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By Chloe Bryan

Any meme that inspires someone to post that pic of the Doritos and the isopods is a good meme. Thus, this stupid “boys vs. girls locker room” meme is good. I don’t make the rules!

According to Know Your Meme, the meme began on the Russian social media platform VK, then made its way to English-speaking subreddits late last week. It “highlights” the “difference” between girls’ and boys’ locker rooms. In the world of the meme, that difference is that girls gossip and complain while boys do some kind of unhinged, surreal group activity.

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It’s worth noting that the meme involves a problematic gender binary. For one thing, people cannot be divided into “girls” and “boys” — even though most locker rooms still are. Plus, there are plenty of female students who aren’t worried about P.E. messing up their makeup (though it does, and it’s stupid to have that class in the middle of the morning when you still have a full school day ahead of you).

But “girls vs. boys” isn’t really the point of the meme, which has evolved into something so nonsensical it now appears to mock the gender divide inherent to its format. The point of the meme, as far as I can tell, is to find the dumbest thing you can, then post it. (Some of the choices are comically hyper-masculine, which makes sense, but others are just weird in general.)

And people are really delivering.

Girl’s Locker Room: “Oh my god, did you see the new eye-liner Rebecca bought? It looks gorgeous!”

Boy’s Locker Room:

— Masahiro Sakurai (@Nin_SmashBros) May 13, 2019

A few people have reversed the concept, choosing a bizarre image or video for the girls’ locker room instead. Equal opportunity shitposting, baby!

boy’s locker room: bro ur gonna be at the party tonight right? yea dude we’re gonna get so wasted

girl’s locker room:

— Animal Spirit from Hell 🐀 (@tuck__v) May 13, 2019

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