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On a recent trip to Seoul, South Korea, I got the chance to visit Lee to get the full Blackpink makeup treatment. It was hard to pick just one look, but we decided to channel Jennie Kim’s

Tomb Raider

-inspired smoky eye (complete with a Swarovski crystal on the tear duct) from the group’s “Kill This Love” video.

As you likely expect, Lee’s tips and tricks are out of this world. Read: She uses heat to improve curl after applying mascara by warming two small wooden sticks with a lighter before allowing them to cool down and running them over the fresh mascara. (Warning: We don’t have to say this, but be very careful when copying any pro trick that uses heat. Warming up a tool is okay as long as it’s cool to the touch, but anything that feels hot is not safe near the face.) Check out this tip, plus all the rest, by clicking on the latest episode of Beauty With Mi, above.

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