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The celebrity makeup transformations you won’t believe: Artist turns herself into Taylor Swift, Johnny Depp and more by using nothing but cosmetics, wigs and coloured contacts

  • A makeup artist has revealed her incredible makeup transformations 
  • He Yuya, 28, has been using only makeup to make herself look like celebrities
  • She has turned herself into the likes of Taylor Swift, Johnny Depp and Mona Lisa


Billie Schwab Dunn For Daily Mail Australia

19:02 EDT, 7 March 2019

19:04 EDT, 7 March 2019

A makeup artist has shown off her stunning facial alterations that have transformed into stars as diverse as Taylor Swift, Johnny Depp and even Albert Einstein.

Using nothing but cosmetics and wigs, He Yuya, 28, from Chongqing, China, has turned herself into the mirror image of Scarlett Johansson, Cristiano Ronaldo and others.

And while all of her past makeup conversions have left 540,000 online fans stunned, her latest Taylor Swift transformation has taken her ‘imitations’ to an even higher level. 

A makeup artist has wowed thousands with her ability to transform herself into celebrities using nothing but cosmetics and wigs (pictured as Taylor Swift)

He Yuya (pictured), 28, who lives in the city of Chongqing in China, looks completely unrecognisable once she completes her transformations

A video of the transformation shows Ms Yuya covering over her eyebrows before re-drawing them, over-lining her lips and adding careful lines of blush and contour to her cheeks.

She then puts in blue contacts and adds a blonde wig to complete the look.

‘Wow you have got the talent girl,’ one follower commented.

‘I’m impressed, this is a next level makeup transformation!’ Said another. 

The variety of unique celebrities Ms Yuya has imitated goes to show how extensive her talent really is. 

Her Johnny Depp transformation also blew followers away after she used faux facial hair and heavy contouring to replicate his facial structure

Ms Yuya captures Scarlett Johansson’s Avengers character Natasha Romanoff in this astonishing snap (left) and looks very similar to Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn (right)

Ms Yuya recreated this iconic shot of Albert Einstein and you can barely tell the difference

The black and white photo of her dressed as Johnny Depp is so convincing that many would swear it was the actor himself.

The likeness is so uncanny that many commenters have raised doubts about whether it’s really her behind the makeup.  

‘You are the greatest makeup artist on earth,’ a fan wrote.

Although her Instagram feed is littered with a multitude of current famous people, she has also recreated Audrey Hepburn, Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe. 

Although her Instagram feed is littered with a multitude of current famous people, she has also recreated Audrey Hepburn (pictured), Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe

She has managed to perfectly recreate each stars’ unique features (pictured as Marilyn Monroe)

She has managed to perfectly recreate each stars unique features, with each look taking her four to six weeks. 

The talented artist has even gone as far as to recreate some of the world’s most famous portraits including Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Vermeer’s The Girl with the Pearl Earring. 

It was her version of the Mona Lisa that first saw her make headlines, after her followers had tasked her with the makeup challenge. 

It was her version of the Mona Lisa, however, that first saw her make headlines

For all of these looks she used nothing but cosmetics, including when she recreated Christiano Ronaldo (pictured)

‘The response is just overwhelming,’ she said at the time.

‘I appreciate all the support I’ve received and I’m so happy that viewers like the transformation.’ 

Ms Yuya draw-dropping transformations have earned her a loyal Instagram following where she boasts over 523,000 followers.

Her fans have made many requests for the celebrities they would like to see next, so further transformations can be expected soon.  


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