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Bryan Cranston won several Emmy awards for his portrayal of Walter White on “Breaking Bad.”

  • Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston shared a video of his transformation into drug kingpin Walter White on Twitter Monday. 
  • Cranston, who had a brief cameo in “El Camino,” the “Breaking Bad” spin-off film that premiered on Netflix this month, had to wear a bald cap and special makeup for the scene. 
  • The time-lapse video shows the actor getting fitted with the bald cap as well as a fake moustache. 
  • Cranston had a full head of hair at the time due to his role as anchorman Howard Beale in the Broadway adaptation of “Network,” and only had 36 hours to film the cameo. 
  • The actor wore a bald cap to resemble Walter White again, but his head shape had to be altered in post-production. 
  • “We also had to get a little digital (effects) help to shrink Bryan’s head so it didn’t look bulbous with the bald cap on,” writer-director Vince Gilligan told USA Today
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—Bryan Cranston (@BryanCranston) October 21, 2019

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