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Now, we’re going to put our hands up and admit that until filmmaker Roxy Rezvany introduced us to him, Atlanta-based avant-pop artist Sequoyah Murray hadn’t been on our radar.

Thanks to Roxy’s gloriously kinetic video for forthcoming single Penalties of Love the 22-year-old is now blipping around on there like a fleet of nuclear submarines heading for the US seaboard. In a good way, obviously. “Sequoyah’s voice and the way he moves really does evoke the effortless silkiness and the sexiness of iconic popstars like Prince and Grace Jones,” the Little Pyongyang director tells us.

It was that sexiness and silkiness which led Roxy to decide to work with stylist Neesha Champaneria and makeup artist Grace Ellington to build outfits from scratch that’d bring the sultry stylishness of those aforementioned pop legends into the 21st century.

Roxy and the rest of the creative team decided to visually mirror the song’s break-up theme, “from the deconstructed shirt showing how after a break up you’re exposed and there are holes to patch and a self to rebuild, to the white ensemble made of lots of white shirts sewn together as if to show how he’s grown thicker skin, and built himself back up again.”

The video premieres today on Boiler Room’s 4:3 platform.

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