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Momentarily set aside the commonly held notion about chivalry being dead and whatnot, because an aspiring makeup artist’s boyfriend, who doesn’t typically wear makeup, stepped in as the model for her recent makeup tutorial. He did so fairly enthusiastically, too! The makeup artist, who goes by Another Black Girl on social media, had recently shared a video of the finished look to Instagram, and the positive response online prompted her to upload the full tutorial to YouTube.

Boy, are we glad she did! The tutorial is such a gem, starting with the moment her boyfriend advises her to display a tube of concealer closer toward the camera so viewers can see. Another hilarious aspect of this entire thing? This makeup artist did not hold back and settle for a natural “no-makeup makeup” look. Instead, she applies a full face of makeup, complete with cut-crease eye shadow and false eyelashes.

In the video showing off the finished look — captioned “When your bf is supportive asf” — the boyfriend of the year says, “Hey ladies and gentlemen, if you would like your face beat like mine, please book my lovely girlfriend here.” That’s true love, y’all.

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