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Photo: Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images.

Rumors of Gaga’s beauty brand began to circulate last February, after official documents were filed by the singer’s company,

trademarking the name Haus Beauty

for what appeared to be a cosmetics line. According to the trademark details, Haus Beauty would include a long list of potential products and services, like foundations, lipsticks, and eyeliners.

Unfortunately, celebrities file trademarks all the time, and Gaga was radio silent about every rumor that surfaced regarding Haus Beauty — including the

elusive campaign images that leaked last week

. Then, Gaga dropped this video to her Haus Laboratories YouTube channel, and all the gossip became a sparkling reality.

According to

Business of Fashion

, Gaga’s brand — which is called Haus Laboratories,


Haus Beauty — will be available this September. An exact launch date has yet to be confirmed, but according to the Haus Laboratories campaign video, which features Gaga and a beautifully diverse cast of models, you can pre-order the products starting on July 15. What the video


tell you is that Haus Laboratories will be exclusively sold on Amazon, making it the first major beauty brand to be sold on the e-tailer, and likely cementing the site as a go-to beauty destination.

The video offers a tiny taste of the textures and colors we can expect from Haus Laboratories, including shimmer eyeshadows (that look intensely pigmented), glosses (for face and lips), lacquered lipsticks, and potentially eyelid decals (think Gaga’s rhinestone eye mask at the

2017 Super Bowl

). For now, the brand’s entry launch will be several makeup kits filled with multipurpose formulas for the eyes, cheeks, and lips starting at $49. The brand is also launching a lip gloss that will be sold separately for $16.

To sweeten the deal, Gaga’s

long-time makeup artist Sarah Tanno

is the brand’s global artistry director, which means we’ve probably seen Gaga wearing her cosmetic creations for months without even knowing it. Since there are still five days left until you can give Mother Monster all of your money, we suggest sifting through her

best beauty looks

for some inspiration.

The only thing that would make this announcement better? A new album to go along with it.

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