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Are you confused by the modern YouTube world of the Logan Pauls, the Ace Families, the James Charleseses? It’s because you’re old. Never fear though, a few of your favorite (or…less than favorite) old-school YouTubers are making comebacks and you might not even be aware of it! Back when even the top-tier YouTubers still had to have day jobs, these people were hustling to get 100,000 views if they were lucky. Here are a few who have been coming back on the scene.

1. JPMetz (KickingGeese)Then

I’m starting with my favorite because this is my list. Back in the old days, JPMetz was a parody Youtuber making fun of the beauty guru scene. This character was crabby, cynical and wonderful. She was also friends with several other popular Youtubers including Meghan Tonjes, SoundlyAwake and his hot boyfriend, and Petrilude (who has NOT made a comeback and I miss him).


These days JPMetz is gone, but Justine is still around! She lost a ton of weight, had to stop working due to her MS, and moved in with her sister. She never fully left Youtube but definitely lost interest and only made a handful of videos over the course of several years. For a while on JPMetz she was doing some tarot videos, and occasionally vlogging on the channel KickingGeese. In the past several months though she’s turned her vlog channel into her main channel and started making Amberlynn Reid reaction videos. Shockingly, the girl who was once known for being “mean” in the beauty community basically has the nicest and most positive Amberlynn reaction channel.

2. Michael BuckleyThen

Michael Buckley ran a popular Youtube channel called “What the Buck”, a celebrity gossip and comedy channel that for a while was one of the top 10 most subscribed channels on Youtube. While funny at the time, a lot of the comedy is VERY problematic looking back, and uncomfortable to watch (seriously, I embedded the video here but I don’t recommend watching it lol). Still, Buckley was one of the first Youtubers to turn his hobby of making videos into a full blown career. He got to work at a lot of red carpet events and even co-hosted an episode of “Live with Kelly” after Regis retired.


Buckley says he faced a personal crisis when he started getting tired of the “What the Buck” character. He lost interest in making videos and the pace of his content slowed down. In addition, he went through a divorce and started drinking heavily. These days he’s sober, gotten a lot of really bad tattoos and is now working as a life coach. A couple of years ago he sold everything and moved into his twin sister’s house in Denver. His videos these days consist of advice, positivity, vlogs and he does livestreams on YouNow regularly.

3. panacea81Then

This 👏 girl 👏 was 👏 everything. Lauren Luke, aka panacea81, is basically one of the founding mothers of the Youtube beauty community. A single mom from England, she posted simple videos showing how she achieved various makeup looks and they took the site by storm. Was she the best makeup artist? No. Was she trained in any respect? No. However, she used products anyone could get their hands on and showed you how to recreate celebrity makeup looks in a straightforward, easy to follow way. This led to her own makeup line sold in Sephora, a beauty column and worldwide fame.


Lauren made her return to Youtube in mid 2018. She announced she’s no longer working in makeup and has a normal job. She says she’s not sure where her channel will be going, but so far she seems to be continuing to do makeup while also chatting about health, weight loss and life topics. Also, girl has lost a lot of weight and looks FANTASTIC.

4. Elle FowlerThen

Ok, I know the least about her out of all these people because I never really watched her videos, but damn, the gossip about this girl back in the day was CRAZY. People either loved Elle or hated her. Rumors went around about her nose job, her dad spending tens of thousands of dollars to get her and her sister’s channels to grow, all the drama with other Youtubers. While this is all kind of standard issue stuff today, 10 years ago it was scandalous.


Elle’s channel seemed to peter out as a result of both her losing interest in her content and her viewers losing interest in the lack of content. A couple of years ago when she got engaged she came back onto Youtube for a wedding planning series, then left again. Then she got pregnant and did a pregnancy series, and the videos stopped again once the baby was born. Just a couple of days ago she came back saying she’s rebranding her channel into a lifestyle channel. I guess only time will tell if she comes back for good this time.

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Which old YouTuber would you like to see make a comeback? Who were you subscribed to 10 years ago?

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