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Lena Headey has taught us many things: like the alternative meaning of “brotherly love” and which red wine pairs best with mass murder.

Now, the Game Of Thrones star is educating us on the *right* way to eat a pineapple.

Yup, you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time and had no freaking idea!

The actress turned the pineapple eating game upside down on Sunday when she posted a video to Instagram that showed a hack on how to properly eat the tropical fruit — without using a knife!

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In the video, the 45-year-old holds a small pineapple in her hand and rips off pieces of the fruit straight from the rind. Miraculously, each section of her pineapple comes out in a perfect, rectangular piece.

See for yourself (below).

What is this black magic!?

The pineapple hack went viral overnight, with hundreds of thousands of social media users slack-jawed over the actress’s game changing procedure.

One of the countless astonished comments came from Juliette Lewis, who wrote: “Who knew?!” Other fans, meanwhile, joked that Headey’s pineapple hack was a bigger shock than any plot twist in Game Of Thrones.

Many social media users grabbed the nearest pineapple and tried to recreate Headey’s consumption method. Sadly, most efforts were fruitless:

Pineapple hacks 101

— xandra (@alexjmmartinez) March 11, 2019

A convenient, and easy way to eat Pineapple.

— Faber (@dfaber84) March 11, 2019

wtf kinda pineapples r u ppl using

— Shannon Riley (@sshannonrileyy) March 11, 2019

The subject was also ripe for jokes:

The pineapple trick don’t work!

— Josiah Johnson (@KingJosiah54) March 10, 2019

But for every 20 fails, there was maybe one success story:

Who knew pineapple could do this😍🤯

— Alana Lominick (@LominickAlana) March 10, 2019

Eventually, one person on Instagram claimed that the yellow-skinned fruit used in the video was a smaller Brazilian pineapple called “Gomos de mel,” adding that standard pineapples cannot be eaten using the Headey method.

So it’s still best to have your pineapples served the Cersei Lannister way: sliced and diced.

[Image via Apega/WENN/Instagram]

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