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YouTube makeup guru James Charles did rapper Iggy Azalea’s makeup in a new video. He transformed her face and she looked totally different after he was done!

“Black Widow” rapper Iggy Azalea, 28, bared her face on 19-year-old YouTuber James Charles’ channel before he did a full makeup transformation on her! The rapper’s skin looked glowy and healthy at the start of the video, and she wore her blonde hair straight down, with a James Charles “sisters” merch black hoodie as well. James did Iggy’s makeup for the cover shoot for her upcoming new album Sally Walker, which must be a huge accomplishment for the YouTuber!

Iggy explained that she wanted James to do her makeup after watching his videos on long flights. She tweeted out, “James Charles do my makeup challenge,” in hopes that he would actually do it – and her wish became a reality! James slid into her DMs, and then actually did a full face of glam on Iggy! Follow your dreams, folks – they can definitely come true.

James created a gorgeous blue look for her eyeshadow, with a white to dark blue ombré effect from her inner corner to outer v. He put a light pink mauve lipstick on her lips, and of course added a glowy highlight for that perfect amount of radiance on her cheekbone and beneath Iggy’s brow. Iggy said in the video that she normally doesn’t experiment with colorful eyeshadow looks and was excited for James to create something outside her usual boundary for the shoot. Iggy also revealed that James did Iggy’s eyeshadow look for her music video, as well, which will be released on March 15!

Check out the full video of Iggy’s transformation above, to see her go from bare-faced to a vibrant blue look! James had already done 38-year-old Kim Kardashian and 21-year-old Kylie Jenner’s makeup on his channel before he did Iggy’s, so we wonder what celeb he’ll makeover next!

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