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Fellow YouTubers like Jeffree Star and Nikita Dragun have tweeted about the James Charles and Tati Westbrook feud.

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Star also sent a tweet to Charles’ brother, Ian Jeffrey, that labeled James as a ‘predator’

Jeffree Star sent a heated tweet to James Charles’ brother.

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When Jeffrey tweeted, “Why does everyone act so tough over the internet?,” Star responded with “Why is your brother a predator?? Why’d you really move back to NYC? Exactly. Shut the f— up.”

This tweet has also since been deleted, though can be seen on Revelist.

Another fellow YouTuber, Shane Dawson, sent a tweet that seemed to reference the drama.

Shane Dawson seemed to allude to the drama on Twitter.

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Dawson also gave a glowing review of Westbrook’s Halo Beauty vitamins.

Shane Dawson shared his love of Halo Beauty.

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Westbrook’s Halo Beauty brand of vitamins became a major source of conflict in the explosive feud after Charles posted an ad for a competing brand called Sugar Bear Hair.

Two days after Westbrook’s video, Dawson tweeted photos of his results from using her vitamins alongside a glowing review and the caption, “drama aside, I have something to say.”

YouTuber Gabriel Zamora questioned Westbrook’s side of the story in a scathing Snapchat video.

Gabriel Zamora shared his thoughts on Snapchat.

Gariel Zamora/Snapchat

Zamora became a key factor in the feud when Westbrook said his “Makeup and Opinions” video inspired her to address the situation publicly. In the video, Zamora questioned why she was being vague about the situation and why she didn’t address Charles by name.

YouTube user THE VIEWERS VOICE shared a clip of Zamora’s subsequent Snapchat response video, where he says that the manipulative behavior Westbrook accused Charles of was instigated by the straight man in question. He also calls her a “fraud” for perpetuating the “predatory” angle of the story.

A young man claiming to be the waiter from Seattle that Westbrook spoke about in her video uploaded a video telling his side of the story.

A video from someone claiming to be the waiter Tati mentioned started to circulate shortly after.

YouTube/Shan x

In Westbrook’s video, she says that James was “talking in detail about things [he] wanted to do to the waiter,” during her birthday party. When Westbrook said, “James, he’s straight,” she said Charles replied with, “doesn’t matter, I’m a celebrity.”

A video from a young man who claims to be the waiter was soon uploaded to YouTube. It has not been confirmed that he’s the waiter in question, though the video does feature a Facetime call between him and Charles, as well as several messages.

In the waiter’s video, he says that he reached out to Charles via Instagram and the two formed a relationship. Though he says he was bi-curious at the time, he eventually decided to end things with Charles after deciding he was straight.

The waiter has since deleted the video, but it has been shared by YouTube user Shan x.

Beauty YouTuber Nikita Dragun tweeted text messages Charles sent her when he asked for help with security.

Nikita Dragun shared her text messages from James Charles.

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Charles’ initial Instagram story ad for Sugar Bear Hair claims the brand helped him with security during Coachella. Dragun posted screenshots of her text messages with James when he asked her to put him in contact with representatives for Sugar Bear Hair.

In the texts, Charles asks Dragun if her contacts from Sugar Bear Hair can provide him with an Artist pass and extra security, as he claims he was being “attacked” in the less secure areas of Coachella. He also writes that he will post an Instagram story in exchange for the pass.

“Heard a situation needed some clarification,” Dragun tweeted alongside the screenshots of Charles’ texts. “My friend was in an emergency and texted me in the moment … unfortunately since @dragunbeauty used all of our marketing budget on the fantasy i connected him with sugar bear. nothing shady.”

Westbrook herself followed up with a message on Twitter on Sunday.

Tati Westbrook broke her silence on Twitter.

Tati Westbrook/Instagram

“There won’t be a video tomorrow,” Westbrook wrote to her fans in her first Twitter post since uploading the video. “My heart is still too heavy. I feel like I need to remind you that we can hold truth & inspire change without grabbing onto hate. Honor your blessings, don’t abuse them. Celebrating pain will only bring it to your door. love you guys, see you soon.”


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