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Fauness – “Inanimate Girl” Video

Fauness – “Inanimate Girl” Video

Last year, the London artist Fauness first appeared on our radar with her impressive Toxic Femininity EP. Next month, she’ll follow it up with a new EP called Lashes In A Landfill. We’ve already seen her video for the single “Soon There Will Be No Summer.” And today, she’s dropped another video for another new song called “Inanimate Girl.”

“Inanimate Girl” is a warm, insular piece of pop music, made from clean acoustic guitar and synth sounds. Fauness sings with a soft intimacy, and she sings empathetically about a woman who’s stuck in an unfulfilling relationship. The video picks up on that same story, telling it as a mythic tale of friendship and support.

Andra Teglas directed the “Inanimate Girl” video, filming it in washed-out, fuzzy color. Estelle Morain plays a kind of avatar of femininity, a woman who sadly goes about housework tasks in full makeup and an evening gown. Fauness appears to her, almost as a ghost, to whisk her away from all of that. Watch it below.

The Lashes In A Landfill EP is out 11/2 on Earthly.

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