam, and sci-fi. If I could get away with wearing this to my next holiday party, 100 percent would, but I can’t, because I’m not J. Lo.

The fur coat and white boots in “Play”

Stassa Edwards: J. Lo’s collection of hats is really underrated and paired here with white boots, white shorts, sunglasses, and a fur coat, it’s really the perfect “casual” J. Lo look. Truly aspirational.

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Who Is Kat McNamara Without ‘Shadowhunters’? She’s Still Figuring That Out

Who Is Kat McNamara Without ‘Shadowhunters’? She’s Still Figuring That Out

I’m sitting with Kat McNamara at a coffee shop next to the Cosmo offices when there is a tap on the glass and a loud gasp from Kat. “Oh my god. Give me one second,” she says to me as she rushes out to greet the *very attractive* guy by the door. It’s Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, an old costar of hers from when the actress performed in A Little Night Music on Broadway.

When she returns, she apologizes to me profusely. It’s okay. I get it. Honestly, I’m surprised she’s able to resist checking her phone while she’s talking with me—it’s blowing up so much, I think it might explode. Kat McNamara is very popular.

I’m not talking prom-queen popularity—although I wouldn’t be surprised if she won a crown or two in high school—I’m talking 3.9 million followers across Instagram and Twitter popular. I’m talking about being voted Best Female TV Star at the 2018 People’s Choice Awards popular. And being the face of a Freeform show so popular that when Shadowhunters was canceled due to contract issues, fans launched a #SaveShadowhunters campaign so intense, they even flew a plane over the Netflix headquarters.

Now, McNamara is mentally preparing to put the fiery demon-fighter behind her. While the Shadowfam eagerly watches the final episodes week after week, McNamara has been hard at work for yet another massively popular fandom, Arrow, *inhales* where it has recently been revealed that her rough-edged MMA fighter character, Blackstar, is actually the future daughter of ultimate ship Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. With Shadowhunters airing on Freeform the same day as Arrow on the CW, we might as well start calling ’em McNamara Mondays.


Ruben Chamorro

Her carefully wavy hair has gone from carrot to blonde, but as she sits in front of me, 23-year-old McNamara still screams sweet Clary Fray, best friend to all and protector of Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike. So, who is Kat without Clary? McNamara is still trying to figure that out. “My whole life is centered around what is Clary doing right now?” McNamara tells me. “I sort of became an adult on Shadowhunters.”

Is she ready to let go though? Not really, but she’s getting there. “I still feel a bit like I’ve lost a limb, and it’s still a bit strange that it’s not there anymore, that I’m not going back, and I’m still processing that, but it’s something that I’ll carry with me forever and something that I’ll always love.”

During our chat, Kat looks back on what Shadowhunters has meant to her and how she’s moving forward—for now, at least.

Next week on ‘shadowhunters’

So, what can you tease for the next episode?


But Clary and Jace reunited this week….So I’m assuming sexy times? Because they still haven’t gone there after all this time.

There’s some…fun stuff that happens in 13. [Editor’s note: Kat literally makes this face: 😏]

How has ‘Shadowhunters’ changed you?

Everybody involved in the show has been such a wonderful influence on me and has shaped me. Even the guys big-brother-ed me and pushed me outside my comfort zone in the best ways. I did things that I never ever would’ve thought I would’ve done before.

Like we’d go to Niagra for a weekend and walk around for 17 hours and go indoor skydiving and end up at 3 a.m. doing glow-in-the-dark mini-golf. I love them for that, and it’s the perspective you gain because all of them, all of us, are so different, and we come from such different backgrounds, and we became so close that anytime we had conversations we could be completely honest and completely up front and learn something from one another and from one another’s perspectives.


Ruben Chamorro

Let’s talk about closure. The #SaveShadowhunters campaign is still going strong, but is there any hope for the show to carry on?

Not that I know of, if I’m honest. But I don’t wanna ever say never, because who knows, crazier things have happened in this world. I mean, look at all the other shows that have come back. And who knows even 10 years down the line that we won’t come back and do something.

Today, if you were asked to continue on as Clary, what would you say?

Without a question. Without a question.

What can you tell us about the last two episodes?

I’ve seen the ending of the show, and I really think it’s beautiful. I think it’s perfect. It’s bittersweet, and I think it’s amazing that Todd and Derek wrote it that way, because that’s how the show ended, that’s how we found out we weren’t coming back. And that’s how the show is—it’s sad. The last episode is a big beautiful question mark.

I think that people will have a lot to say. Some people will love it, some people will hate it, some people will not know what to think about it. But what’s great about it is it’s myself and one other actor in the last scene. When I read it at first, I wasn’t sure about it, and then when we shot it, I really liked it. But I still, you never know how it’s gonna turn out. But when I saw it for the first time…it’s perfect. They caught things on our faces that I didn’t even know we were doing.


Are you seeing anyone now that Shadowhunters stopped filming?

I’m still trying to figure out how one dates as a millennial in our strange world of dating and our dating culture that I still don’t understand because I’m basically a woman from the 1950s in a 23-year-old’s body.

“I’m basically a woman from the 1950s in a 23-year-old’s body.”

It’s a very interesting world and I’m just trying to navigate it as authentically as I can for me. I’ve experimented with dating apps, but I don’t like them. They’re not for me.

It’s hard for me to have a deep connection with someone over the internet…that goes deeper than a really good friendship. And I don’t know why that is. I guess I’m just old-fashioned that way.

How do you date when you’re on-set six days of the week?

It takes a lot of communication, and it’s often long-distance. I don’t mind long-distance, but it’s not for everyone. This is what I tell people when they ask me about long-distance relationships: Both people have to be on the same page about being okay with it. Particularly when you have a schedule like mine, it can basically feel like long-distance even when you live in the same city because of the hours you work.

It can also be difficult because of how close I am with my costars and how many hours I spend with them and the kind of things that inevitably you end up doing in scenes or on-set. If the other person isn’t okay with that and can’t separate that from reality, then it can cause problems. But that’s why I think communication is so important, and I start every relationship from a friendship first. I’m friends with most if not all my exes.

You’re like Clary!

Truly! I mean that’s how I’ve always operated. There’s no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater unless something horrible happens. You know, if you had feelings for that person, you genuinely had some kind of love for that person at some point, why would you let that person out of your life?

Have you had any painful breakups?

I’ve had a few. And it’s not fun, but the most important thing is processing it but not dwelling on it. Because if you try and suppress it, then it’s just going to fester, and that’s never good. I try to actually give myself a day or a few days to sit in it, and then I force myself to start moving forward. This is life, and you still feel it, and it still hits you. It’s a loss, you know? But you have to keep moving forward in your life, because otherwise you never will.

That’s how I deal with any loss, in general. And I recently just lost a very close friend of mine, so I’ve been thinking a lot about loss and grief and things like that lately. You do have those moments where it hits you like a brick wall, and you have a little cry, and you feel it and you process it in the way that your heart needs to. And then you call a friend or go watch a movie or literally stop and smell the roses or get a cup of coffee or a cookie or whatever it is that makes you feel better.

Is dating something you’re going to prioritize now?

Work will always be my number one priority, just because that’s who I am as a human being. But I find that when I focus on trying to find a relationship, it doesn’t happen. It’s when I go, “I’m just gonna focus on work, I don’t have time for any of this, I will just be alone and get a cat,” then I meet whoever the man of my dreams is.


Ruben Chamorro

That’s happened to me a couple of times now, and I’d say my last long, wonderful relationship happened that way. I said, “I can’t focus on this, I have work to do, I’m starting a new season, can’t focus on it.” Then two weeks later, I met the guy that ended up being my boyfriend for more than a year. And as soon as I met him, I went, “Okay, dang it, this isn’t gonna work out how I thought it was.”

“If you’re vulnerable to joy, you will probably have something wonderful happen to you in your life.”

I heard somebody have a talk about this: being vulnerable to joy. And I thought that was such a beautiful way of putting it—being open to whatever situation comes your way and being vulnerable to allowing things to happen in your life.

If you’re vulnerable to joy, you will probably have something wonderful happen to you in your life. If you’re open to it, if you’re not trying to control the situation and make something specific happen. You might get hurt in the process, you might experience some ups and downs, but isn’t that what life’s about?

Photographer: Ruben Chamorro. Fashion Stylist: Tiffany Reid. Creative Director: Abby Silverman. Senior Visuals Editor: Raydene Salinas Hansen. Hair: Mia Santiago. Makeup: Misha Shahzada. Cinematographer: Jennifer Cox. Supervising Video Producer: Abbey Adkison.

On Kat (coral look): Yigal Azrouel top and skirt, Jon Josef heels. On Kat (red look): H&M Sweater, Greta Constantine skirt, and Ash boots. On Kat (yellow look): Maje jacket, Sandro top, and the Frye Company boots.

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Public-APIs: A collective list of free APIs

Public-APIs: A collective list of free APIs

A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development.


A public API for this project can be found here – thanks to DigitalOcean for helping us provide this service!

For information on contributing to this project, please see the contributing guide.

Please note a passing build status indicates all listed APIs are available since the last update. A failing build status indicates that 1 or more services may be unavailable at the moment.



API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Cat Facts Daily cat facts No Yes Unknown
Cats Pictures of cats from Tumblr apiKey Yes Unknown
Dogs Based on the Stanford Dogs Dataset No Yes Yes
HTTPCat Cat for every HTTP Status No Yes Unknown
IUCN IUCN Red List of Threatened Species apiKey No Unknown
Movebank Movement and Migration data of animals No Yes Unknown
Petfinder Adoption apiKey Yes Unknown
RandomCat Random pictures of cats No Yes Yes
RandomDog Random pictures of dogs No Yes Yes
RandomFox Random pictures of foxes No Yes No
RescueGroups Adoption No Yes Unknown
Shibe.Online Random pictures of Shibu Inu, cats or birds No No No


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
AniList Anime discovery & tracking OAuth Yes Unknown
AnimeNewsNetwork Anime industry news No Yes Yes
Jikan Unofficial MyAnimeList API No Yes Yes
Kitsu Anime discovery platform OAuth Yes Unknown
Studio Ghibli Resources from Studio Ghibli films No Yes Unknown


Art & Design



API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Charity Search Non-profit charity data apiKey No Unknown
Clearbit Logo Search for company logos and embed them in your projects apiKey Yes Unknown Registered Domain Names Search No Yes Unknown
Freelancer Hire freelancers to get work done OAuth Yes Unknown
Gmail Flexible, RESTful access to the user’s inbox OAuth Yes Unknown
Google Analytics Collect, configure and analyze your data to reach the right audience OAuth Yes Unknown
mailgun Email Service apiKey Yes Unknown
markerapi Trademark Search No No Unknown
Ticksel Friendly website analytics made for humans No Yes Unknown
Trello Boards, lists and cards to help you organize and prioritize your projects OAuth Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Calendar Index Worldwide Holidays and Working Days apiKey Yes Yes
Church Calendar Catholic liturgical calendar No No Unknown
Czech Namedays Calendar Lookup for a name and returns nameday date No No Unknown
Google Calendar Display, create and modify Google calendar events OAuth Yes Unknown
Hebrew Calendar Convert between Gregarian and Hebrew, fetch Shabbat and Holiday times, etc No No Unknown
Holidays Historical data regarding holidays apiKey Yes Unknown
LectServe Protestant liturgical calendar No No Unknown
Nager.Date Public holidays for more than 90 countries No Yes No
Namedays Calendar Provides namedays for multiple countries No Yes Yes
Non-Working Days Database of ICS files for non working days No Yes Unknown
Russian Calendar Check if a date is a Russian holiday or not No Yes No

Cloud Storage & File Sharing

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Box File Sharing and Storage OAuth Yes Unknown
Dropbox File Sharing and Storage OAuth Yes Unknown
Google Drive File Sharing and Storage OAuth Yes Unknown
OneDrive File Sharing and Storage OAuth Yes Unknown
Pastebin Plain Text Storage apiKey Yes Unknown
WeTransfer File Sharing apiKey Yes Yes

Continuous Integration

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
CircleCI Automate the software development process using continuous integration and continuous delivery apiKey Yes Unknown
Codeship Codeship is a Continuous Integration Platform in the cloud apiKey Yes Unknown
Travis CI Sync your GitHub projects with Travis CI to test your code in minutes apiKey Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Binance Exchange for Trading Cryptocurrencies based in China apiKey Yes Unknown
BitcoinAverage Digital Asset Price Data for the blockchain industry apiKey Yes Unknown
BitcoinCharts Financial and Technical Data related to the Bitcoin Network No Yes Unknown
Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Trading Platform apiKey Yes Unknown
Bitmex Real-Time Cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform based in Hong Kong apiKey Yes Unknown
Bittrex Next Generation Crypto Trading Platform apiKey Yes Unknown
Block Bitcoin Payment, Wallet & Transaction Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Blockchain Bitcoin Payment, Wallet & Transaction Data No Yes Unknown
CoinAPI All Currency Exchanges integrate under a single api apiKey Yes No
Coinbase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum Prices apiKey Yes Unknown
Coinbase Pro Cryptocurrency Trading Platform apiKey Yes Unknown
CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index No No Unknown
CoinGecko Cryptocurrency Price, Market, and Developer/Social Data No Yes Yes
Coinigy Interacting with Coinigy Accounts and Exchange Directly apiKey Yes Unknown
CoinLayer Real-time Crypto Currency Exchange Rates apiKey Yes Unknown
Coinlore Cryptocurrencies prices, volume and more No Yes Unknown
CoinMarketCap Cryptocurrencies Prices No Yes Unknown
Coinpaprika Cryptocurrencies prices, volume and more No Yes Yes
CoinRanking Live Cryptocurrency data No Yes Unknown
CryptoCompare Cryptocurrencies Comparison No Yes Unknown
Cryptonator Cryptocurrencies Exchange Rates No Yes Unknown
Gemini Cryptocurrencies Exchange No Yes Unknown
ICObench Various information on listing, ratings, stats, and more apiKey Yes Unknown
Livecoin Cryptocurrency Exchange No Yes Unknown
MercadoBitcoin Brazilian Cryptocurrency Information No Yes Unknown
Nexchange Automated cryptocurrency exchange service No No Yes
NiceHash Largest Crypto Mining Marketplace apiKey Yes Unknown
Poloniex US based digital asset exchange apiKey Yes Unknown
WorldCoinIndex Cryptocurrencies Prices apiKey Yes Unknown
Zloader Due diligence data platform apiKey Yes Unknown

Currency Exchange

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
1Forge Forex currency market data apiKey Yes Unknown
CryptoStandardizer Standardize crypto coin symbols (e.g. BTC, XBT) across 100+ exchanges apiKey Yes Unknown
Currencylayer Exchange rates and currency conversion apiKey Yes Unknown
Czech National Bank A collection of exchange rates No Yes Unknown Exchange rates with currency conversion No Yes Yes Exchange rates and currency conversion apiKey Yes Unknown

Data Validation

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Cloudmersive Validate Validate email addresses, phone numbers, VAT numbers and domain names apiKey Yes Yes
languagelayer Language detection No Yes Unknown US Address Verification apiKey Yes Unknown
mailboxlayer Email address validation No Yes Unknown
NumValidate Open Source phone number validation No Yes Unknown
numverify Phone number validation No Yes Unknown
PurgoMalum Content validator against profanity & obscenity No No Unknown
vatlayer VAT number validation No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
24 Pull Requests Project to promote open source collaboration during December No Yes Yes
ApiFlash Chrome based screenshot API for developers apiKey Yes Unknown IP, Domains and Emails anti-abuse API blocklist No Yes Yes Wikipedia for Web APIs, OpenAPI/Swagger specs for public APIs No Yes Unknown
BetterMeta Return a site’s meta tags in JSON format X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
Bitbucket Pull public information for a Bitbucket account No Yes Unknown
Bored Find random activities to fight boredom No Yes Unknown
Browshot Easily make screenshots of web pages in any screen size, as any device apiKey Yes Unknown
CDNJS Library info on CDNJS No Yes Unknown Structured changelog metadata from open source projects No Yes Unknown Persistent counting and A/B testing No Yes Unknown
DigitalOcean Status Status of all DigitalOcean services No Yes Unknown
DomainDb Info Domain name search to find all domains containing particular words/phrases/etc No Yes Unknown
Faceplusplus A tool to detect face OAuth Yes Unknown Determines a gender from a first name No Yes Unknown
GitHub Make use of GitHub repositories, code and user info programmatically OAuth Yes Yes
Gitlab Automate GitLab interaction programmatically OAuth Yes Unknown
Gitter Chat for GitHub OAuth Yes Unknown
HTTP2.Pro Test endpoints for client and server HTTP/2 protocol support No Yes Unknown
IBM Text to Speech Convert text to speech apiKey Yes Yes Retrieve structured data from a website or RSS feed apiKey Yes Unknown
IPify A simple IP Address API No Yes Unknown
IPinfo Another simple IP Address API No Yes Unknown
JSON 2 JSONP Convert JSON to JSONP (on-the-fly) for easy cross-domain data requests using client-side JavaScript No Yes Unknown Free JSON storage service. Ideal for small scale Web apps, Websites and Mobile apps apiKey Yes Yes
Judge0 Compile and run source code No Yes Unknown
Let’s Validate Uncovers the technologies used on websites and URL to thumbnail No Yes Unknown
License-API Unofficial REST API for No Yes No
LiveEdu Live Coding Streaming OAuth Yes Unknown
MAC address vendor lookup Retrieve vendor details and other information regarding a given MAC address or an OUI apiKey Yes Yes
Myjson A simple JSON store for your web or mobile app No No Unknown
OOPSpam Multiple spam filtering service No Yes Yes
Plino Spam filtering system No Yes Unknown
Postman Tool for testing APIs apiKey Yes Unknown
ProxyCrawl Scraping and crawling anticaptcha service apiKey Yes Unknown
Public APIs A collective list of free JSON APIs for use in web development No Yes Unknown
Pusher Beams Push notifications for Android & iOS apiKey Yes Unknown
QR code Create an easy to read QR code and URL shortener No Yes Yes
QR code Generate and decode / read QR code graphics No Yes Unknown
ReqRes A hosted REST-API ready to respond to your AJAX requests No Yes Unknown
Scrape Website Email Grabs email addresses from a URL X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
ScraperApi Easily build scalable web scrapers apiKey Yes Unknown
StackExchange Q&A forum for developers OAuth Yes Unknown
Verse Check what’s the latest version of your favorite open-source project No Yes Unknown
XML to JSON Integration developer utility APIs No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Oxford Dictionary Data apiKey Yes No
Wordnik Dictionary Data apiKey No Unknown
Words Definitions and synonyms for more than 150,000 words apiKey Yes Unknown

Documents & Productivity

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Cloudmersive Document and Data Conversion HTML/URL to PDF/PNG, Office documents to PDF, image conversion apiKey Yes Yes File Sharing No Yes Unknown
Mercury Web parser apiKey Yes Unknown
pdflayer HTML/URL to PDF apiKey Yes Unknown
Pocket Bookmarking service OAuth Yes Unknown
PrexView Data from XML or JSON to PDF, HTML or Image apiKey Yes Unknown
Restpack Provides screenshot, HTML to PDF and content extraction APIs apiKey Yes Unknown
Todoist Todo Lists OAuth Yes Unknown
Vector Express Free vector file converting API No No Yes
Wunderlist Todo Lists OAuth Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
AirVisual Air quality and weather data apiKey Yes Unknown
OpenAQ Open air quality data apiKey Yes Unknown Air quality of China apiKey No Unknown
PVWatts Energy production photovoltaic (PV) energy systems apiKey Yes Unknown
UK Carbon Intensity The Official Carbon Intensity API for Great Britain developed by National Grid No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Eventbrite Find events OAuth Yes Unknown
Picatic Sell tickets anywhere apiKey Yes Unknown
Ticketmaster Search events, attractions, or venues apiKey Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Alpha Vantage Realtime and historical stock data apiKey Yes Unknown
Barchart OnDemand Stock, Futures and Forex Market Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Financial services consumer complaint data apiKey Yes Unknown
Financial Modeling Prep Stock information and data No Yes Unknown
IEX Stocks and Market Data No Yes Unknown
IG Spreadbetting and CFD Market Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Plaid Connect with users’ bank accounts and access transaction data apiKey Yes Unknown
Razorpay IFSC Indian Financial Systems Code (Bank Branch Codes) No Yes Unknown ACH/NACHA Bank Routing Numbers No Yes Unknown
Tradier US equity/option market data (delayed, intraday, historical) OAuth Yes Yes
VAT Rates A collection of all VAT rates for EU countries No Yes Unknown

Food & Drink

Fraud Prevention

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Whitepages Pro Global identity verification with phone, address, email and IP apiKey Yes Unknown
Whitepages Pro Phone reputation to detect spammy phones apiKey Yes Unknown
Whitepages Pro Get an owner’s name, address, demographics based on the phone number apiKey Yes Unknown
Whitepages Pro Phone number validation, line_type, carrier append apiKey Yes Unknown
Whitepages Pro Get normalized physical address, residents, address type and validity apiKey Yes Unknown

Games & Comics

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Age of Empires II Get information about Age of Empires II resources No Yes Unknown
AmiiboAPI Amiibo Information No No Yes Blizzard Entertainment apiKey Yes Unknown
Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4 Information No Yes Unknown
Chuck Norris Database Jokes No No Unknown
Clash of Clans Clash of Clans Game Information apiKey Yes Unknown
Clash Royale Clash Royale Game Information No Yes Unknown
Comic Vine Comics No Yes Unknown
Deck of Cards Deck of Cards No No Unknown
Destiny The Game Bungie Platform API apiKey Yes Unknown
Dota 2 Provides information about Player stats , Match stats, Rankings for Dota 2 No Yes Unknown
Eve Online Third-Party Developer Documentation OAuth Yes Unknown
Fortnite Fortnite Stats apiKey Yes Unknown
Games Minecraft and other server info & user info) No Yes Unknown
Giant Bomb Video Games No Yes Unknown
Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2 Game Information apiKey Yes Unknown
Halo Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 Information apiKey Yes Unknown
Hearthstone Hearthstone Cards Information X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown Video Game Database apiKey Yes Unknown
Jokes Programming and general jokes No Yes Unknown
Jservice Jeopardy Question Database No No Unknown
Magic The Gathering Magic The Gathering Game Information No No Unknown
Marvel Marvel Comics apiKey No Unknown
Open Trivia Trivia Questions No Yes Unknown
PandaScore E-sports games and results apiKey Yes Unknown
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG Stats apiKey Yes Unknown
Pokéapi Pokémon Information No Yes Unknown
Pokémon TCG Pokémon TCG Information No Yes Unknown
Rick and Morty All the Rick and Morty information, including images No Yes Yes
Riot Games League of Legends Game Information apiKey Yes Unknown
Steam Steam Client Interaction OAuth Yes Unknown
Vainglory Vainglory Players, Matches and Telemetry apiKey Yes Yes info and stats apiKey Yes No
xkcd Retrieve xkcd comics as JSON No Yes Yes


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS Address database of France, geocoding and reverse No Yes Unknown
Battuta A (country/region/city) in-cascade location API apiKey Yes Unknown
Bing Maps Create/customize digital maps based on Bing Maps data apiKey Yes Unknown
City Context Crime, school and transportation data for US cities apiKey Yes Unknown
CitySDK Open APIs for select European cities No Yes Unknown
Daum Maps Daum Maps provide multiple APIs for Korean maps apiKey No Unknown
GeoApi French geographical data No Yes Unknown Address geocoding / reverse geocoding in bulk apiKey Yes Unknown Provides worldwide forward/reverse geocoding, batch geocoding and geoparsing No Yes Unknown
GeoJS IP geolocation with ChatOps integration No Yes Yes
GeoNames Place names and other geographical data No No Unknown
geoPlugin IP geolocation and currency conversion No Yes Yes
Google Earth Engine A cloud-based platform for planetary-scale environmental data analysis apiKey Yes Unknown
Google Maps Create/customize digital maps based on Google Maps data apiKey Yes Unknown
GraphLoc Free GraphQL IP Geolocation API No Yes Unknown
HelloSalut Get hello translation following user language No Yes Unknown
HERE Maps Create/customize digital maps based on HERE Maps data apiKey Yes Unknown
IP 2 Country Map an IP to a country No Yes Unknown
IP Address Details Find geolocation with ip address No Yes Unknown
IP Location Find IP address location information No Yes Unknown
IP Sidekick Geolocation API that returns extra information about an IP address apiKey Yes Unknown
IP Vigilante Free IP Geolocation API No Yes Unknown Locate your visitors by IP with country details No Yes Yes
ipstack Locate and identify website visitors by IP address apiKey Yes Unknown
LocationIQ Provides forward/reverse geocoding and batch geocoding apiKey Yes Yes
Mapbox Create/customize beautiful digital maps apiKey Yes Unknown
Mexico Mexico RESTful zip codes API No Yes Unknown
One Map, Singapore Singapore Land Authority REST API services for Singapore addresses apiKey Yes Unknown
OnWater Determine if a lat/lon is on water or land No Yes Unknown
OpenCage Forward and reverse geocoding using open data No Yes Unknown
OpenStreetMap Navigation, geolocation and geographical data OAuth No Unknown Provide geolocation data based on postcode for Dutch addresses No No Unknown Postcode lookup & Geolocation for the UK No Yes Yes
REST Countries Get information about countries via a RESTful API No Yes Unknown
Uebermaps Discover and share maps with friends apiKey Yes Unknown
Utah AGRC Utah Web API for geocoding Utah addresses apiKey Yes Unknown
ViaCep Brazil RESTful zip codes API No Yes Unknown
Zipcodeapi Find out possible zip codes for a city, distance between zip codes etc apiKey Yes Unknown
Zippopotam Get information about place such as country, city, state, etc No No Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
BCLaws Access to the laws of British Columbia No No Unknown
BusinessUSA Authoritative information on U.S. programs, events, services and more apiKey Yes Unknown The US Census Bureau provides various APIs and data sets on demographics and businesses No Yes Unknown
Colorado Data Engine Formatted and geolocated Colorado public data No Yes Unknown
Colorado Information Marketplace Colorado State Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Data USA US Public Data No Yes Unknown US Government Data apiKey Yes Unknown Contains live datasets including information about petitions, bills, MP votes, attendence and more No No Unknown
District of Columbia Open Data Contains D.C. government public datasets, including crime, GIS, financial data, and so on No Yes Unknown
EPA Web services and data sets from the US Environmental Protection Agency No Yes Unknown
FEC Information on campaign donations in federal elections apiKey Yes Unknown
Federal Register The Daily Journal of the United States Government No Yes Unknown
Food Standards Agency UK food hygiene rating data API No No Unknown
Open Government, Australia Australian Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Belgium Belgium Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Canada Canadian Government Open Data No No Unknown
Open Government, France French Government Open Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Government, India Indian Government Open Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Open Government, Italy Italy Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, New Zealand New Zealand Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Taiwan Taiwan Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, USA United States Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Prague Opendata Prague City Open Data No No Unknown Federal regulatory materials to increase understanding of the Federal rule making process apiKey Yes Unknown
Represent by Open North Find Canadian Government Representatives No Yes Unknown US federal spending data No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
BetterDoctor Detailed information about doctors in your area apiKey Yes Unknown
Diabetes Logging and retrieving diabetes information No No Unknown
Flutrack Influenza-like symptoms with geotracking No No Unknown Educational content about the US Health Insurance Marketplace No Yes Unknown
Lexigram NLP that extracts mentions of clinical concepts from text, gives access to clinical ontology apiKey Yes Unknown
Makeup Makeup Information No No Unknown
Medicare Access to the data from the CMS – No Yes Unknown
NPPES National Plan & Provider Enumeration System, info on healthcare providers registered in US No Yes Unknown
Nutritionix Worlds largest verified nutrition database apiKey Yes Unknown
openFDA Public FDA data about drugs, devices and foods No Yes Unknown
USDA Nutrients National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Adzuna Job board aggregator apiKey Yes Unknown
Authentic Jobs Job board for designers, hackers and creative pros apiKey Yes Unknown
Careerjet Job search engine apiKey No Unknown
Github Jobs Jobs for software developers No Yes Unknown
Indeed Job board aggregator apiKey Yes Unknown
Jobs2Careers Job aggregator apiKey Yes Unknown
Jooble Job search engine apiKey Yes Unknown
Juju Job search engine apiKey No Unknown
Open Skills Job titles, skills and related jobs data No No Unknown
Reed Job board aggregator apiKey Yes Unknown Jobs Tap into a list of current jobs openings with the United States government No Yes Unknown
The Muse Job board and company profiles apiKey Yes Unknown
Upwork Freelance job board and management system OAuth Yes Unknown
USAJOBS US government job board apiKey Yes Unknown
ZipRecruiter Job search app and website apiKey Yes Unknown

Machine Learning

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Clarifai Computer Vision OAuth Yes Unknown
Cloudmersive Image captioning, face recognition, NSFW classification apiKey Yes Yes
Dialogflow Natural Language Processing apiKey Yes Unknown
Keen IO Data Analytics apiKey Yes Unknown
Unplugg Forecasting API for timeseries data apiKey Yes Unknown Natural Language Processing OAuth Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
AI Mastering Automated Music Mastering apiKey Yes Yes
Bandsintown Music Events No Yes Unknown
Deezer Music OAuth Yes Unknown
Discogs Music OAuth Yes Unknown
Genius Crowdsourced lyrics and music knowledge OAuth Yes Unknown
Genrenator Music genre generator No Yes Unknown
iTunes Search Software products No Yes Unknown
Jamendo Music OAuth Yes Unknown
LastFm Music apiKey Yes Unknown Simple API to retrieve the lyrics of a song No Yes Unknown
Mixcloud Music OAuth Yes Yes
MusicBrainz Music No Yes Unknown
Musikki Music apiKey Yes Unknown
Musixmatch Music apiKey Yes Unknown
Openwhyd Download curated playlists of streaming tracks (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc…) No Yes No
Songkick Music Events OAuth Yes Unknown
Songsterr Provides guitar, bass and drums tabs and chords No Yes Unknown
SoundCloud Allow users to upload and share sounds OAuth Yes Unknown
Spotify View Spotify music catalog, manage users’ libraries, get recommendations and more OAuth Yes Unknown
TasteDive Similar artist API (also works for movies and TV shows) apiKey Yes Unknown
TheAudioDB Music apiKey No Unknown
Vagalume Crowdsourced lyrics and music knowledge apiKey Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Chronicling America Provides access to millions of pages of historic US newspapers from the Library of Congress No No Unknown
Currents Latest news published in various news sources, blogs and forums apiKey Yes Yes
Feedbin RSS reader OAuth Yes Unknown
Feedster Searchable and categorized collections of RSS feeds apiKey Yes Unknown
New York Times Provides news apiKey Yes Unknown
News Headlines currently published on a range of news sources and blogs apiKey Yes Unknown
NPR One Personalized news listening experience from NPR OAuth Yes Unknown
The Guardian Access all the content the Guardian creates, categorised by tags and section apiKey Yes Unknown
The Old Reader RSS reader apiKey Yes Unknown

Open Data

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
18F Unofficial US Federal Government API Development No No Unknown
Abbreviation Get abbreviations and meanings X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown The Internet Archive No Yes Unknown United States ham radio callsigns No Yes Unknown
CARTO Location Information Prediction apiKey Yes Unknown
Celebinfo Celebrity information X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
Datakick The open product database apiKey Yes Unknown
Dronestream Tracks United States drone strikes No Yes Unknown
Enigma Public Broadest collection of public data apiKey Yes Yes
fonoApi Mobile Device Description No Yes Unknown
French Address Search Address search via the French Government No Yes Unknown
LinkPreview Get JSON formatted summary with title, description and preview image for any requested URL apiKey Yes Yes
Marijuana Strains Marijuana strains, races, flavors and effects apiKey No Unknown Extract structured data from any website No Yes Yes Open demographic data such as population tables, population rank and life expectancy No No Unknown
Quandl Stock Market Data No Yes Unknown
Recreation Information Database Recreational areas, federal lands, historic sites, museums, and other attractions/resources(US) apiKey Yes Unknown Content Curation Service apiKey No Unknown
Teleport Quality of Life Data No Yes Unknown
Universities List University names, countries and domains No Yes Unknown
University of Oslo Courses, lecture videos, detailed information for courses etc. for the University of Oslo (Norway) No Yes Unknown
UPC database More than 1.5 million barcode numbers from all around the world apiKey Yes Unknown
Wikidata Collaboratively edited knowledge base operated by the Wikimedia Foundation OAuth Yes Unknown
Wikipedia Mediawiki Encyclopedia No Yes Unknown
Yelp Find Local Business OAuth Yes Unknown

Open Source Projects


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
EPO European patent search system api OAuth Yes Unknown
TIPO Taiwan patent search system api apiKey Yes Unknown
USPTO USA patent api services No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Advice Slip Generate random advice slips No Yes Unknown JSON API for hand curated Chuck Norris jokes No Yes Unknown FavQs allows you to collect, discover and share your favorite quotes apiKey Yes Unknown
Forismatic Inspirational Quotes No No Unknown
icanhazdadjoke The largest selection of dad jokes on the internet No Yes Unknown
Medium Community of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas OAuth Yes Unknown
Quotes on Design Inspirational Quotes No Yes Unknown
Traitify Assess, collect and analyze Personality No Yes Unknown Api & web archive for the things Donald Trump has said No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Flickr Flickr Services OAuth Yes Unknown
Getty Images Build applications using the world’s most powerful imagery OAuth Yes Unknown
Gfycat Jiffier GIFs OAuth Yes Unknown
Giphy Get all your gifs apiKey Yes Unknown
Gyazo Upload images apiKey Yes Unknown
Imgur Images OAuth Yes Unknown
Lorem Picsum Images from Unsplash No Yes Unknown
Pixabay Photography apiKey Yes Unknown
Pixhost Upload images, photos, galleries No Yes Unknown
PlaceKitten Resizable kitten placeholder images No Yes Unknown
ScreenShotLayer URL 2 Image No Yes Unknown
Unsplash Photography OAuth Yes Unknown

Science & Math

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS Multiple astronomy data sources No Yes Unknown
CORE Access the world’s Open Access research papers apiKey Yes Unknown High Energy Physics info. system No Yes Unknown
Launch Library Upcoming Space Launches No Yes Unknown
Minor Planet Center Information No No Unknown
NASA NASA data, including imagery No Yes Unknown
Newton Symbolic and Arithmetic Math Calculator No Yes Unknown
Numbers Facts about numbers No No Unknown
Open Notify ISS astronauts, current location, etc No No Unknown
Open Science Framework Repository and archive for study designs, research materials, data, manuscripts, etc No Yes Unknown
SHARE A free, open, dataset about research and scholarly activities No Yes Unknown
SpaceX Company, vehicle, launchpad and launch data No Yes Unknown
Sunrise and Sunset Sunset and sunrise times for a given latitude and longitude No Yes Unknown
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program Earthquakes data real-time No Yes Unknown
USGS Water Services Water quality and level info for rivers and lakes No Yes Unknown
World Bank World Data No No Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
AXFR Database AXFR public database No No Unknown
FilterLists Lists of filters for adblockers and firewalls No Yes Unknown
HaveIBeenPwned Passwords which have previously been exposed in data breaches No Yes Unknown
National Vulnerability Database U.S. National Vulnerability Database No Yes Unknown
SecurityTrails Domain and IP related information such as current and historical WHOIS and DNS records apiKey Yes Unknown
Shodan Search engine for Internet connected devices apiKey Yes Unknown
UK Police UK Police data No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Best Buy Products, Buying Options, Categories, Recommendations, Stores and Commerce apiKey Yes Unknown
Bratabase Database of different types of Bra Sizes OAuth Yes Unknown
eBay Sell and Buy on eBay OAuth Yes Unknown
Wal-Mart Item price and availability apiKey Yes Unknown
Wegmans Wegmans Food Markets apiKey Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Buffer Access to pending and sent updates in Buffer OAuth Yes Unknown
Cisco Spark Team Collaboration Software OAuth Yes Unknown
Discord Make bots for Discord, integrate Discord onto an external platform OAuth Yes Unknown
Disqus Communicate with Disqus data OAuth Yes Unknown
Facebook Facebook Login, Share on FB, Social Plugins, Analytics and more OAuth Yes Unknown
Foursquare Interact with Foursquare users and places (geolocation-based checkins, photos, tips, events, etc) OAuth Yes Unknown
Fuck Off as a Service Asks someone to fuck off No Yes Unknown
Full Contact Get Social Media profiles and contact Information OAuth Yes Unknown
HackerNews Social news for CS and entrepreneurship No Yes Unknown
Instagram Instagram Login, Share on Instagram, Social Plugins and more OAuth Yes Unknown
LinkedIn The foundation of all digital integrations with LinkedIn OAuth Yes Unknown Data about Meetups from apiKey Yes Unknown
MySocialApp Seamless Social Networking features, API, SDK to any app apiKey Yes Unknown
Pinterest The world’s catalog of ideas OAuth Yes Unknown
PWRTelegram bot Boosted version of the Telegram bot API OAuth Yes Unknown
Reddit Homepage of the internet OAuth Yes Unknown
SharedCount Social media like and share data for any URL apiKey Yes Unknown
Slack Team Instant Messaging OAuth Yes Unknown
Telegram Bot Simplified HTTP version of the MTProto API for bots OAuth Yes Unknown
Telegram MTProto Read and write Telegram data OAuth Yes Unknown
Trash Nothing A freecycling community with thousands of free items posted every day OAuth Yes Yes
Tumblr Read and write Tumblr Data OAuth Yes Unknown
Twitch Game Streaming API OAuth Yes Unknown
Twitter Read and write Twitter data OAuth Yes No
vk Read and write vk data OAuth Yes Unknown

Sports & Fitness

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
balldontlie Ballldontlie provides access to stats data from the NBA No Yes Yes
BikeWise Bikewise is a place to learn about and report bike crashes, hazards and thefts No Yes Unknown
Cartola FC The Cartola FC API serves to check the partial points of your team No Yes Unknown
City Bikes City Bikes around the world No No Unknown
Cricket Live Scores Live cricket scores X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
Ergast F1 F1 data from the beginning of the world championships in 1950 No Yes Unknown
Fitbit Fitbit Information OAuth Yes Unknown
Football Prediction Predictions for upcoming football matches, odds, results and stats X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown Football Data No No Unknown
JCDecaux Bike JCDecaux’s self-service bicycles apiKey Yes Unknown
NBA Stats Current and historical NBA Statistics No Yes Unknown
NFL Arrests NFL Arrest Data No No Unknown
Pro Motocross The RESTful AMA Pro Motocross lap times for every racer on the start gate No No Unknown
Strava Connect with athletes, activities and more OAuth Yes Unknown
SuredBits Query sports data, including teams, players, games, scores and statistics No No No
TheSportsDB Crowd-Sourced Sports Data and Artwork apiKey Yes Yes
UFC Data Ultimate Fighting Championship information for events and fighters No No No
Wger Workout manager data as exercises, muscles or equipment apiKey Yes Unknown

Test Data

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Adorable Avatars Generate random cartoon avatars No Yes Unknown
Bacon Ipsum A Meatier Lorem Ipsum Generator No Yes Unknown
Dicebear Avatars Generate random pixel-art avatars No Yes No
FakeJSON Service to generate test and fake data apiKey Yes Yes
FHIR Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources test data No Yes Unknown
Hipster Ipsum Generates Hipster Ipsum text No No Unknown
JSONPlaceholder Fake data for testing and prototyping No No Unknown
Lorem Text Generates Lorem Ipsum text X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
LoremPicsum Generate placeholder pictures No No Unknown
Loripsum The “lorem ipsum” generator that doesn’t suck No No Unknown
RandomUser Generates random user data No Yes Unknown
RoboHash Generate random robot/alien avatars No Yes Unknown
UI Names Generate random fake names No Yes Unknown
Yes No Generate yes or no randomly No Yes Unknown

Text Analysis


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Postmon An API to query Brazilian ZIP codes and orders easily, quickly and free No No Unknown
Sweden Provides information about parcels in transport apiKey No Unknown
UPS Shipment and Address information apiKey Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
ADS-B Exchange Access real-time and historical data of any and all airborne aircraft No Yes Unknown
AIS Hub Real-time data of any marine and inland vessel equipped with AIS tracking system apiKey No Unknown
AIS Web Aeronautical information in digital media produced by the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA) apiKey No Unknown
Amadeus Travel Innovation Sandbox Travel Search – Limited usage apiKey Yes Unknown
Bay Area Rapid Transit Stations and predicted arrivals for BART apiKey No Unknown
Community Transit Transitland API No Yes Unknown
Goibibo API for travel search apiKey Yes Unknown
GraphHopper A-to-B routing with turn-by-turn instructions apiKey Yes Unknown
Icelandic APIs Open APIs that deliver services in or regarding Iceland No Yes Unknown
Indian Railways Indian Railways Information apiKey No Unknown
Izi Audio guide for travellers apiKey Yes Unknown
Navitia The open API for building cool stuff with transport data apiKey Yes Unknown
REFUGE Restrooms Provides safe restroom access for transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming individuals No Yes Unknown
Schiphol Airport Schiphol apiKey Yes Unknown
TransitLand Transit Aggregation No Yes Unknown
Transport for Atlanta, US Marta No No Unknown
Transport for Auckland, New Zealand Auckland Transport No Yes Unknown
Transport for Belgium Belgian transport API No Yes Unknown
Transport for Berlin, Germany Third-party VBB API No Yes Unknown
Transport for Boston, US MBTA API No No Unknown
Transport for Budapest, Hungary Budapest public transport API No Yes Unknown
Transport for Chicago, US CTA No No Unknown
Transport for Czech Republic Czech transport API No Yes Unknown
Transport for Denver, US RTD No No Unknown
Transport for Finland Finnish transport API No Yes Unknown
Transport for Germany Deutsche Bahn (DB) API apiKey No Unknown
Transport for Grenoble, France Grenoble public transport No No No
Transport for Honolulu, US Honolulu Transportation Information apiKey No Unknown
Transport for India India Public Transport API apiKey Yes Unknown
Transport for London, England TfL API No Yes Unknown
Transport for Madrid, Spain Madrid BUS transport API apiKey No Unknown
Transport for Manchester, England TfGM transport network data apiKey Yes No
Transport for Minneapolis, US NexTrip API OAuth No Unknown
Transport for New York City, US MTA apiKey No Unknown
Transport for Norway Norwegian transport API No No Unknown
Transport for Ottawa, Canada OC Transpo next bus arrival API No No Unknown
Transport for Paris, France Live schedules made simple No No Unknown
Transport for Paris, France RATP Open Data API No No Unknown
Transport for Philadelphia, US SEPTA APIs No No Unknown
Transport for Sao Paulo, Brazil SPTrans OAuth No Unknown
Transport for Sweden Public Transport consumer OAuth Yes Unknown
Transport for Switzerland Official Swiss Public Transport Open Data apiKey Yes Unknown
Transport for Switzerland Swiss public transport API No Yes Unknown
Transport for The Netherlands NS, only trains apiKey No Unknown
Transport for The Netherlands OVAPI, country-wide public transport No Yes Unknown
Transport for Toronto, Canada TTC No Yes Unknown
Transport for United States NextBus API No No Unknown
Transport for Vancouver, Canada TransLink OAuth Yes Unknown
Transport for Victoria, AU PTV API apiKey Yes Unknown
Transport for Washington, US Washington Metro transport API OAuth Yes Unknown
Uber Uber ride requests and price estimation OAuth Yes Yes
WhereIsMyTransport Platform for public transport data in emerging cities OAuth Yes Unknown

URL Shorteners

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Bitly URL shortener and link management OAuth Yes Unknown
ClickMeter Monitor, compare and optimize your marketing links apiKey Yes Unknown
Rebrandly Custom URL shortener for sharing branded links apiKey Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Brazilian Vehicles and Prices Vehicles information from Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas – Fipe No Yes Unknown
Kelley Blue Book Vehicle info, pricing, configuration, plus much more apiKey Yes No
Mercedes-Benz Telematics data, remotely access vehicle functions, car configurator, locate service dealers apiKey Yes No
NHTSA NHTSA Product Information Catalog and Vehicle Listing No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
An API of Ice And Fire Game Of Thrones API No Yes Unknown
Breaking Bad Quotes Some Breaking Bad quotes No Yes Unknown
Czech Television TV programme of Czech TV No No Unknown
Dailymotion Dailymotion Developer API OAuth Yes Unknown
Open Movie Database Movie information apiKey Yes Unknown
Ron Swanson Quotes Television No Yes Unknown
STAPI Information on all things Star Trek No No No
SWAPI Star Wars Information No Yes Unknown
TMDb Community-based movie data apiKey Yes Unknown
TVDB Television data apiKey Yes Unknown
TVMaze TV Show Data No No Unknown
Utelly Check where a tv show or movie is available X-Mashape-Key Yes Unknown
Vimeo Vimeo Developer API OAuth Yes Unknown
YouTube Add YouTube functionality to your sites and apps OAuth Yes Unknown


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