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One of the most discussed mysteries about President Donald Trump is his hair. How long did it take to comb it into place? Is it a toupée? Is it sentient?

Alas, the US president’s hairstyle continues to mystify. Recently, he rocked a new ’do that seemed tauter than ever, inspiring a number of internet conspiracies.

On 8 March, POTUS visited tornado victims with his wife, Melania Trump, in Alabama. The First Lady’s appearance quickly bred suspicions that she has a body double, but that’s another story altogether. Internet users were equally fixated on the president’s stiff hairdo, which seemed to defy gravity.

“I thought he was wearing a cap,” tweeted writer Benjamin Schwartz, whose articles are published on The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and more.

Twitter users chimed in, with one pointing out that Trump seemed to have channeled ‘Barney Rubble’ from The Flintstones.

“The cotton candy machine was going full tilt on this, amirite?” asked Twitter user Rebecca Frederickson.

“Less wind resistance,” remarked ‘Spaceman Eddie’, who also labeled the look “an engineering marvel.”

Those keen to replicate the hairstyle might be disappointed to learn that its process remains a mystery.

I thought he was wearing a cap.

— Bertolt Blecht !¡!¡ (@benschwartzy) March 10, 2019

Nah, just Barney Rubble hair.

— helena handbasket (@handbasket) March 10, 2019

Me too!

— Tracey Lynne (@PineBarPrince) March 10, 2019

— Entrées Galarraga (@EntreesG) March 10, 2019

i would LOVE to see a video of the minutiae of trump’s hair/grooming routine, his makeup, who picks out his clothes, what his pajamas look like. he’s just such a freak, it would be oddly compelling.

— stephanie b. (@stefenenick) March 10, 2019

Tell me that’s Photoshopped. 😂 Hair doesn’t act that way.

— Pro Wrestling Walrus (@RasslinWalrus) March 10, 2019

How does he get it to blur?

— Jack Glaser (@JackGlaserPhD) March 10, 2019

He’s trying out new weather-resistant hairdos

— “Ants In My Eyes” Johnson (@ixzist) March 10, 2019

Must have got a new ferret.

— Sharon Peterson (@shrnpeterson009) March 10, 2019

Less wind resistance. An engineering marvel it is.

— Spaceman Eddie (@SpacemanEd) March 10, 2019

— connie (@mewmewmew13) March 10, 2019

The cotton candy machine was going full tilt on this one amirite?!

— Rebecca Frederickson (@saramommy) March 10, 2019

Got hair tips from Kim Jung Un

— Feckless Kant (@HarrisBalling) March 10, 2019

Here’s his stylist

— Phinhead (@Just_Phintastic) March 10, 2019

[via Benjamin Schwartz, images via various sources]

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