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According to the internet,

Sophie Turner

has two brothers and no sisters. But if she


have a sister, one would imagine she’d probably look a lot like Marisa Roberts, our model for the newest installment of


‘s Beauty Evolution. It’s not a


situation, but the two do share piercing green eyes, long blonde hair, and both make for a very believable redhead — all of which makes Roberts the ideal candidate for a total transformation.

For the crazy-believable evolution, we tapped two glam pros: hairstylist

Felix Fischer

and makeup artist

Liz Oliver

. In the video, you’ll see them turn Roberts into three different iterations of the

Game of Thrones

star. The first is from 2016 when Turner was a redhead, then the pros move onto a version of

Sansa Stark,

Queen of the North (pelt and all), and finally, they tackle the most recent iteration, inspired by the

red carpet premiere of GoT season eight.

Press play on the Youtube video above — and get ready to do a double take, three times.

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