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The day

Deepica Mutyala


YouTube video

showing how to use red lipstick to neutralize under-eye circles went viral, she quit her job. “I always wanted my own beauty brand,” says Mutyala, who was working for Birchbox at the time. “So, why not take this 15 minutes of fame and create my dream career?” That was 2015.


spent the next three years becoming one the most well-known beauty influencers in the world. She racked up cosmetic campaigns,


followers and


subscribers, and launched

Live Tinted

, a digital community dedicated to promoting diversity in the beauty industry.

“Luckily for me it started to be cool to be a minority!” she laughs, but she’s dead serious about making beauty, beauty products, and, oh yeah, the


, more inclusive for women of colour. Mutyala, who is based in Los Angeles, was in Toronto recently to host a pop-up celebrating

Live Tinted

‘s first product launch: the Huestick. The creamy chubby colour-corrector pencil is an ode to that career-launching video. It comes in three shades — red, orange and pink — and it can also be worn on cheeks and lips.

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