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  • Jaclyn Hill appears to be teasing the launch of a new beauty product — her first since releasing a disastrous line of lipsticks in May.
  • Her brand, Jaclyn Cosmetics, shared a cryptic tweet on Monday, saying “The future is bright” followed by a star emoji and the date “11/26/19.”
  • The brand followed up with another message on Tuesday, saying “Light up the room” above a video of five women with glowing skin.
  • While many people are excited about Hill’s upcoming announcement, others seem skeptical to trust the YouTuber again.
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YouTuber Jaclyn Hill appears to be using social media to tease the launch of a new beauty product.

On Monday, her brand Jaclyn Cosmetics shared a cryptic tweet about the future. It also included a 20-second-long video of the Jaclyn Cosmetics logo with lights floating around it.

“The future is bright,” Jaclyn Cosmetics wrote, followed by a star emoji and the date “11/26/19.”

—Jaclyn Cosmetics (@jaclyncosmetics) November 11, 2019

By Tuesday, Jaclyn Cosmetics had followed up with another message online: “Light up the room,” written alongside a lightning emoji and the same date.

Underneath the message, Jaclyn Cosmetics shared a video of Hill and four other women standing in a row to showcase their glowing skin.

—Jaclyn Cosmetics (@jaclyncosmetics) November 12, 2019

Some people think they’ve figured out Jaclyn Hill’s upcoming announcement

On Twitter, many have said they believe Hill is launching a highlighting face product. Their guesses make sense, considering the brand’s cryptic messages and sparkling imagery.

—Devan (@devansutphin) November 12, 2019

—A L L Y (@glamourbyally) November 12, 2019

—Kimberly Humbert (@KimlHumbert) November 12, 2019

—Nick Snider (@itsNICKSNIDER) November 11, 2019

The YouTuber has created a cult-favorite highlighter in the past

Back in 2015, Hill teamed up with BECCA Cosmetics, a high-end beauty brand, to create a highlighter called Champagne Pop. The brand sold out within hours of launching, and the highlighter has since become a cult-favorite product.

jaclyn hill 2015

Jaclyn Hill collaborated with BECCA Cosmetics in 2015.
Robin Marchant/Stringer/Getty Images

While the $38 product is still available to purchase today, Hill’s relationship with BECCA Cosmetics has strained. The two fought in 2017 when an Instagram account leaked BECCA Cosmetics’ plan to release a Prosecco Pop highlighter without Hill.

BECCA Cosmetics then sent a cease and desist letter to Morphe, another beauty brand, in 2018. The brand argued that Morphe’s collaboration with Hill copied a product line it previously created with the YouTuber.

Many seem excited about the possibility of new makeup from Hill

While some seem particularly excited that Hill might be launching a highlighter, others seem happy to purchase anything she releases.

—Miri (@miris_vida) November 13, 2019

—João Moreira (@vanitymoreira) November 13, 2019

—Dayre♥ (@DayreR) November 13, 2019

—Karo Alzate (@karolainealzate) November 13, 2019

Others, however, seem nervous to trust the YouTuber following her disastrous lipstick launch

Online, many people referenced Hill’s lipstick scandal from June, when people accused the YouTuber of selling damaged products that caused swelling and bumps on the lips for some customers.

—𝐌𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐧 (@MxganNicolx) November 12, 2019

—Kayla✨ (@AgentCoke) November 12, 2019

—belle 🍂🦃 (@shellzie26) November 11, 2019

Hill has responded to both fans and critics on Twitter

Since the start of the week, Hill has used her Twitter account to speak with fans directly regarding the future of Jaclyn Cosmetics.

For example, Hill thanked a fan for supporting her despite receiving criticism from others.

—Jaclyn Hill (@Jaclynhill) November 13, 2019

The YouTuber also addressed those who sent mean-spirited messages her way.

—Jaclyn Hill (@Jaclynhill) November 12, 2019

Even earlier, Hill responded to a Twitter user who said they’ve lost trust in her products. 

—Jaclyn Hill (@Jaclynhill) November 11, 2019

Representatives for Jaclyn Cosmetics did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.


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