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In the world of sensual, trustworthy and luxurious beauty, La Mer has always held a special place. The line gives me a sense of confidence that my skin is taken care of.

As my skin is maturing, I am discovering that with a little bit of care, it’s actually better than it’s ever been. I don’t even need much makeup – which is a thing all French women talk about : as you get older, the less makeup the better. A beautiful skin is where it’s at – no pressure! 😉

So. Everyday, the crème, the sunscreen (a must when you live in LA!), and the key : the serum. The Regenerating Serum is kind of the secret. As it works on renewing and plumping my skin, it also gives it this smooth, dewy but not shiny look. I feel so good wearing it that you’ll often see me sans makeup entirely.

I’m so so so so happy that La Mer chose me for this beautiful celebration of beauty. I hope you like the video as much as I loved shooting it!

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