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Photo: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images.

If you thought


Mercury retrograde was dramatic, then you’ve never had

$2.5 million worth of makeup

stolen from your warehouse — which, according to a new YouTube video posted by

Jeffree Star

, is exactly what happened to the makeup artist last month. Images of Star’s new concealer leaked online this past weekend — but it wasn’t until today that fans learned how the never-before-seen product made its way to the internet.

But this goes deeper than thousands of units of unreleased product being stolen — it affects fans, too. Star explains that if you saw leaks of his upcoming concealer online this past weekend, it’s most likely stock taken from the robbery, being sold on the black market. “If I’ve never shown or talked about something, you know it’s wrong,” he says to the camera, seemingly suggesting that these aren’t just potentially stolen goods, but also unregulated formulas


made by his team. This isn’t the first time Star has noticed his cosmetics being sold online without his permission: In 2016, unauthorized vendors were caught

selling counterfeit versions

of his velour liquid lipstick.


counterfeit beauty industry

reels unsuspecting shoppers in with shockingly low prices, buying stolen goods from an unauthorized seller isn’t only illegal — it can also be extremely dangerous. Many formulas on the black market are unsafe for use, and have tested positive for contaminants like

human waste and bacteria

. The FBI reports that

its agents have found

aluminum, human carcinogens, dangerous levels of bacteria, and even horse urine in the products they’ve seized. “Some of these products have caused conditions like acne, psoriasis, rashes, and eye infections,” the report states.

Bottom line: Counterfeit products may compromise your health — and frankly, that’s really not worth shaving a few bucks off a new concealer. Lucky for Star, loyal fans are taking to Twitter to help him hunt down the culprits behind the crime.

But even with his fans’ help, Star still knows that — to quote Kris Jenner — this is a case for the FBI.

I never knew I’d be spending my Monday night with the FBI tracking down black market makeup sellers.

— Jeffree Star (@JeffreeStar) April 2, 2019

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