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Earlier this summer, J Balvin and Bad Bunny, quite possibly the two biggest stars in all of Spanish-language pop right now, teamed up for the surprise album OASIS, a monster-level collaboration that basically serves as an urbano version of Watch The Throne. When they dropped the album, they also shared a video for first single “QUE PRETENDES,” which they’d made with the great video director Colin Tilley. It was pretty cool. But now Balvin and Bunny have made another video with Tilly, and it’s basically the coolest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

The honking, stomping album track “CUIDAO POR AHÍ” is, more or less, a sex song. The title translates roughly as “TAKE CARE OF THERE,” and there are lyrical references to butts and to raw-dogging. But that’s not the direction that Tilley went with the video. Instead, Tilley went all-out stadium-goth with it, imagining something that Marilyn Manson might make if he was working with K-pop budget levels, and if he was visually creative enough to go out in the sun, ever.

There is so much vivid imagery in this one. Balvin wears zombie facepaint and leather S&M surgical masks. Bunny wears a balaclava with Mickey Mouse ears. There are birds and masked goons and sea monsters. Balvin hangs upside down in a tunnel, like a bat, while a boat burns behind him. There’s a great bit where Bad Bunny, noted wrestling fan, is wearing the same makeup that Sting wore in 1997, when he was lurking silently in arena rafters and feuding with the NWO. Balvin, next to him, is dressed as the bad bunny from Donnie Darko. It just fucking rules. Watch it below.

OASIS is out now on Universal Music Latino.

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