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Bretman Rock, a makeup mogul with more than six million YouTube subscribers and 13 million Instagram followers, recently launched a merchandise line in honor of his 21st birthday.

But rather than selling cosmetics like many other beauty vloggers on social media, Rock has instead chosen to sell smoking paraphernalia and reusable products. Each item on his website, including a lighter case and rolling papers, retails for $21.

A number of fans seem eager to purchase Rock’s products, but many others have questioned the price tag and quality of each item.

Beauty YouTuber Bretman Rock launched his merchandise line on Wednesday

In an Instagram post shared on Wednesday at midnight, the YouTuber announced his merchandise line with a promotional video.

In the caption of his post, Rock said items from his line would be “very limited” in quantity, and that “a portion of proceeds” will be donated to a “local wildlife charity” and the Aloha ʻĀina Fund, which aims to protect the “unique island way of life” in Hawaii, according to its website.

Rock’s website, called Da Baddest Merch, was designed to celebrate his 21st birthday

“I truly cannot believe they let me turn 21,” Rock’s website says. “But this ain’t no ordinary birthday, b—-. I only do one thing — and that’s be the baddest. So I created Da Baddest merch you’ve ever seen to help celebrate my legalization.”

Underneath his message, customers can purchase from a variety of five items: reusable straws, grinders, makeup bags, lighter cases, and rolling papers.

Each item retails for $21, and is printed with one of Rock’s signature phrases. The grinder, for example, says “Or Whatevah,” while the package of rolling papers reads “Baddest.”

Bretman Rock’s merchandise website.
Da Baddest Merch

Rock also includes a statement about saving turtles on his website.

“Why turtles?” Rock’s website asks. “Because without Turtles, there would be no Turtles. Periodt. Every purchase you make, I will donate some money to help the Turtles because I’m generous like that.”

Many people on social media questioned the price and quality of Rock’s products

On Reddit, members of the r/BeautyGuruChatter subreddit discussed Da Baddest merchandise, with many saying that Rock’s products appear to be “overpriced” and made of poor quality.

“This looks like stuff you would buy at a gas station for $2.50,” Redditor MohandasGandhi wrote.

“”Looks like cheap crap being sold at an inflated price honestly,” a user named luv_nachos shared. “Four metal straws for $21? You can literally buy an eight-pack for under $10 on Amazon. $21 for a little, basic makeup bag??? The designs are not cute or unique enough to justify how ridiculously overpriced this stuff is.”

“Girl bye,” illium007 wrote. “That $21 lighter better come with an alarm system when someone inevitably trys to steal it from me within the first hour I have it.”

A lighter case from Bretman Rock’s merchandise website.
Da Baddest Merch

Some people also questioned why Rock chose to sell smoking equipment rather than products that have a closer relation to his online persona.

“None of it, if I saw it out in the wild, would tell me that it is merch for Bretman,” Redditor AnAussiebum said. “Additionally, none of it looks creative or interesting. I also don’t understand why he is selling lighters and just random crap.”

“I don’t know much about Bretman, but weed paraphernalia is not what I would have pictured as his aesthetic,” seitancauliflower said. “I figured something a lil’ slinky and sexy, and perhaps beach vibes.”

Still, one Redditor noted that Rock often mentions smoking on his social-media pages.

“He is pretty open about his love for smoking, so it’s not shocking,” xosarahlovesmakeup wrote.

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Others, however, seem to love the YouTuber’s merchandise

On Twitter, a number of people said they plan to make a purchase from Rock’s website.

Representatives for Bretman Rock did not immediately reply to INSIDER’s request for comment.

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