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After recently teasing fans with a trailer for the vid for his new track “Babushka Boi,” A$AP Rocky has now officially rolled out the music visual to the aforementioned song. Young British artist, filmmaker and photographer Nadia Lee Cohen was tapped to direct the project and she channeled the iconic work of Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy for the artistic direction. The comic strip Dick Tracy was created in the 1930s and followed the adventures of the detective who fights crime against a collective of gangsters.

The video loosely follows the general plot of the strip as we see Rocky as the lead member of his own mob. His own crew of criminals are done in exaggerated makeup which also reflects the looks of characters as seen in the 1990 film directed by Warren Beatty who also starred in the movie as Tracy alongside Al Pacino as the villain Alphonse “Big Boy” Caprice.

Conclusively, in this visual, the police chasing Rocky and his entourage are caricatured as pigs. It only gets more interesting at the end once a standoff ensues between the rival factions.

Watch what happens in the music video above.

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In recent news, Trump’s White House wasn’t too happy with A$AP Rocky for not being appreciative of their help in getting the Harlem rapper out of his Swedish Jail.

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