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How Zachary Quinto was turned into an old man for “NOS4A2”

How Zachary Quinto was turned into an old man for “NOS4A2”

  • Zachary Quinto wore a lot of makeup to portray the villain Charlie Manx in AMC’s “NOS4A2” adaptation.
  • Makeup artist Joel Harlow worked with Zachary and Author Joe Hill to create the character.
  • Joel has worked on “Black Panther,” done several makeup designs for Johnny Depp, and won an Oscar in 2010 for his work on “Star Trek.”
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The following is a transcript of the video:

Joe Avella: This is Charlie Manx, the villain in AMC’s new series “NOS4A2.” He’s played by sometimes-bald actor Zachary Quinto and was designed by this guy, Oscar-winning FX artist Joel Harlow. Joel’s work has been seen in tons of great movies like…

Joel Harlow: All five of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, the first J.J. Abrams “Star Trek,” “Lone Ranger,” “Logan,” the new “Hellboy,” “Black Panther.”

Joe: I visited his work space to learn how he brought Charlie Manx to life, and we looked at some of his other amazing creations.

Joe: Yo, I’m the new Hellboy!

Joel: There you go. I was approached by production about doing a transformational age makeup on Zach Quinto, who I’ve worked with on several films, obviously, both “Star Trek” films.

Joe: In “NOS4A2,” Charlie Manx is a supernatural creature who feeds off the souls of children, kidnapping them in a car called The Wraith with the vanity plate NOS4A2, or Nosferatu. It’s based on a novel of the same name by author Joe Hill, son of award-winning author Tabitha King and some guy named Steve.

Joel: What you see here is a silicone head of Zach. Once the makeup is sculpted, you know what you have. Let’s just say we’re talking about the 100-year-old. Once the entire makeup is sculpted on the stone copy of Zach’s head, then you decide where you’re gonna cut the makeup apart. Cut the neck off, we’ll cut the chin and lower lip off, we’ll cut the upper lip and nose off, cheeks, forehead, earlobes, and then when you’re dealing with a 135-year-old, there’s the back of the head because his hair at that point is so thin that you see through the hair to the scalp.

Joe: Creating a character from a popular book is no easy task. Luckily for Joel, he knew the author. They met in 1994 when both were working on the TV mini-series “The Stand.”

Joel: Well, fortunately, I am friends with Joe Hill. He’s the go-to guy. I mean, he created Manx. One of his biggest notes to me was Manx’s teeth, even when he’s in his earlier stages, are still very sorta desiccated. It’s like 1800s dental work.

Joe: How much does, when designing this, did Zach’s actual character of his face play into making the character?

Joel: Oh, it played into his character right off the bat. You know, and I never like to design a makeup independently of the actor or actress that is playing that character. It’s always very collaborative. So there’s a lot of, a lot of restraint required when you’re doing something like that as opposed to doing a movie like “Star Trek Beyond” where you’re creating aliens that nobody’s seen. Got a lot of leeway there. Hellboy, you got a lot of leeway there. It’s not a character that you see at the store unless you’re shopping somewhere very unusual.

Joe: It’d be weird if you keep running into Hellboy in your normal life.

Joel: It’s a lot of just dialing it in so it looks like a believable old-age character, yet maintains the characteristics of, in this case, Zach. I would text Zach images of the designs, you know, and get his sign-off, so he was very involved as, you know, most of the performers I deal with are in their look. You spend all this time in the studio sculpting something, sculpting a character, bring it to set, you apply it, but it’s not until it starts to move as that character that it really comes to life. And I don’t know if you know any 135-year-old people, but I don’t. One hundred and thirty-five does give you a little bit of leeway. You know, it’s like you can push it a little bit there.

Joe: Yeah, he’s like, “Prove they don’t do this.” Whereas Joel had little to reference when designing Charlie Manx, he had the opposite challenge with another movie he recently worked on, “Hellboy.” I got to try on a few Hellboy accouterments. New Hellboy, let’s reboot it again. I’m ready.

Joel: Let’s go.

Joe: Getting into this stuff is harder than it looks.

Joel: Age 100 was about three to three and a half hours to get him all ready. Yeah, I mean, it’s long to get this done correctly because it is an old age, and it is a realistic makeup. It took what it took, and that was about three to three and a half. “NOS4A2” trying to do four stages of an age makeup that looks absolutely believable is very difficult. You know, that’s a challenge, that’s a big challenge trying to fool people in real life, and, you know, once you do that, you know you’ll be able to fool ’em on film.

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Drew Barrymore Shares Fresh-Faced Selfie: ‘No Filter. No BS. Just Me’

Drew Barrymore Shares Fresh-Faced Selfie: ‘No Filter. No BS. Just Me’

Drew Barrymore loves makeup — but she’s not afraid to step away from the glam.

On Tuesday morning, the Flower Beauty founder, 44, shared an unfiltered photo of herself.

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“No filter. No BS. Just me,” she captioned the snap.

Sharing a similar au naturel picture the previous day, Barrymore revealed the one product she had on her face to give her that lit from within glow.

“For any beauty junkies,” she wrote, “on my face is @nowfoodsofficial pure vitamin e oil.”

“It’s the best to just slather on. It has a dropper and it is very clean. Check it ladies who like to glow! Inside and out!” she added.

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In a recent interview, Barrymore opened up about how motherhood changed her vision of beauty, and the ways she’s communicating that to her daughters.

“I’m now determined more than ever to show my daughters that aging is a luxury. If we’re lucky, we are all going to age. I just want them to be at peace with who they are and not what they look like,” Barrymore told NewBeauty of the lessons she’s teaching Olive, 6 and Frankie, 4.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore/Instagram

Barrymore has been continually sharing more makeup-free selfies.

In August of last year, Barrymore showed off her bare beauty in a sunny selfie as she opened up about finding inner peace.

“Happy and taking the advice of the wise ones. Somehow things are being put into practice,” she captioned the image, hours after sharing a quote which read, “She is at a place in her life where peace is her priority and negativity cannot exist.”

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore Instagram

That summer, Barrymore also posted another makeup-free selfie with pal Cameron Diaz, 46.

“Her and I are like sisters, and we see each other all the time, and it was just sort of where we are today,” she told PEOPLE at Beautycon Festival in Los Angeles, as she opened up about the story behind the image. “In some ways just another day in our world, but I felt like sharing it. I love her.”

“We’d just come from a workout. We feel good. We’re not wearing any makeup, and we’re just girls being ourselves. And sometimes all makeup and beauty fun aside, it’s just about the raw, honest, post workout look, you know? Just be you,” she added.

Explaining why she frequently posts no-makeup pictures on Instagram, Barrymore told PEOPLE last year that she finds it “empowering.”

“That’s what you really look like — and I have no interest in sort of pretending I look something else than what I am,” she said. “I love wearing makeup, but I also love not wearing makeup.”

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Meet my older sister, Brigette

Meet my older sister, Brigette

A number of you all have been asking recently, “Who is this Brigette person who posts her grocery posts every week?” She’s actually my very talented older sister and I asked her if she could write a post introducing herself and her family this week so you could know who the person is behind the grocery posts! -Crystal

Hi there! I’m Brigette Shevy, and my claim to fame is that I am Crystal’s older sister. She and I both love couponing, saving money, and getting a good deal. I’ve been doing grocery posts on her blog for a few years now, and several of you have been curious to know more about my family. So here you go!

I’ve been married to Eirik, the love of my life, for 13 1/2 years. We are exact opposites in almost every area!

He has a master’s degree in church music/voice, and currently works as an elementary music teacher at a public school in South Carolina. He also works part-time as the music pastor at our church.

Eirik is funny, outgoing, confident, opinionated, and the life of every party! When he’s not working, he is busy being an awesome husband and dad! He can fix, remodel, or build just about anything. And he’s an avid bow hunter (hello, free meat!).

I’m a stay-at-home mom and love (almost) every minute of it. I homeschool our four children, and feel so blessed to have my dream job! I have a master’s degree in music composition – I play piano and harp, and write music for The Wilds.

I am also very involved with the music at our church, as well as helping my children keep up with their practicing and performing. My other passions include close friends and heart-to-heart talks, long-distance running, freshly ground coffee, and any kind of chocolate!

I love baking, gardening, home decorating, shopping, and hanging out with my friends and family. I’m quiet and reserved (until I feel comfortable around you!), and a little bit moody. 😉

And yes, my hair is naturally this blonde – but once you meet me…you wouldn’t need to ask. Ha!

Cadence is 12 going on 21! She’s an amazingly talented violinist, and is currently concertmistress of the Preparatory Youth Orchestra of Charlotte.

She’s been teaching piano and violin lessons for 2 years. Since God knew I was going to only have one daughter, He made sure she loved ALL the girly things.

I now have a fashionista in the home who tries to help me with my makeup and clothes. She’s also a huge help with her younger brothers.

Hudson is my academic child. He excels at every subject in school, and is a nerd in the best sense of the word!

He also plays violin and piano and has read every single book at our public library that’s on the “parent-approved/age-appropriate” list. Well, almost.

Hudson enjoys hunting with Eirik and riding his hoverboard. He inherited my blonde hair, and my shy personality – but at 10 years old, he’s making the best of it. 😉

Jaron is my passionate kid with the loud, daring personality. He does everything BIG, and the fact that he’s still alive after 8 years is a testimony to God’s mercy!

I have more unbelievable stories about him than all my other children combined. He grudgingly practices piano and trumpet everyday, and also lets me know how much he doesn’t enjoy it.

He wants to be a gold miner or a video gamer when he grows up…not sure how that’s going to work out for him.

Clayton is our wonderful surprise baby! He is always happy and laid back, and he is quick to make people laugh.

It’s hard to believe he just turned 5! He has been playing the violin for a few months, and is quite the little musician. He’s obsessed with coloring, legos, riding his bike, and giving hugs. I couldn’t ask for an easier child!

As a family – if we aren’t doing something music-related – we enjoy church activities, hiking, swimming, board games, food, movies, travelling, reading, and having people over to our house. We even attempt sports, but as a whole, we aren’t very coordinated.  Our house is loud and crazy, and we love God most of all —  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Lena Headey Claps Back After No-Makeup Criticism – Us Weekly

Lena Headey Claps Back After No-Makeup Criticism – Us Weekly

Lena Headey has no time for Internet trolls. The Game of Thrones actress clapped back at people who wrote nasty comments on her no-makeup Instagram Video on February 11.

After what seemed to be a long day of traveling, the Brit posted a video to her Instagram feed, expressing her relief to “finally” be on the plane home. With her wavy hair down she is rocking a totally makeup-free face in the video as she talks about her trip and her latest film Fighting With My Family.

Some people (well, a lot) loved her authenticity, writing comments like “natural beauty,” or  “You are an amazing woman.” Many comments were along the lines of, “You look more beautiful without make up then most people do with it on.” However, between all of her praise for posting a video without any makeup, a few people felt the need to leave some nasty comments about her appearance.

But the actress was quick to shut them down, as she, like Cersei, will feel no shame. And she did so not by just writing a quippy comment back. No, no, no — that would be much too meek for the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Instead, she took a screenshot of a caption that read, “don’t record yourself without makeup again please,” and posted it to her feed just four hours after the initial video.

“I shall continue to no wear makeup,” she wrote in the caption before finishing off with the NSFW kicker, “Go f–k yourself.”

This is not the first — and unfortunately probably not the last — time a celebrity has faced criticism when showing off her natural beauty. But anyone who dares to call Headey’s bare-face moments into question from here has been put on notice.

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