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I had a can of full sugar coke before filming this video, so you’ll have to excuse the tendency towards frivolity. I’ve managed to get my Coca Cola consumption down to just one can a week, now, and I try to “take it” (like medicinal waters) on a work day when I need a bit of extra energy to plough through the to-do list.

I used have my can on a Friday evening with my fish and chips, but I was finding it hard to sleep afterwards – writhing around with anxiety until the early hours – and I realised that it must have been the consumption of caffeine at a relatively late hour. Duh. Call me Inspector Morse.

Imagine if I was a coffee drinker? It doesn’t even bear thinking about. Even the caffeine in one can of coke  -approx 34mg – turns me into a gurning, twitching idiot; a quick Google tells me that the average coffee has around 95mg of caffeine! I’d be unstoppable on that. I’d probably grind my teeth down to little stumps and wear holes in the carpet from pacing back and forth. And that would be when I could get off the toilet…

Anyway, enough of my ridiculously low caffeine/sugar tolerance level and on with the show. What’s In My Makeup Bag, The Winter Edition. Except that it’s not the winter edition really, because we’ve just entered March (ooh err!) and I’m pretty sure that March counts as spring. But either way, it makes no difference, because it’s not as though I tweak my makeup that much between autumn, winter and spring – gone are the days when I copied the beauty trends, opting for a “russetty eye” to mimic the falling leaves in November and injecting a “pop of pastel” in spring to mimic…I don’t even know what. Why is it always pastels for spring?

whats in my makeup bag

No, I’ve come to the realisation that I now only really tweak my “look” when the weather gets warm – bit of gradual tan, a load of bronzer, a hot red lipstick and lashings of mascara – and the rest of the time, I’m just trying to make myself look more alive.

Perhaps this will change once I have more time on my hands (ie in about twenty years) but for the moment, it seems that What’s In My Makeup Bag is more a showcase of brilliant discoveries than a carousel of  trend-led fripperies. Solid, game-changing makeup staples rather than glitter pots you’ll use once or lip glosses in awkward colours.

And so I introduce you to the Ombre Nudes palette from Becca, the Sunset Bronzer from Delilah and the newly reformulated Forever foundation from Dior, amongst other wondrous things; grown-up makeup items that produce flawless results with very little effort. Enjoy the video, share it, leave a comment on it – I’ve listed the products used below the video pane for easy reference…

Dior Forever Extra Glow Foundation*: // Delilah Sunset Bronzer Medium/Dark*: // Trinny London Cream Blush in Electra*: // Flower Beauty Concealer:… // L’Oreal Infallible More Than Concealer*: // Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette*: // NARS Capri Highlighter*: // Delilah Brow Gel in Ash:… // Hourglass Extreme Mascara*: // Clinique Lip Liner in 01*: // Clinique Beige Pop Lipstick:… // My cashmere sweater is from Cocoa Cashmere here: and the earrings are Isabella Townsley here: Both items gifted.

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