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Though we live in a world of Facetune and filters, most beauty YouTubers aren’t afraid to show viewers what they look like without makeup.

Over the past few years, some of the internet’s biggest stars have shared their glamorous beauty transformations online. Jeffree Star, for example, has had his makeup done by other artists on camera, while Jaclyn Hill has shared tutorials that show her natural appearance.

Here’s a look at what 14 beauty influencers look like when they’re not wearing makeup.

In many of his videos, James Charles wears “soft glam” beauty looks.

james charles

James Charles typically covers his freckles with foundation and shining highlights.

James Charles/YouTube

Charles reviewed the Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation for a video posted in August to his YouTube channel.

Whereas his natural look includes wispy eye brows and a freckled complexion, Charles used makeup during the video to create Instagram-style browns, longer eye lashes, and a full-coverage foundation base.

He’s also known for creating elaborate art on his eyes.

james charles makeup

James Charles transformed his makeup to look more like a fan’s creation.

James Charles/YouTube

In December 2018, Charles uploaded a video called “Recreating My Followers’ Makeup Looks.” He recreated three different styles throughout the video, all of which were originally designed by fans.

While Charles wears makeup throughout the entirety of the video — his bare face is never shown — each transformation is still drastic. In the second clip, for example, he uses his namesake eye-shadow palette to turn a basic look into colorful eye art.

Jeffree Star isn’t afraid to wear dramatic eye makeup.

jeffree star

Jeffree Star frequently goes from natural to glam on YouTube.

Jeffree Star/YouTube

In his November 2018 video titled “DOES KARMA REALLY WORK? ALIEN PALETTE TUTORIAL,” Star had fellow artist Mmmmitchell do his makeup using the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien palette.

While Star started the video with no makeup, he later donned more than four different shadows on his eyes.

Jaclyn Hill has been sharing glamorous beauty transformations on YouTube since 2011.

jaclyn hill

Jaclyn Hill shared this beauty transformation in May.

Jaclyn Hill/YouTube

Jaclyn Hill often shares makeup tutorials, like one she posted in May titled “HOW TO MAKE YOUR MAKEUP LAST ALL DAY!” She said she was inspired to create the video because she’s constantly asked how she maintains the state of her makeup throughout the day.

She suggests starting with a primer, using a damp beauty sponge to apply foundation, and avoiding products that have tons of oil in them. 

Jackie Aina went from natural to glam in an August YouTube video.

jackie aina

Jackie Aina shares makeup tutorials on YouTube every week.

Jackie Aina/YouTube

Throughout the video, titled “The JACKIE AINA PALETTE CHALLENGE,” the beauty YouTuber attempted to create an eye look using only three shades from her namesake Anastasia Beverly Hills palette.

She also applied face primer from NARS, setting spray from Beauty Bakerie, and setting powder from Fenty Beauty. Her final look included pink-and-purple eyes, defined brows, and golden lips.

Manny Gutierrez, or Manny MUA, is known for his charismatic videos in which he transforms himself with makeup.

manny mua

Manny MUA used only drugstore makeup products to create his glamorous look.

Manny MUA/YouTube

He did his makeup with drugstore products back in August for a video titled “FULL FACE OF NEW DRUGSTORE MAKEUP TESTED! They Tried IT!”

Starting with no makeup on, Gutierrez used an elf eye-shadow palette, NYX Mascara, and Revlon lip polish to create a rosy look. 

Nikita Dragun got candid about her natural skin on Instagram.

nikita dragun

The photo on the right shows Dragun at a beauty even she hosted on October 5.
Nikita Dragun/Instagram and Presley Ann/Stringer/Getty Images

On Sunday, Dragun shared a lengthy Instagram post about how she typically feels afraid to share photos “without makeup or editing.” She also discussed her thoughts on Instagram’s recent decision to hide the number of likes people receive on their photos.

Zoe Sugg, who’s known as Zoella, doesn’t consider herself to be a beauty YouTuber —though she occasionally uploads tutorials.


Zoella has been a lifestyle YouTuber since 2009.


In November 2017, Zoella shared a YouTube video titled “My Every Day Autumn Makeup.” She prefaced the tutorial by saying: “In today’s video, I’m going to be doing something that is always very, very highly requested each year. I still don’t know why it’s so highly requested because I’m not the best at makeup. We’ve gathered this now.”

She goes on to apply Fenty Beauty foundation, Charlotte Tilbury bronzer, Urban Decay eye shadow, and ColourPop matte lipstick.

Michelle Phan is often regarded as the original beauty YouTuber.

michelle phan

Michelle Phan often creates costume-style makeup looks on YouTube.

Michelle Phan/YouTube

Though Phan doesn’t post beauty videos as often as she used to — she even took a two-year hiatus from YouTube — many still favor her opinions and tutorials.

Back in 2015, she posted two videos titled “PSYCHEDELIC DREAMS” and “My Alter Ego Look.” In the first, you can see her clearly without makeup. In the second, she uses Coastal Scents eyeliner, NARS mascara, and Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick to emphasize her “dark side.”

Bretman Rock has risen to internet fame thanks to his quirky beauty videos.

bretman rock

Bretman Rock is a beauty YouTuber who currently lives in Hawaii.

Bretman Rock/YouTube

For example, the YouTuber shared a video titled “Save the Turtle Makeup Look on Edibles” in June. Throughout the video, he applied his makeup, ate chocolate infused with cannabis, and talked about saving turtles.

He started by using La Mer’s Perfecting Treatment, and then applied a long-lasting foundation from Laura Mercier. Rock also used various shades of eye shadows to create a green-and-yellow look.

Tati Westbrook has been sharing her beauty knowledge on YouTube since 2011.

tati westbrook

Tati Westbrook only used products from The Crème Shop in her most-recent video.

Tati Westbrook/YouTube

On Monday, Westbrook uploaded a video called “HOLY SMOKES … ALL NEW DRUGSTORE MAKEUP,” in which she tested products from beauty brand The Crème Shop.

She used the brand’s So Shady eye-shadow palette, Creamy Gel Eyeliner, and Match Made Luminous Liquid Foundation, among other products, to create a rosy, full-face look.

Alissa Ashley has only been making YouTube videos since 2015, but she already has more than 2 million subscribers.

alissa ashley

Alissa Ashley often finds unique ways to apply her makeup on YouTube.

Alissa Ashley/YouTube

In her video titled “Numbers Pick My Eyeshadow,” Ashley wrote down the number of shades in her eye-shadow palette, mixed them up, then randomly chose shades to apply on her eyes.

She chose a Norvina Collection palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and ended up using four shades: a taupe, green, purple, and yellow. She also applied a Fenty Beauty lipstick to tie the entire look together.



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