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  • A beauty YouTuber took part in a challenge where she went to the worst rated salon in her area.
  • The challenge has been making its way around the beauty YouTube community for a few weeks.
  • YouTuber Mar, whose real name is Mariale Marrero, visited a salon in Vegas, and claimed it gave her a skin infection.
  • The makeup artist’s daughter saw the video and hit back at Marrero, saying she shouldn’t have publicly shamed them, and she was lying about the salon’s cleanliness.
  • Marrero posted another video saying she was sorry for hurting them, but couldn’t apologize for “the truth.”
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There’s a challenge making its way around the beauty YouTube community where the creator goes to the worst rated makeup salon in their area. One YouTuber who tried it out is Mar, a beauty influencer who lives in LA.

Mar, whose real name is Mariale Marrero, went to a salon in Vegas when she was visiting, and vlogged the whole experience from the booking to end result. Throughout the video, which was posted on July 19, she used captions to say the makeup products burned her skin. She also claimed she ended up with a skin infection.

There are currently dozens of videos on YouTube of people trying out the challenge, including uploads from beauty influencer Cole Carrigan and family vlogging channel Meet The Vloggers. Some of the videos have racked up millions of views.

Creators usually approach the challenge with a level of anonymity, so to not publicly shame the place they go to. But in Marrero’s video, the outside and inside of the salon were filmed extensively, so arguably it would be fairly easy for anyone local to identify it.

Mar / YouTube

Marrero first filmed herself having trouble securing a booking. When she finally sat down for her appointment, she filmed the interior of the salon, including the storefront and the makeup artist’s bench. She put captions on the video, criticizing the salon’s cleanliness and referring to the artist’s “bacteria-infested kit,” and how “bacteria feels so nice on my face.”

She also called a makeup pot “salmonella in a jar,” and a setting spray “salmonella spray.”

She filmed herself telling the artist the eyeshadow primer burned, but claimed she continued to put it on anyway. She then captioned a clip of the makeup artist at work with, “casually getting a skin infection.”

Afterward, Marrero asked for the bathroom where she continued to film and be shocked by the cleanliness, and joked that the dirty mop water was used to clean the makeup artist’s brushes.

After the appointment, Marrero said the artist tried her hardest, but the end result wasn’t “cute.”

“The biggest issue for me is that my eyes right now itch so bad,” she said. “If your client is having a reaction to something and she tells you that it burns, you don’t just keep putting it on.”

Marrero said later in the video that after a couple of days, she “started getting some red bumps on my face.” She explained she’d visited a doctor, and he’d informed her she had a skin infection.

“I realized I had gone to this makeup artist and I was like, oh my God, I got an infection on my face from the makeup artist,” she said. “I’ve been to a lot worse rated makeup artists and that has never happened. But it happened now.”

Marrero closed off the video warning people to be more careful about their health and the places they go to.

Mar / YouTube

After the video was posted, the daughter of the makeup artist, who goes by Tiff, called Marrero out on Twitter.

“This was all a set up and you know it,” she wrote, adding that the artist was not trained in the type of makeup Marrero wanted, she was rushed, and all the products are certified and sanitized.

She said saying the mop bucket was used to clean them was “a lie that you came up with to make your horrible video even the tiniest bit more interesting.”

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She added Marrero planned the whole thing to make the salon look bad, and to convince her viewers she was a “victim.”

“It’s sad that as a Latina you would come into a salon that is Latina owned and ran so that you can come tear them down in order to get views and likes,” she wrote. “While this store may not be the high end salons you feel like you belong to, this is a salon for the middle to lower class and is respected in the community.”

She ended the statement saying Marrero should know her video was “defamation of character and for the salon.”

“You will be hearing from us again,” she said.

Tiff also posted a thread about how Marrero mocked her mother’s availability, “but the reason she has that availability is to take care of her 17 year old daughter with special needs,” she said.

“And now you’re trying to ruin what pays the roof over my sisters head, her doctors appointments and her medicine that keeps her alive!?” she wrote. “You should be ashamed. She is her full time job!”

Tiff’s sister also posted a tweet, with a photo of what the makeup artist’s bench looked like.

On Marrero’s Twitter page, she defended her claims of getting a skin infection, and told her followers she had been receiving death threats.

She also said it was never her intention to hurt the people who run the salon, and that she wanted to “make things right.”

On July 22, Marrero posted another video titled: “What REALLY happened… Las Vegas Makeup Artist.”

She said she thought she had done a good job at keeping the identity private, and nobody would know who they were. She apologized for hurting the makeup artist and her family, but said she “cannot apologize for the truth.”

She said she was upset and angry at the time, and the captions in the video were all “bad jokes.”

Since Marrero’s second video, there have been several exchanges between her and the makeup artist’s family. Marrero has also received a lot of criticism from viewers, saying she should apologize again without the caveats. Others say she was lying about the infection, and set out to make a salon look bad just for the fun of it.

Drama channel TeaSpill also got involved.

Tiff said she wanted to see a doctor’s note for Marrero’s skin infection. She and her sister have stated several times that they want the video taken down.

“You have failed countless times to show a doctors note or tell us your diagnoses,” she tweeted. “A straight phony. Fake. And a huge liar.”

“I’m sorry, I got a skin infection and went to a doctor,” Marrero wrote in one response. “I’m not lying and wish you and your mother would accept it so you could stop this from happening to another client. Please stop spreading hate.”

So far, no action has been publicly taken.

INSIDER has reached out to the makeup artist’s family and Marrero for comment.

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