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A few weeks ago, food photographer Scott Choucino showed us that food photographers don’t necessarily use nasty tricks to make the food look appetizing. But how do they make food look so darn delicious and mouth-watering? Well, it takes some skill, but also the right tools. In this video, Scott will let you take a peek inside his food styling bag and show you what a food photographer must have in his or her kit.

Scott lists all the items he has in his kit, but let’s mention the essentials. He says that one of the first things to buy is a pair of large tweezers and a set of small tweezers. You will use them for all sorts of things: arranging food, moving small items around the plate or table, and so on. A scalpel is also a must and you can use it for precise cutting, but also for cleaning. Buy a set of blades along with the scalpel so a fresh blade is always at hand.

Then, always have around some Q tips and makeup sponges. They’re perfect for precise cleaning and absorbing liquids. But, you can also use the sponges to make sandwiches look more stacked. It’s a slightly nasty trick food photographers use, but hey, at least it doesn’t involve shaving cream or shoe polish.

For holding things in place, you need some adhesive putty and double-sided tape. They can be used for fixing both the plates and the backdrop. And let’s not forget syringes and pipettes. They’re great for extracting, but also for adding drops of liquid, condiments, or gooey centers of cakes.

These are only some of the items Scott has in his kit, and make sure to watch the video for all of them. I personally found it very useful, because I’m starting a food blog and I want to take better photos for it. And if you’re into food styling and photography, I’m sure you’ll find this video helpful, too.


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