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  • Shane Dawson released the third episode of “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star,” a nine-part documentary series.
  • In the video, he and Star give the first look at their palette for their upcoming makeup collaboration titled “Conspiracy.”
  • Some of the colors refer to prominent conspiracy theories, like “Flat Earth,” “Chem Trails,” and “Just a Theory.”
  • Other colors allude to Dawson’s history on YouTube, including “Food Videos,” “Cry on my Couch,” “Ranch,” and “Trish.”
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Shane Dawson dropped the latest installment of his nine-part documentary series titled “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” on Friday. While attempting to profile Star’s life, the new episode focused more heavily on the two YouTubers’ upcoming makeup collaboration, “Conspiracy.”

In the episode, Star presented Dawson with a first look of the color palette, so fans finally got a glimpse at what this new makeup line will look like. 

The name of each color was also announced, and they include: Trisha, Flat Earth, Ranch, Diet Root Beer, Just a Theory, Not A Fact, Controversy, Illuminatea, My Uber’s Here, Inside Job, Diet Cola, PIGment, Cheeto Dust, Flaming Hot, TanaCon, Irrelevant, Cry on my Couch and Sleep Paralysis. All of them relate in some way to Dawson’s biggest video hits over the years. 

Keep reading to see what some of the best colors might look like.

This pink shade is called “Trisha.”

shane dawson makeup palette


Shane/ YouTube

This shade is named after fellow YouTuber Trisha Paytas. 

“That is literally Trish,” Dawson said in the video. “If you compacted her down into a little square, that’s Trish.”

Dawson calls this white shade “Flat Earth.”

shane dawson makeup palatte

Flat Earth.

Shane/ YouTube

“It’s really pretty,” Star said. “There’s a really subtle shade of blue in there.”

The yellow color is called “Food Videos” because the thumbnails of Dawson’s food-focused videos always have a yellow background.

shane dawson makeup palette

Food videos.

Shane/ YouTube

Dawson and Star agree in the video that this color needs more pigment before it’s officially released so that it’s brighter for consumers. 

This orange color is called “Cheeto Dust.”

shane dawson makeup palette

Cheeto Dust.

Shane/ YouTube

“Wait, that literally looks like Cheeto dust,” Dawson said. 

This bright blue shade is named after a conspiracy theory known as “Chem Trails.”

shane dawson makeup palette

Chem Trails.

Shane/ YouTube

People who believe in chemtrails think that the streaks in the sky are evidence that the government is poisoning us with chemicals.

Dawson calls this color “Cry on my Couch.”

shane dawson makeup palette

Cry on my Couch.

Shane/ YouTube

“It’s the color of my old couch that so many have shed a tear on,” Dawson said. 

This maroon color is named “Just a Theory.”

shane dawson makeup palette

Just a Theory.

Shane/ YouTube

“Just a Theory” is the color of Dawson’s shirt in his conspiracy theory videos. 


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